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  1. Thank you. The prospect of paying $15 every time was really pissing me off.
  2. Great post. Remember how the "Membership Numbers" were so low, then exploded days before the tickets came on sale. It seemed so obvious they just tossed in a whole bunch from the youth clubs or business opportunities to illustrate momentum.
  3. I'm curious to see the production values for OneSoccer on this tonight.
  4. We gotta get this thread bumping people.
  5. I'd bet on the more general services like Chromecast, Firestick, Roku or even AppleTV first 😕
  6. What on earth is up with the 20 minute highlight packages and the same replay of a goal 8 different times in slow motion.
  7. That's a throwback, holy shit. Place is as old as Windsor itself.
  8. Anyone have any clues about what the away section will be like? I'm curious to see how it all comes together.
  9. I tweeted the above. Has anyone heard anything about the away day experience and approach for more "traditional" away day supporters. Lots of mistakes in other organizations are hopefully gone for this big day.
  10. @yellowsweatygorilla You should accept donations to rename future regens in the save (or is that even possible?)
  11. Rather get our tickets ahead of time, I don't want a stupid line-up. Good to see you last night Robin. I thought it was a nice little event and am overall happy with the jerseys. I think the 90's style kit is really "in" right now and the white primary captures it. Might look silly once minimalism returns again, but if we're laughing at this kit in ten years, hey, at least the league is still around.
  12. I wanna see these kits in person but with that sponsor makes any kit look great IMO.
  13. Got an e-mail from York9 about kit launch tomorrow. https://york9fc.canpl.ca/kit-launch
  14. Everyone on Instagram likes the the joke. Maybe we have some awful sense of humour or something...
  15. I honestly thought the big announcement was still coming despite the April Fools joke. Had lunch and realized that was probably it.
  16. Ten bucks says it's nothing player related. NEW SPONSORSHIP DEAL! I hope it's jerseys no?
  17. I just drove there to pick up a scarf and toque (I had purchased a hoodie at the launch event). Office is at 407 and Dufferin.
  18. @Gopherbashi reached out. Don't have FB anymore ?.
  19. What other York Region V's are up here besides @dtmazur? Holler back if you hear me!
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