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  1. I don't mind the name. But the longer I've had to stew, the more I hate this logo. I really don't know who thought this was a good logo? It just seems to deviate from everything that makes a good football logo. Im going to go stew more.
  2. Would love to see something close to this as the team primary kit.
  3. I may be somewhat biased because I worked with him for a few years. But, I would like to see Mike Mosher, head coach of the UBC mens soccer program land a head coaching job in the CPL. He's won the national title multiple times as a former player, and coach. Has managed a range of personalities in those squads, and he was played in the old CSL aswell. He also consistently out coached Alan Koch in derby matches between UBC and SFU, and now Koch is on his way to being a head coach of an MLS club within a year. Of course, Mosher has tenure now at UBC, so i imagine its unlikely he'll leave for the CPL. But, i think he would definitely be strong candidate for any club to consider.
  4. I would imagine there is some sort of connection between the logos and the CPL. Personally, I think Umbra has been making some absolutely class kits in the last few years. Especially for their south american teams.
  5. I second everyones sentiments. Was great to meet everyone, share a few pints pre-game and watch an enjoyable Canada draw. Hopefully it isn't too long before the CSA can set up another friendly in the UK or Europe at a teams home ground (IE, not Austria or Turkey). Especially for us canucks living over here.
  6. Ive had some problems at the train station, but I should be in by 6pm look forward to seeing you at Mash Tun.
  7. I get into around 330, keen to see some sights with Canadians and have some pints. Im sure there is a Weatherspoons somewhere near easter road haha. If anyone is keen to text and meet up I'm on whats app +44 7506 368440 (Jordan). See you guys tomorrow!
  8. Just confirmed that Ill be back in Manchester on the 21st so ill definitely be making my way up to this game. Trying to convince a few Canadians I know up in Aberdeen to come for the match also.
  9. Let me know what you get for a reply. Im done uni in a week and halfand will be more than happy to help sort anything out. Would love to get the word out and fill a potential supporters section with any and all canadians over here and from home.
  10. Is the stream not working for anyone else?
  11. Hoping to catch a train back from Manchester if my flight from Vancouver gets back in time. I'll be jaded if I can't see this game, especially since one of my buddies from my program here is a tartan army supporter.
  12. After 2 years of living in Manchester and waiting for a senior mens game in the UK while watching the WCQ back in my home of Vancouver via crappy streams early in the morning, I finally get my wish of a game here. Only to realize I'll be back in Vancouver for my best friends wedding. DAMN YOU CRUEL WORLD! AND CSA!
  13. Regardless of the result; my body is ready, my mind is not.
  14. Was at the game. Shame he didn't get in. Looked amazing warming up on the side. This alone warrants capping him, right?
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