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  1. Maybe ahead of Sterling was a bit harsh, but pleased to see my Hoilett comparison has not been challenged. Sterling is being nurtured and brought along while due to his attitude Morrisson has been discarded. Saw him play this weekendsuch talent that is hell bent on being wasted. If this guy ever adjusts his attitude, he will be special.
  2. He'll get a chance to showcase that talent for Jamaica while Canada will be the outlet...oh, wait, I forgot.
  3. Morrisson is a very good young prospect, but his baggage is a bit of concern hopefully he grows up quickly as he is miles ahead of Sterling and in all honesty better than the subject of thread. A massive pick up for Jamaica , so is James Vaughn - would love to see Jamaica and England in the same group in Brazil.
  4. Still hope for Canada. I wish Jamaica would close the book and this guy and say thanks but no thanks.
  5. Not tooting my horns at all. We have had situation somewhat similar see David Johnson. I personally think Junior should play for Canada rather than Jamaica and I believe there are a number of Jamaican supporters who feel this way as we do not like the way he is going about this. If I was part of JFF I would call him up, if he answers then great if not then move on and tell him 2018 cycle starts in 3 years for Canada.
  6. I am a realist when it comes to situations like this and if I was Sterling the choice is easy -- suite up for England. Sterling and Barnes were/are can't miss prospects for England so it would be stupid for them not to play for England. JDG2 and Junior have no real shot at playing for any of the marquis nations yet the refuse to play for Canada - that's the difference.
  7. The irony here is the lad has shown some loyalty to Jamaica while your two best players who have spent more time in their home land have shown none footballwise.
  8. Sturridge already cap tied to England but have been all over Jamaica TV and media saying that he would have played for Jamaica if the chance came - which I think its pure bull, but hey. I have concerns about the chemistry and thus would rather take a second tier player (Humphrey, McCleary etc) who are 100% with the program - players in the mold of Mariappa and Nosworthy are the ones I would go after - afterall this is Concacaf and if we cant finish atleast 4th in our group with those guys, do we really deserve to go to the world cup? I think McAnnuf will come aboard as is family is quite prominent in Jamaica and have spent quite a bit of time down there. I am concerned about his commitment and attitude though, as after his one call up as a 23 year-old he then retired from international football because of some spat with the prior JFF regime.
  9. JDG2 will not play of Jamaica and neither will Sterling because of the English FA. There are quite a few other young players no one is talking about, Nigel Neita and Zavon Hines for example we could work into the squad. We've got to temper our desires to add players with the fact that we need to maintain team chemistry and cohesion.
  10. Thats really your wife? I was going to make a comment about hot chick just there to torture you...
  11. This made me laugh...funny as all heck. Frankly would much rather go to Toronto than anywhere in Honduras....hard luck fellas.
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