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    I'm a born and raised Edmontonian. Soccer is a sport that I've loved to play and watch. I've been to Ireland and Germany to watch the men's team. I went to L.A. to cheer on our women's team in 2003. I'm going Germany for WWC 2011. I teach at a technical institute and I'm doing a Ph.D. for fun {course work and comp done! ;)}

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  1. It is not inviting bad juju because it is simply formulating a travel plan that is not economically crippling. The plan is not an assumption of victory: it is one of a few paths I might follow.
  2. Cheers. Any thoughts on where to stay, in terms of ease of access to the Rose Bowl and BUR as well as a quick turnover between the QF and the final?
  3. http://www.fcedmonton.com/eddies-tv Local Voyageurs travel to Gold Cup
  4. @Sport Shaman is acquiring Detroit muscle for the drive. I will be the Dr. Gonzo to his R. Duke.
  5. If MtlMario is an ignorant idiot, and you are not as ignorant as him, are you aptly characterized as an intellectual idiot? https://medium.com/incerto/the-intellectual-yet-idiot-13211e2d0577
  6. Gold Cup/NWSL itinerary: Jul 6 - Arrive Harrison, NJ, July 7 Can vs French Guiana Jul 8 - Arrive Houston, Houston Dash vs Portland Thorns July 11 Can vs Costa Rica July ? Arrive Dallas (Frisco), July 14 Can vs Honduras July 15 Arrive Houston, Houston Dash vs Washington Spirit July 16 Arrive home or elsewhere
  7. It's the word before "........ dynamite" hot here, which is both great and not. If you're in Houston, meet us at Lucky's. On the patio in the back at the horseshoe bar, Bob the Canadian bartender will be serving us. Sports Shaman and I will be there around 15:45.
  8. I predict a wee rabid group of Voyageurs will sing themselves hoarse in Houston.
  9. dsqpr My claim is based on viewing slo-mo of the goal, many times. Part of how "she gets there" is by using her hand on the shoulder of the defender. You are wrong, but it does not stop her effort from being impressive.
  10. Vic. Quite right about Houghton on the goal. She pushed off of the shoulder on the defender immediately in front of her. Defenders on the shoulders of forwards was noted as a problem in Germany 2011.
  11. Thank you, Vic. p.s. When I made my pilgrimage to Portland, Sinclair scored a treble. Sitting in Row 1 behind Boston's net, the 18-yard box was a showcase for Morgan's pace, soft feet, and overall quality. Sincy matched with Morgan enflames strikes.
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