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  1. I guess they need a license that allows them to show it commercially right? I'd say the biggest problem with streaming services is the reliability of a stream (compared to TV at least). I can't imagine packing a bar for the big game and your stream dies on you.
  2. Total shot in the dark here but... Name the first player signed = Go.
  3. This is what I was thinking. As for the post itself, it's kind of bizarre and not very professional in approach. No mention of who they are (obviously we know), or reason they are there. Kinda like a kid posted it on his or her personal account.
  4. Basically a rebuttal to Ottawa muddled in a bunch of non-news.
  5. I see it or the car every other week along Dufferin it seems. It's always out
  6. They also fixed the reverse-engineered way to get the numbers, according to the user who did it.
  7. FWIW, I agree - it is definitely unique and interesting.
  8. I don't watch any of the NFL or Baseball stuff. La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, MLS, Champions League, Europa League - they also have highlight packages from the day you can watch.
  9. 1080p I think. I didnt get it last year after bad reviews, but I"m really happy with it. The value is insane.
  10. I've seen those vehicles driving around King City/Vaughn/Richmond Hill like 5 or 6 times. I found it to be a weird promotion but I get oddly excited when I see them, FWIW.
  11. I've split it with someone too , you get two log-ins. DAZN also has Chromecast, Roku, Firestick, Apple and Smart TV tech. So even numpties can replicate the TV like experience with it.
  12. I think they already share members anyway... If they somehow did start supporting Y9, it would make for a great rivarly. Especially in any potential V's cup games.
  13. There's an autobiography from a former CMNT player that includes a part about lurking the V's board...
  14. https://twitter.com/GoderichCPL Buddy is killing it on Twitter. Awesome ha.
  15. Hope someone close with Aurora can answer this. Either way, w/e, I'll back him but I hope any owner is willing to step away from a management role if they feel it's not working. I'm sure(?) this was discussed prior to the hiring.
  16. Is that YorkU's seats photoshopped or where is this stadium?
  17. Am I being too critical to say that a part owner / part manager is some really bad optics? We don't know the behind the scenes, and I honestly don't know how good of a manager he is, but it sure raises some eyebrows. No?
  18. Oh man, please no Canadian telecom. Looks sick though.
  19. Those numbers seem to have been mis-leading. There are rumours about much cheaper tix for supporter section at least.
  20. I agree with all the above sentiment - huge identity crisis. This approach to use YorkU just leaves me envisioning a black and green team with a bunch of red empty seats everywhere on opening day. Have fun selling that to people when they could drive another 30 mins south to BMO to see Giovinco.
  21. For those that missed it, some guy reverse engineered the season holder list for all the CanPL teams on reddit - York 9 sitting at 176 memberships... I hope something improves quickly for them. Maybe they have a different approach we're not really seeing (club focus maybe?), maybe those don't register here?
  22. Part owner, part manager. Not the best look IMO.
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