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  1. Great interview with KJ and Marco. He talks a fair bit about his fitness and mentality with the Whitecaps when he was younger, compared to where he is now. Also talks about his Mexico stint and time in USL. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkEQI1Ih0_g
  2. Bustos and Chung have such a good understanding. We saw it on the third goal too, though there are no shortage of examples this season
  3. Please go to a team that I can actually follow.
  4. Those two goals against are exactly why we’ve never been contenders. So many self inflicted mistakes. Can someone explain why Ottawa fans are so mad at the ref? He looked to get all the big calls right to me
  5. No goals last night, but he drew the penalty on the first, setup the second, and hit the post with a great shot on the third leaving Diaz with the rebound. Another strong showing but I still think he needs to prove it against Forge and Cavalry, and the Whitecaps will be a big opportunity for him as well
  6. Is this the same kid that spent some time with the Victoria Highlanders?
  7. Stoked to play the Whitecaps (though I wish it wasn't round 1). I wonder if they'll be without their internationals if WC qualifying is a week out
  8. Crazy run from Sirois and Valour
  9. RandyScandie…Is that you? It was a confusing and confrontational reply to a rather innocuous post, but I do regret using the emoji I disagree with you, let’s get back to Tajon
  10. I never expected wanting more players in Liga MX would be so controversial, but here we are. The fact that your argument hinges on potential inclusion in continental tournaments of which top teams alone qualify for, and not league play itself is telling, no? Players generally play far more league games than continental games. Regardless, I disagree that Romanian league play + Europa league qualification, would outweigh CCL competition and Liga MX play anyways.
  11. Odds that he suites up for Canada before this thread gets to 20 pages?
  12. The comment you're quoting is literally conditioned with 'the top 5 - 10 leagues'. I don't get why you're spinning what has been said to appear contradictory to your raving narrative
  13. I’m not even sure who I’d prefer
  14. He’s been on a quite a tear lately. Good to see
  15. Missed the first 20 minutes but we look shaky. I’m struggling to see positives beyond having the lead
  16. Agreed. I was going to say that it's a pretty decent list, and it demonstrates that he's familiar with Canadian soccer
  17. Because it's the best league in the federation we compete in and one of the strongest in all of the America's. In order to win trophies, we need to be able to beat Mexico and USA, and having more players familiar with that level and style of play would seemingly be beneficial. I'd prefer Mexico to most European leagues outside of say the top 5-10 leagues
  18. Perhaps not Buchanan, if he does have interest from the clubs in Europe we’ve seen rumoured, but I’d like to see more Canadians in Mexico. I think it would help the national team
  19. They make you buy food to get a beer?! I'd better not complain about the limit of 2 drinks at a time at Starlight then
  20. I had constant issues to start the game but the stream’s been solid since
  21. One of those whoever stays healthiest, wins, seasons. I think results are going to continue to be all over the map as managers choose when to rest players
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