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    fil reacted to Ansem in CPL General   
    I broke it down for you guys *** CPL Commissioner Clanachan interview  https://youtu.be/xQ5oAOq3pJk CPL working on different scenarios and schedules to restart the league Single table allows for mor flexibility. Ultimately have to follow governments guidelines. Not a fan of playing in pty stadiums and hard to pull off economically but didn't close the door on that option Some within CPL staff are pushing to have the league being the 1st league to restart in Canada to have all of the attention but Commissioner reiterates it has to be safe to all staff and players. Risk has to be worth it...not at this time Says that not being a cross-border league and being smaller is an advantage in term of potentially making it feasible to restart due to less complicated logistics    -Expansion not affected by COVID 19, still talking to potential owners. His focus is on Quebec, the Prairies, Ontario and the East (Atlantic Canada)
    -Pacific : Hydro Pole - They asked the city, province and BC Hydro to move the Hydro Pole to fix the camera angle for the stadium which proved problematic. Otherwise, the league might draw a line and moving the club might be on the table.
      -Cavalry : Larson sees that club as leading the league in CPL 2.0 - Commissioner says that the owner, Southern family are willing to spend on the club and  owns lots of land. The club is very ambitious about where it wants to be on and off the pitch. They will go as far as their ownership are willing to go.
      -FC Edmonton : The stadium is subpar - Not all cities are stepping up like Langford BC. Says the stadium needs work and the foundation is good to expand upon but seems like attendance will have to go up first before seeing big infrastructure improvements 
      -Valour : Winnipeg had great attendance, how to grow it - Comes down to results, Valour will have to do better on the pitch to have more fans. Clanachan want 8k to 10k in CFL stadiums, says it will take time for clubs to get there.
      -HFX Wanderers : Is Halifax the blueprint for future expansion - Now says that 400k to 500k metro area is the sweet spot, work off the pitch was well done to the point that downtown Halifax is CPL territory, everything is about the Wanderers.  Reminds that after the big Euro leagues, the average attendance is around 10k, that's CPL goal to be just like most Euro leagues in attendance -York9 : Is a new venue the answer (using Kansas City new stadium to turn things around) - The new club president will bring changes with his background on business and sports.  The club improved on connecting with the community.  The commissioner thinks that they should succeed at York Lions Stadium before building a Soccer stadium in Vaughan.  York Lions can succeed of the club do it right off the pitch. (Pointing out to that home game against Montreal)  Stadium in Vaughan should be done only after exceeding capacity in North York becomes a necessity  -Forge : Can Forge go to the next level, 8 to 10k - Have to solidify their work in the community and soccer community in the area. The club is now doing more with engaging fans, they have to keep doing it. Building a brand is not only on the pitch. 
      -North American : Garber had mentioned that it was a missed opportunity to not work with CPL - Commissioner feels that CPL has to focus on building up. New Liga MX players coming to CPL could be a beginning to involve CPL with other partners in the region but it starts with potentially building a relationship with MLS when the time is right.  Prefers talking cooperation over confrontation, our region is playing catch up to the rest of the world, we're all in this together and we're learning from one another. -Academies? Says that North America has a real problem with academies and have not proven to work.  The rational of the league for not going that route is that only 2.9% of the ~600 players developped by MLS academies saw first team real minutes. CPL is looking at other models that would yield better returns.  Points out that between 40 to 50 players in CPL inaugural year has played in England League One.  Montreal owner Joey Saputo said that he was losing money on Montreal Impact academy but making money on Bologna academy side. Academies has to be done right, not just having them just for the sake of having them Gave the example of Brentford in Championship who's close to promote to Premier League. They stop having academies as they would develop players but couldn't hold on to them since bigger clubs came knocking after doing the heavy lifting of developing them. Investments must be focused on the technical development side of the game first so they can develop players here at home first before investing massively in academies that may lack the expertise to develop them properly leading to wasting talents. Designated Players : Not on the league's radar atbthis time.  He views those brought in the old NASL and MLS as "Mercenaries already looking for the next job" and that didn't work out until David Beckham joined MLS and it worked. Worries about bringing internationals who just wants to finish their career (last paycheck) or those just looking for the next club as soon as they arrived  Says that the league has to be strategic on what kind of internationals are signed in this league, he prefers signing young talent wanting play lots of minutes in Canada and on the upside of their careers coming from academies with great pedigree Having older players is nice but you need the right coaching and technical staff to coach them.
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    fil reacted to Ozzie_the_parrot in Possible CPL Salary Cap Discussion   
    At one point Ottawa sources were claiming the cap was only 500k. Think it's safe to assume now that they were using a USD number because 500k rather than $CAN 750k bolstered their argument at the time that the Fury were steering clear because the league was too low budget and would be too low quality as it would involve lots of L1O players.
    Eighteen months on and it's now clear that it is possible to put a pro level team together that will provide entertaining soccer for $CAN 750k. There were lots of players available in leagues like L1O that were not too far off in quality from those the Fury were signing for more money in a USL-C context on a budget that appears to have led to a lot of seven figure losses for the Fury and FCE  over the years.
    A lower budget financial model that gives investors a legitimate shot at break even is the key to this league being around for the foreseeable future with a growing number of teams participating in the years ahead. The trap that needs to be avoided is the mentality that the league has to compete with MLS or even the USL-C independent teams on salaries for irrational reasons of tub thumping national pride. It just needs to be the best it can be in a Canadian context while running sustainably at close to break even.
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    fil reacted to narduch in CPL new teams speculation   
    Someone really needs to start a separate thread on sanctioning and move the debate there. So this thread can be about CPL expansion again. 
    I will say this though. TFC having so many Americans is a joke. And MLS is struggling at developing young domestic talent on both sides of the border. 
    Also I doubt the CSA moves to force the MLS clubs to CPL. Hell they were allowing Fury to continue in USL. Fury pulled the plug on their own. 
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    fil reacted to dmont in Atlético Ottawa 2020 Season   
    Here you go:

