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  1. No idea how the line up will look. --------------------Cavallini------------------ Davies----------Osorio----------Hoilett ------------Piette----------Arfield---------- Kaye---Henry----Hutchinson--Johnson
  2. Disheartening reading about his lack of recognition in Canada. Makes you really scratch your head about that Sinclair tweet..
  3. Christine Sinclair is a house hold name in Canada. Atiba Hutchinson is not. The men's team is in need of some big time promotion/advertising. I think its fair the CSA is pushing hard on this game.
  4. ----------David--------Larin--------Cavallini---- Davies-------Hoilett-----Ballou------Millar --------------Arfield---Atiba---Osorio------- -------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------Busti---------------------
  5. May as well go for a crowd pumping offensive circus: --------------Larin----------Cavallini---------- Davies------------Hoilett-------------Tabla -------------Arfield-----------Osorio--------- --------James----Henry---Vitoria------- Or -------------------Larin------------------ Davies--------Hoilett--------Tabla ----------Arfield--------Osorio------ -------------------Piette---------------- -----James----Henry----Vitoria
  6. Nice, back to this thread again. Under 23: 1) Davies 2) Larin 3) Tabla 4) Petrasso 5) Froese I'm going to go off on a tangent and put Froese in there. Real athletic ability, technical ability, and a promising last season.
  7. I got my bro to go with some friends. Hopefully they're in Canada gear
  8. I actually thought he was decent. He's good at holding up the ball and winning the ball in the air. He was completely isolated for the majority of his time out there, and had some chances regardless. He'll be fine. Would really help if we had a good attacking midfielder to link things up.
  9. He'll be in an upcoming camp. Where do folks rate him on our depth chart?
  10. He's also still a kid, in the spotlight. Ego flying very, very high. It's like when you're growing up, you don't realize how much your parents do for you, and your rude, argumentative. Then when you get into your 20s, you realize.. Wow, my parents are the best, I feel so bad for ever making their lives hard. This kid now: "I'm way, way too good for Canada. Look at me." He doesn't yet realize what this country has allowed him to do, what it has allowed his parents to do.
  11. ---------------------Larin-------------Cavallini--------------- -----------------------------Hoilett--------------------------- De Jong--------Hutchinson--------Arfield----------Johnson -----------James--------Jakovic---------Attakora-------- or maybe a little ----------------------------Larin----------------------------- Hoilett---------Johnson---------Arfield------------Akindele -------------------------Hutchinson--------------------- De Jong--------James--------Jakovic----------Ledgerwood
  12. Stanese is also playing a decent amount, one to keep an eye on.
  13. Nice catches. He has been a loyal soldier, that's for sure (Straith), I hope he is a regular for FCE. I have just never rated him as a starting CB. But, may be a better option that Jakovic, we will see. I'm liking our depth in attacking options!
  14. Would like to see: -----------------Larin-------------------- Hoilett---------Arfield-------Wotherspoon -------Hutchinson---Johnson------------ De Jong--James-Jakovic--Ledgerwood Some good options off the bench: Osorio Aird Vitoria Cavallini/Haber Akindele Piette
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