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  1. I can't believe they're already selling tickets. That has to be a good sign
  2. Important game for their promotion hopes. Both teams are currently part of a 3 way tie for 4th
  3. He played on the wing for Pacific, but he played mostly as an inverted winger. He's relatively quick, if not flat out fast. That wing was very good for us. Maybe the best right side in the league, but they rarely took defenders on out wide, as both Bustos and Kadin Chung are prone to cutting inside instead. One of the reasons Terran Campbell struggled last season compared to 2019.
  4. I'm perhaps a bit biased, but that far post curler that he's mastered is one of the sexier finishes out there. I'm looking forward to seeing him against stronger competition. He's a fantastic CPL player, but I worry he lacks the physicality to play on the wing for this fast paced Canada team. From the scrimmage highlights it looked like he might have been playing more as a 10. He had a fair bit of the ball at the top of the 18, which is exactly where you want him.
  5. Particularly when talking about a guy that made his money managing debt and helping once struggling companies.
  6. Expansion could help the other teams survive though. 10 teams is more interesting than 8, and it may mean less travel for some games. Getting into Quebec and the Lower Mainland would be huge. But yes, the pandemic couldn't have come at a more difficult time for the new league, and survival is key.
  7. Booted twice. I hate diving but I don’t get this take
  8. I don’t disagree, but we’re a still a ways from a finished stadium. The production quality is pretty bad and the in game experience could also use improvement. I love what’s been accomplished so far but further investment is still needed. From the city, club, or other investors
  9. 3 wins and they're all still in it at the top. Strong performances by all our boys too. David with a stoppage time winner, Larin with an assist, Davies 59/59 passing, Hutch with a goal line clearance and all round good game
  10. Curse of the three Jonathans up top. David just set up Bamba with another unselfish pass. He's still far too uninvolved though
  11. Lovely pass to Yazici there. Should have gone ahead
  12. True. I guess I mean overall investment in the project. While not officially part of the club, the municipality has been incredibly supportive. I don't know what happens if Stu doesn't get re-elected at any point before the team really gets a foothold in the community.
  13. I’m starting to think Gent’s wingers were just phenomenal at finding David’s late runs. He takes up the same spaces so often, but I can’t think of a single time that his run has actually been picked out since the move
  14. Pretty harsh comparison and take away from that match. He was phenomenal outside of that play. Plus the ball was flicked at the front post and it was a crazy spot to put a header on goal from
  15. Canadians currently in action and competing for titles in Germany, France and Turkey. I love it
  16. Doesn’t the mayor own all the municipal services? I wonder why he’s so pro-development...
  17. Pacific built a stadium, a training facility and ran a downtown store in an extremely expensive city. I have to think their operating costs have been very high. It’s been pretty quiet from the club lately so I love to see continued interest and commitment in the project
  18. Westhills being renamed Starlight Stadium after ~$150,000 a year investment from Toronto company Starlight. 85% to the club, 15% to the city. I wish it was someone local but the revenue should help. It’s a 5 year deal with two 5 year options. That feels like a hell of a long term deal compared to the 12 month deals we offer our players. Let’s hope it works out
  19. Yeah, I’d take him at Pacific if the money works
  20. If they qualify for Europe then the club might be willing and able to spend but otherwise he likely moves on
  21. 3 straight wins and now undefeated in 5
  22. Everyone knows that most guys in the pro mix at 18 or 20 never pan out as longstanding pros. But those not in the pro mix at 18 or 20 have far less a chance. There is no comparison. I wouldn’t necessarily say that extends to North America where players often start their pro careers much later
  23. With or without the goal it was a strong performance on both sides of the ball in a very important victory for the club
  24. He just said it was a major step. Not that they’ve made it. I don’t even know what you’re arguing
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