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  1. I don't think TFC has much to worry about as of now. But, if their season is anything like their last game, York9 and to a small extent Hamilton, have a great opportunity at stealing some fans. The only negative for York9 is that many Toronto sports fans feel like they should be in U.S Based leagues to be considered Major League. You see that with the Toronto Argos. CFL has an exciting product, yet many Torontonians looks down on the CFL and would rather cheer NFL teams. One thing about the CFL and I hope it is realized in the CPL is to not be American. And that with the future of Pro/Rel will make TRUE soccer fans look at TFC/VWC/MTL and the MLS as a minor leagues. So I HOPE !!
  2. These are the type of ideas CPL should incorporate, College Allstars vs University Allstars. I think U.S college football does something similar...West Allstars vs East Allstars. And if I understand the format it's for the senior graduating players.
  3. Hence why CPL should include Colleges. I looked up both soccer associations and they have pretty much the same amount of teams coast to coast at 42 College teams and 41 University teams. We always hear that Canada does not have the talent pool. If each team carrys a roster of 24 that would be a pool of over 2000 players between the 2 Associations. This country has a strong base to build from. And I didnt even include the Canadian division 3 teams across Canada.
  4. Will CPL think of including College Players to the draft. It cant be assumed the best Post Secondary soccer players all attend University. Great players play on College teams. Would like to see College National Champions vs the University National Champions. Would that be something that either Post Secondary Sports Associations entertain.
  5. I have also been told that some of the U15 OPDL teams that have versed their U15 Regional teams during training sessions, and actual scrimmages, have either tied or lost to their Clubs Regional Team. Also many boys that were in OPDL have left for their Regional squads.
  6. Considering the price to participate in Ontario Soccer has gone up, what option or path should a young player take. I don't think there is a major difference as there once was. They all attend some type of tournaments, they all crown a champion, they all put many hours training and fitness, and they all have games that may take a couple of hours to get too. I think it depends on the coach and not the League they play in. What at do you think?
  7. Was anyone able to watch the game on Saturday on beIN Sports. Did they do a good job brodcasting the game?
  8. Great news....beIN SPORTS to air NASL games! I think this is fantastic news. And if you add the new Club from San Fran, this is a great week in the NASL.
  9. Rumour has it that a couple of teams have folded, both on the girls side as well as the boys, reasons unknown. I will take a guess that cost was a factor. Second guess would be parents are not buying into what the OSA is trying to sell. On the other hand, TFC Academy has rejoined. Does TFC being involved legitamize the OPDL? And will this open up the door for Private Academies?
  10. I don't know what SAAC charges. I did go on a couple of the OPDL team sites. There doesn't seem to be any consistency with club fees. They are as low as $2700 and as high as $4400, why the big difference I am not aware of.
  11. Of course I do. Just letting you know what the OSA tells parents. They want the best in the OPDL which many can not afford, and have the clubs pay enormous fees to be in their Provincial League. Yet they take players from all over, which is what we want. How do you explain this to a parent who have spent a lot of money that was told their child will ONLY BE SCOUTED IN THE OPDL? That is a legitimate question that the OSA will have to explain to these parents, do you not think so?
  12. The OSA has stated that no players will be selected in the Provincial a tryouts unless they are on an OPDL. Looks like that is all a lie. From the OPDL TWITTER....Nona verita made a comment that was interesting and putting out the question to the OSA....9 NON OPDL Players were selected, should they not be kicked off? What are your thoughts. Are rules rules, or does the OSA change them when it suits them?
  13. This is how you will increase the awareness and the growth of a Canadian League, by allowing lower Division teams, L1O & the Quebec D3 teams and hopefully other Provincial Teams a chance to beat the MLS/NASL. You will create Dreams, Rivalries, and NATURAL growth and creation of a Canadian League, coast to coast.
  14. Has anyone seen Florida International University Soccer Stadium, it's nice. No football lines, I think it's a seperate turf?? The more I read about the Miami FC announcement, the more I like it. As one of the post stated, NASL has to accept strong ownership group's rather then worrying about putting teams in the West. Of course that would be great, and hopefully with this announcement Sacremto will really consider the NASL.
  15. Does anyone in the CSA have the common sense to allow this ASAP. It will also help the growth of our 2 semi-pro divisions in Ontario and Quebec knowing the Champion of the semi-pro finals has a crack at a D2 team and the possiblilty of D1. I don't think any team affiliated with a D1 or D2 should be allowed to participate. If they are allowed, TFC could posssibly have 3 teams...D1 TFC, USL Pro TFC 2, and L1O TFC Academy....doesn't seem right. The primary team should be the only team allowed to participate. If TFC Academy were to win the Championship between Quebec and Ontario, the runner up should represent D3.
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