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  1. Very interesting interview with Rob Friend in the AFTN Soccer Show. He makes it quite clear that the potentials for a team in the lower mainland (Fraser Valley) are not dead yet. There could be a team by 2020. The interview starts at the 1:28 minutes. https://playlist.citr.ca/podcasting/audio/2018/The-AFTN-Soccer-Show-June-24-23-01-00.mp3
  2. I'm really bored out of my tree here at work, so I decided to make my own predictions for the teams coming into the CPL for 2019: York Calgary Halifax Winnipeg Edmonton Hamilton Victoria Ottawa Now here are my predictions for expansion for 2020: Quebec City Saskatoon Surrey, B.C. Regina There will be NO 9th or 10th team for 2019. Instead, there will be expansions of 4 teams for 2020. Any thoughts or suggestions. Let me know your predictions. Rheo, Gopherbashi or BBTB, what are your predictions?
  3. Do you get a gut feeling that the 8th "mystery" team that Clanachan is holding back could be Ottawa or Quebec City?
  4. If you listen carefully to David Clanachan's recent interview with TSN 1150, he hints that 7 teams will be announced with ONE he's holding back, which means that the CPL will kick start with 8-teams. No mention of a 10-team league (I could be wrong). I'm thinking that one of those teams could either be Ottawa or Quebec City. This means that one of these cities may not part of the CPL until 2020. I could be wrong...Please listen to the interview again.
  5. Are you guys aware that Saskatoon gets a mention in the Tremblay's QC article....Is this a slight blunder on Tremblay's part or he knows something that none of us are aware of and it has slipped accidentally. I do recall that CPL-Rumors did mention 2 months ago that Saskatoon is still in the running but needs to get their stadium deal settled with the city.
  6. As of last week several people have been casting doubts on York 9 FC. Well, I got news for all of yous, they went from 125 memberships to over 1,000 in a week.... Don't cast doubts on this club again. They know what they're doing. They have now taken the lead. Congratulations to the organization. They're seriously working hard behind the scene.
  7. Wow!!! No mention of Ottawa. Is this real?
  8. Wow!!! No mention of Ottawa. Is this real?
  9. Wow!!! No mention of Ottawa. Is this real?
  10. Anyone knows when is the Edmonton announcement. According to a recent tweet from CPL-Rumors, it could be this week probably Friday. Can we have a confirmation?
  11. I just hate when assholes of this kind call me a loser and a pipe dreamer. I hate it!!! I want this to stop NOW!!!!! I call this soccerphobia.
  12. This hockey guy just wrote to me and called me a fucking loser for supporting the CPL. He said that this is only a pipe dream. It's going to fail. You're making a fool of yourself. How would you respond to this idiot? Any suggestion? This guy sounds like those fucking loser from the 1970s that will stand there and say: SOCCER SUCKS!!!! I hate those guys.
  13. I discovered these interesting tweets. It appears by all accounts that Lee Grenier has indeed stepped down as one of the investors of the Saskatoon bid. It all had to do with the stadium situation. The whole bid could now be dead unless the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL could revive the bid in Regina. I'm very sad by this news and I hope that there's still an opportunity for pro-soccer in Saskatchewan. Winnipeg needs a crosstown regional rival. Please don't let this be true.
  14. Actually, I think he meant to say Surrey rather than BC.
  15. OK! Let me get this straight. Does ALL this means that Halifax may not be announced as a starting CPL team for 2019, given that they could not secure the 3-year lease? Is this correct?
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