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  1. Especially if a CPL club is competitive against Ottawa in the Third Q round of the Canadian Championship, I suspect Ottawa will be forced in by CONCACAF. They will see no reason for a team that is of equal quality to play in another country's league.
  2. Who do you suspect? David Edgar would be an ideal fit, from Kitchener as well.
  3. Is Forge even going to have a full team to start the season? Kind of lagging behind with 8 signings.
  4. Schedule and TV deal coming at 5:30? Not sure what else this landmark announcement will be. Maybe sponsors
  5. I suppose this is why its taking CPL so long to figure out the schedule. Lots of things to figure out between league play, CONCACAF League, and Canadian Championship.
  6. I'm curious to know how much they sell tickets for. Even if it were 200 rupees, thats only 4 CAD. I'm sure its easy to get that kind of attendance as well when there's like 20 million people in each city.
  7. Great to see VW as a big sponsor, but yeah I was hoping for more. Would expect to see a full schedule and broadcast deal by now.
  8. Yeah, at least be on time with the feed, don't keep people waiting.
  9. Yup, they need to figure something out quickly or else they'll have no one to sign and play.
  10. Expect the worst, that way you're more excited if things work out I'd imagine, and not as disappointed if it doesn't. I catch myself doing it sometimes.
  11. I believe Austin Ricci as well? They've only been around for a week so yeah it's definitely still in the early stages! Either way, I wouldn't be surprised if its true, seems like a good fit IMO.
  12. This accounts been pretty spot on so far, tweeted out a rumour that Laval is part of the expansion for 2020 https://twitter.com/CplTransfers/status/1071876565166903298
  13. Yeah, that's an interesting question. His dad is Kittian but he was born and grew up here. Not sure if him representing SKN would count him as an international.
  14. Someone playing 4th division Swedish football this year is the league's highly touted first international signing. I mean, he scored a lot of goals there, but still. 4th division. I suppose we'll see how it pans out,
  15. Nearing 1000 apparently https://twitter.com/York9FC/status/1067125996393062405
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