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  1. Agreed, especially about absorbing pressure. He was by far the most comfortable and capable player we had in connecting passes when our opponents were high pressing us. There were a couple of games when we had Bradley and Delgado playing deep and they were horrific when teams pressed high. Just one give away after another. I distinctly remember matches against NYCFC and Union last season with those 2 in mid and we were completely outplayed in those matches.
  2. I wouldn't call out Osorio playing as a DM this season as well. He did very well filling in for Bradley when he was injured.
  3. Was on trial with Lille last year it seems. Don't know if he actually signed up with them because another site says that he signed with Antwerp from Lille u21 team.
  4. Benfica actually just sold striker Raul De Tomas for 20 million to Espanyol (he was a complete dud for us). Benfica is really thin up front right now, it would make sense to go after David.
  5. Although true, that fucked up thing though is concacaf changing the format for getting into the hex so late. Should be like how it was before with groups, not rankings
  6. El Salvador are seriously trash. They looked awful in every match they've played in this group, and yet their gonna end up in the hex because Concacaf doing Concacaf things. No way in hell will they get a point in the hex.
  7. Do people still want davies at lb? It's almost like were not bayern munich or something
  8. Didnt expect a win (Don't expect us to score in the 3 remaining matches tbh) but Floro got just about everything wrong in that match. Just about every game under Floro we played not to concede, we don't play to win we just play not to concede, even against beatable teams. But today we were wide open and were just basically trading chances with Mexico in the beginning of the match. The one time he should of stuck with bunker down defence he doesn't. I have no idea why he continues to play Henry at RB. Its very clear he doesn't have the necessary attributes to play this position. The midfie
  9. well in 6 games under the floro's Canada scored an amazing total of 1 goal.... maybe starting some attacking minded midfielders can actually help a little, but the floro's went into the competitions only just not to lose games. Didn't seem they cared about winning. err did we see the same game? he helped open a lot of space and build the majority of the attacks when he came on, even put in that perfect cross for farmer who headed to the crossbar.
  10. oh god...... did he learn anything?? can we bring stephen hart back?
  11. So awhile ago i mentioned a former tfc academy player Sergiu Anton who joined the Benfica academy. Well i guess we can forget about him for by looking through his twitter u will see that he's played for Romania recently
  12. kids or not, u don't need skill to give an effort. I didn't see any effort today
  13. So it looks like former TFC academy player Sergiu Anton is gonna join Benfica's academy. He played in the recent u19 friendly against Zenit. From reading around it seems like he's been with Benfica since the beginning of the season but will only be registered tomorrow, where he will then join Casa Pia on loan for the remainder of the season. https://www.facebook.com/sergiu.anton.100 The latest pic is the friendly match against zenit
  14. Theres a young Canadian gk playing for Benfica's youth team named Matthew Nogueira. From Benfica's official site http://www.slbenfica.pt/Futebol/formacao/Escal%C3%B5es/FutebolForma%C3%A7%C3%A3o/JuvenisB/Plantel/Jogador/tabid/1121/PID/2714/SeID/8/Matthew%20Nogueira.aspx his twitter https://twitter.com/Nogueira_M76
  15. ok so i posted but it said i had to wait for a mod approval. Is it because i put a link? well the match is over. Canada was playing against Bulgaria, Canada scored an amazing goal right at the end, after the final whistle the bulgarians were sore losers and tried to fight with the Canadians. edit: ok it looks like this match wasnt for this tournament but a under 19 friendly against Bulgaria it seems. I know the goalie was Ricky Gomes and he's not on the list on the first page. An amazing goal at then end, hope theres a video
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