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    fil reacted to m-g-williams in Atlético Ottawa 2020 Season   
    Hell, after the crap he spouted last year, he should fear the taunting of supporters when playing at home. 
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    fil reacted to Rintaran in Ottawa CPL Club   
    Spring season. According to Atleti's release, they'll start play April 11th.
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    fil got a reaction from Rintaran in Ottawa CPL Club   
    Its alive! Its alive!
    You all thought OSEG had had thrown the final blow and killed pro soccer in Ottawa, buried so deep that no one would dare attempt to revive the corpse.
    Yet with the hands of the Spanish, they have shocked the body of pro soccer in Ottawa, back to life! 
    Now they will charge into the CPL. Who will be the first victim?
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    fil got a reaction from Ivanovski94 in Ottawa CPL Club   
    Its alive! Its alive!
    You all thought OSEG had had thrown the final blow and killed pro soccer in Ottawa, buried so deep that no one would dare attempt to revive the corpse.
    Yet with the hands of the Spanish, they have shocked the body of pro soccer in Ottawa, back to life! 
    Now they will charge into the CPL. Who will be the first victim?
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    fil reacted to Kent in CPL General   
    When the CPL announcement seemed imminent, I stopped caring about the roster rules of American leagues. If anything this strengthens the CPL player pool.
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    fil reacted to johnyb in Ottawa CPL Club   
    I agree with him on this one. Diving in Soccer is an embarrassment to the sport and is one of the few things about the sport that needs to be fixed.
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    fil reacted to narduch in Ottawa CPL Club   
    Well one thing we know for sure is that its not MLS.
    Or else HFX taking free agents from Valour would require draft picks or fake money going back the other way.
    I'm happy CPL doesn't have those same stupid rules.
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    fil reacted to Ottawafan in CPL new teams speculation   
    I look forward to another team in Ottawa. It’s what’s best for soccer in this country. 
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    fil reacted to Watchmen in OneSoccer   
    In the last 20 years we got 3 MLS teams, a Canadian league, and some of the brightest young talent we've seen in generations. I'd say that's some pretty significant growth.
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    fil reacted to yellowsweatygorilla in CanPL added to Football Manager 2020 as official DLC   
    It was hard keeping the secret, but I am excited to announce that CanPL has been added to Football Manager as an official DLC!

    The DLC will be free and the link is forthcoming! Hoping that this provides a massive platform for fans to get to know the league and certainly will lend the league more legitimacy.
    For more information, see my tweet below.

    Side note: I will keep working on the megapatch - this just gives me more time to focus on the lower divisions
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    fil reacted to Ams1984 in CanPL added to Football Manager 2020 as official DLC   
    Amazing! Will the official DLC be different in any way from the Megapatch? In any event, this is a big deal and I’m sure you must rightly be feeling pretty gratified. Good on you and thanks for making this happen. 
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    fil reacted to Big_M in Players you expect to see in the CPL   
    theres plenty of good Canadian keepers even at semi pro and university levels..no need to use an international spot for that
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    fil got a reaction from Terry_Canuck in Vote for the CPL to be in FIFA 20!   
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    fil reacted to CanSuffer in CPL new teams speculation   
    Total agreeement. It would be a huge mistake to get a great expansion windfall from an investor that isn't on-board with the goals of this CPL project. The damage a bad or short-lived owner could do to the league would out-weigh a few million or more dollars.
    Boiling the expansion discussion down to an expansion fee amount misses the point. The league is doing a lot more due diligence than that. The league is looking for partners in their project first and foremost.
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    fil reacted to CDNFootballer in CPL new teams speculation   
    Hard to believe they would go from a rumored 1.5- 2million in year 1 to 9 million in year 2, and if true it would be excessive.
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    fil got a reaction from johnyb in CPL new teams speculation   
    Yes, Cavalry proves this point. Plenty of former Foothills players playing at the amateur level that are clearly good enough for pro. What the hell was Carducci doing at the PDL level?
    Not to mention that PDL has had other Canadian  teams perform well, KW United and Thunder Bay Chill. CPL was sorely needed. Plenty of promising players were falling through the cracks.
    15 teams seems to be the maximum to me. But who knows. With more pro teams, more and more youth players will consider staying in soccer rather then choosing other sports.
    You can now dream of Canada becoming a real soccer nation.
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    fil reacted to baulderdash77 in CPL new teams speculation   
    Canada has a giant pool of players.  One this this CPL season has shown is how many people slip through the cracks.  
    Because we’re adding teams over time it allows the player pool to adjust to a certain extent.
    I suspect that we can get to 10-12 teams no problem without diluting the product.  I think more than say 14 or 15 and we will be digging pretty deep.
    Lets see how many people the BC League 1 develop and maybe a Alberta League 1 as well.  
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    fil got a reaction from deschamp86 in Ottawa CPL Club   
    I think this meme says what really happened, OSEG wasn't fully committed to soccer in the first place.
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    fil reacted to Ansem in Ottawa CPL Club   
    Maybe replicating something intimate like Halifax. Do we really need another oversized CFL stadium?
    On grass preferably 
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    fil got a reaction from CDNFootballer in Ottawa CPL Club   
    I think this meme says what really happened, OSEG wasn't fully committed to soccer in the first place.
  25. Haha
    fil got a reaction from Ansem in Ottawa CPL Club   
    I think this meme says what really happened, OSEG wasn't fully committed to soccer in the first place.
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