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  1. Fantastic news. Here's hoping he hits the pitch on March 21. Looking forward to the update.
  2. I was at that match. One of the best games I have ever attended.
  3. I will be in Saskatoon (Parktown) for the match. Anyone know a decent place to view the game ?
  4. Forest were looking to beef up their squad up front and stated they wanted 3 strikers signed quickly. They signed one from Wednesday couple weeks back, now this. He will have to earn a starting spot on that team.
  5. A name so bad, it will significantly deter ticket sales.
  6. Thank you for your years of dedication. From the 1992 CSL Championship with the Winnipeg Fury, to MLS and Canadian international play, thank you. Class act who will always be remembered fondly.
  7. There's a few of us getting together for season tickets. $120 for adult season tickets gives you 8 league matches and 2 exhibition matches (and scarf). Not too bad. Not sure if it's rush seating or assigned. dsqr and myself will be getting season-tickets, anyone else ? On a sour side note, the Winnipeg V's gathering spot of Dylan O Connors on Portage Ave has folded.
  8. And in case some of you don't know or forgot, Eduardo Badescu was the individual from Winnipeg that was coaching first division in Romania recently.
  9. Brilliant news, but I won't pop the champagne until he is cap-tied to Canada. We have been burned too many times.
  10. Congrats on the CSA for finally acting in the best interest of Canadian soccer. If they had done this years ago, we could have maintained a vibrant national league instead of propping up American soccer, like a pack of pathetic lackeys.
  11. Good news, as I have been waiting many years for this. Having said that, I have had my hopes dashed before, Fury, Sundogs, etc...... "A club name has already been chosen" A simple name aimed at youth.......mmm....sounds like a potential stinker. How about something that is reflective of our city, it's history , geography. Winnipeg Strike....great name. As an organization, what are you feelings of the CSA's recent move to ban Canadian based D-2 teams. If the opportunity presented itself, would you be interested in a viable Canaduian league. Could you afford an operating budget of $750,000 ? Yes, I will probably buy a few season-tickets and have seen PDL games many times. They annually play Winnipeg senior teams. Generally the quality is no better than our top amateur teams. The PDL season does not work for Winnipeg/Canada.
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