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  1. Here's my scenario: same stupid call from a ref during a MEN'S GAME! Taking bets on how long it would take before ...at least one...player did something far worse than what Sinclair said. You think FIFA would go down this road in that scenario?
  2. I have to agree with the previous posters that Canada has some good talent and skill on that squad and no doubt a few of them will make the move up to the senior squad. They had a very strong opponent, obviously more in tune with each other, although not unbeatable in my opinion. I don't want to be too harsh but I would say that what ultimately killed them in this game is the simple things, the lack of anticipation/movement into passes coming their way, and decisive one touch on the ball. Getting caught watching the ball and staying on the ground after getting beaten. Time and time agai
  3. I'm not sure that it's fair to blame any one player for that loss. Unfortunately I was only able to watch the second half...(thank you baseball) ...but it seems to me that it was a team loss. The team was not moving the ball with the same efficiency as in the previous game. No doubt there was stronger pressure from the Norwegians and better tactics to break up the flow in midfield. But what I saw in the second half,I would attribute more to lack of physical and/or mental stamina and hesitation on the one touch and lack of creative movement up the field. The team was lacking that crisp
  4. Had the chance to watch the full game and Argentina completely fell apart when their player was sent off. In the first few minutes of the game Argentina did not look bad, they had good touch on the ball while the Canadian women were obviously very nervous and their touch was off and slow. The positive is that despite apparent nerves, they were playing patiently. It all changed after that first goal, the Canadians' confidence soared and the Argentines just gave up trying to win the game. I too really liked Sawicki and thought that Wu also did a great job in midfield. Was a bit an
  5. I have been following the women's team for almost 10 years and in my neck of the woods couldn't find anyone who watched their games or wanted to talk about them, except during World Cup (and only a few at that). That's how I ended up on these boards, looking for others who enjoy the women's games. Unfortunately, I'm one of the few people who missed the Canada USA game as I was hiking in the backcountry. This game captured Canada's attention like no other. Hikers returned from the lighthouse with updates, the ranger radio'd the lighthouse for the final results...On a remote beach with v
  6. Another great performance from Canada, getting stronger technically, tactically and mentally each game. So sad I will be missing the next game. I am counting on the team for a gold medal match when I come out of the boonies! Really impressed with the team cohesion and relative depth (never as much as the US but much more than I thought). Despite the many injuries on the back line, the replacement players are playing as well as the first string. Herdman's strategy of using everyone as much as possible in the leadup to the games is paying off now. Goals are being scored by 3 top rate st
  7. Can't believe I missed the first goal...logged in at 20 minutes. Canada is definitely in a great headspace. I can't believe the space and time that GB is giving Canada. But no complaints... A strong attack is the best defence...keep it up Canada.
  8. Great team performance from Canada. I can't remember seeing them play better soccer. Sure they have played with as much heart in the past, but this was not the same team. They dominated Sweden for much of the game (although Sweden did not waste their chances in minutes 12-15) and it was not about physical intimidation. They controlled possession, moved the ball with speed and precision, and executed what appeared to be a relentless attacking game plan. They had several chances, the Swedish keeper and defence did a great job in keeping them out of the net. But most impressive was thei
  9. SO HAPPY FOR TANCREDI! What a great feeling it must be to be at the top of the scoring list at such a prestigious tournament. Haven't had a chance to watch the game yet, work is getting in the way of my Olympic addiction. Looking forward to it and seeing Canada in the quarters.
  10. I am always wary of stats and what they say. Sometimes you have to look behind the stats. Please don't take this comment as discrediting Tancredi, because she is doing a great job for us. However, I think that one of the reasons that Tancredi scores in the bigger games is that she can take advantage of the fact that Sinclair is corraled, double or triple marked. That opens it up for her. Which takes nothing away from her goals. That is the essence of the TEAM GAME in soccer. Certain opponents will favour certain players. That's it...ultimately it's the team who should savour the win
  11. Article by Chris Black, Sportsnet web site, January 19, 2012, 1:00 pm (couldn't get link to work) VANCOUVER -- “I think she’s the best all-around player in the world.” That’s American forward Abby Wambach. No, she’s not the subject of the above quote, but she is the source of it, talking about Canada’s Christine Sinclair. High praise coming from the first soccer player, male or female, to ever be named AP Athlete of the Year, as Wambach did in 2011. “I think she’s probably the most underrated player in the world. She should get more attention.” Again, another direct quot
  12. Well... just watched the game. Good for Canada to get the win and the differential. Happy Sinclair shook off the demons and got some goals on the scoreboard. Sesselman, another great match. Decent games for Scott, Stewart and Wilkinson too. Happy to see Tancredi getting it in again, and some good playmaking and chances from Filigno. Having said that I don't care how many goals were scored that was a poor team performance for Canada. First half was like ping pong, balls bouncing off players all over the place..Body language said it all, shoulders slumped, hands up in frustration, stay
  13. Couldn't agree more and that starts with local and development coaches DEVELOPING players, not just picking the biggest players that will get them wins. That is especially true with girls, some are adult size at 12 while others reach that point at 16. Too many smaller skilled players (think Matheson and entire Japanese team) are being ignored and cut at 10, 11 and 12 and quit the sport. The entire mentality of the coaching system needs to change. Soccer at the rep level is only about winning, that is made clear to players and parents. Development is secondary which is totally ...-backward
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