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  1. Yes the 1st goal he looked poor but the 2nd goal is a common-type of goal that many of the best keepers in the world let in. Hard to judge those types.
  2. No. The commentators got it wrong. It was Jackson that hit the post. You are useless and belong at McD's. Yes Jackson hasn't been at his best, but he has been nothing but dedicated and true to his Canadian colours.
  3. Think everyone needs to understand... Canada's Mens National Team just isn't very good.. and they never have been very good. On paper, yes. As a team, hell no.
  4. Your team plays disgraceful. The play acting is out of this world, don't you think?
  5. What kind of scenario are we looking at to secure a place in the hex? 10pts? 11?
  6. Didn't see the game being streamed on this site. Watched the Canada v Honduras game while away on a really good stream, was hoping for the same one. Anything is appreciated! Really wanna watch this game while overseas.
  7. Thanks, but doesn't seem to be available on that site. I remember travelling during the Canada v Honduras game when they played in Toronto and the stream was great. Anything is greatly appreciated! Dying to watch the game tonight.
  8. Sorry, haven't looked through thread. Which is the best available stream? Currently in Europe. Thanks!
  9. Won't be in the country and I've never watched a game online before. Is there the option to watch this game online at all?
  10. Just want to chime and in and say Grizzly is a fantastic poster. He has had a lot to say about Hart's regime, and whether you agree or disagree with his claims, you can't fault the power of his arguments. Carry on... =)
  11. Have been following Josh since he impressed Millwall for the Canadian 'B' Side all the years back. Make sure he knows that he has plenty of support in Canada from all over the country; and that most of us follow his career closely! He is an inspiration to all young Canadians as it is never easy to make a career as a footballer in Europe being from this great land. The only way to approach this is to look at it as an obstacle; something in the way of the incredible experiences which are yet to come!
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