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  1. I don’t remember Amanda being any more highly rated than a plethora of former Whitecaps players plying their trade in CPL or elsewhere. What has he done to earn this praise, College?
  2. Is there anything from the team to support this? It doesn't really even seem like much of a deal
  3. Wasn’t it Dunfield that came out with, “game, set, and match” at 70 minutes? Edit: I actually really like hearing Dunfield’s take. He’s been through it, and he still seems so excited by this team
  4. The way we came out in that second half might deter teams from getting into it with us. We certainly didn’t look rattled
  5. The commitment, heart and togetherness shown by these boys is wonderful to see. Every player is busting a gut, and nobody is ducking out of a challenge. The stars included. That said, I hope we stop giving up the first goal every game
  6. Apparently he clocked 37.1km/h, which would have smashed his BuLi speed record, but still, what in the world is this defender doing?
  7. Whitecaps have several young Canadians loaned to CPL or USL teams and none of them are even seeing meaningful minutes
  8. He was in tough against Lozano yesterday, and i thought he handled it pretty well
  9. With that assist last night you could add another highlight to this package
  10. It was flawless for me using the app and chromecast. I thought they'd fixed these issues, but it seems like there are issues for some every time they have a significant amount of viewers
  11. A semi-final against Toronto would have been another demonstration that certain games would benefit from additional capacity. If we host a playoff game this year, I hope we can sell out. Every game would benefit from a better camera angle though.
  12. It was strictly the way he talked about Azteca that made me think he might be interested. Mexican teams aren't afraid to buy players in, or past, their prime though. They're out there to win, not to just to profit on player development
  13. I refuse to grovel for players that haven't chosen Canada the day after a performance like that from the boys who have chosen the red and white. If we recruit fence sitters, great, if we don't let's just enjoy the players that are doing us proud
  14. I wonder if a Liga MX club makes him an offer
  15. Nearly everything from David is one touch when he has the option, even though his teammates don't play that style. The pace of the game at the top level doesn't worry me as much as the physicality does.
  16. I've watched the vast majority of games in Phonzie's career, and I'm in no way convinced LB or LWB isn't his best position. That being the position he can excel at the highest level in. He's very strong defensively, and he's lethal going forward with space to run. That being said, if he's played further up the pitch for Canada, I think he's far more of a scoring threat from the right side or middle of the park.
  17. I also thought Waterman might get the call in order to have another CB on the roster
  18. Nice to see Blasco bangers are back on the menu. That one obviously meant a lot to him.
  19. Has he played a single minute in the position he excelled in with Gent?
  20. Only Mbappé and Ben Yedder have more Ligue 1 goals in 2021. He's been pretty darn good of late
  21. It's a one off match anyways. It's not a cup final.
  22. Starlight would have been absolutely bumping, and I imagine BMO will be cavernous. Disappointing from that perspective. I don’t know how often we’ll get a chance to host Toronto, but I hope the boys are up for it, regardless
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