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  1. What you do is none of my business. See how easy it is?
  2. They can use whatever words they want. Free country. If the words "inclusive" and "identify as women" upset you, that's nobody's problem but yours. Everybody should mind their own business. Some of you are surprised that solitary women feel threatened and uncomfortable surrounded by a bunch of drunk idiots capable of disappearing into a crowd? Try imagining the world from a different perspective sometime. Good for you, ladies. Shut off the comments section and do what makes you happy.
  3. You make my case for me. Low-hanging fruit means a task that can be accomplished with little effort. Coming up with the parliament building to tick the "ottawa content" box probably took about a minute of thought. It's obvious and easy. When it comes to the symbolism is a crest, I prefer subtlety. The nine stripes of York 9 means something, but you have to dig a little deeper in order to understand it. Same with Edmontons rabbit or Halifax's star fort. The Redblacks have leaned on Ottawas logging history for their identity. This crest is the answer to the question: "The Ottawa press
  4. I don't like it. Looks like something the CPL head office might have come up with to serve as a placeholder until a real crest was made. It doesn't look like much consideration went into the design. The silhouette of the Parliament building is the lone "Ottawa" component, and it's low-hanging fruit. It has a very clipart feel to it. The beaver crest on Page 2 of this thread was tongue-in-cheek and made just for fun, but honestly it looks like more time and effort went into the beaver crest than this thing. Swing and a miss, Atletico...
  5. No, not the real crest. Just something I threw together for fun.
  6. Could you make "Rexall" off-centre to match their lopsided crest?
  7. Picard to Commander Riker, set course for Calgary, warp 9. Engage. Just having fun. Nice work.
  8. Really disappointed in the name, absolutely appalled at the logo. Sorry, Hamilton peeps. Congratulations on the team, hope it gets lots of support.
  9. <English voice> and the CanPL has hit <pause for effect> a new low. By the way, Founders > Forge.
  10. For the same reason I expect my pumpkin stocks to peak riiiiiight around January.......
  11. Ted sounds like a whiner and his efforts will probably get the CPL team in Victoria killed.
  12. With the exception of the inexplicable choice of rabbit tracks over an actual rabbit, I dont have a problem with the crest in principle. What I cant understand is why they would make the central feature (the FCE) lopsided and off-centre. Its jarring to the eye and you dont usually see that in professionally-designed crests or logos.
  13. Ugh, agreed. The white Korean-looking character in the middle looks off-center. It also looks too small in the middle of the shield. What is the point of the rabbit tracks? Is subtlety what we're going for? Pretty awful... … still think Calgary's is the worst though. I hope Calgary goes with it's alternate.
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