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  1. Although they are not direct rivals of Canada, it is always good to analyze and see how some countries in the area prepare for the qualifiers, here you can see the Dominican Republic vs Puerto Rico live. (While we wait for the CSA to show some of the scrimmage vs USA)
  2. I'm not very optimistic about seeing a Canada friendly match before their official game against Suriname on March 25th. As for Panama, according to unofficial information they are trying to play against Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, Serbia and Puerto Rico. According to Dominican and Puerto Rican sources, Panama could play at the Felix Sanchez stadium in Santo Domingo vs Puerto Rico and Serbia. It is incredible that the Dominican Rep. baseball country par excellence is now the axis of so many friendlies
  3. Due to the lack of information from the CSA in relation to possible friendly matches, I continue to share these sources from the south , this time from the Dominican Republic where it is reported that several nations are planning friendly matches in Florida for the month of January, Canada included. This so far does not have a confirmation but at least it keeps our minds occupied.
  4. There is talk of having Martinique as a rival, two games away. The negotiation with Canada seems to be cooling off. In my personal opinion, if the game with Canada does not take place, I do not think it is due to a lack of interest from Fepafut, since the arrival of Danish coach Christiansen, a lot has been invested in friendly matches. And the local media leaked the news of the games with Canada. I believe more that the CSA has not confirmed and therefore has not reached a happy agreement. But these are just my speculations, let's see what will happen.
  5. Well, it seems that Qatar is taking seriously its preparation for the World Cup that it will organize in 2022. I wonder if Canada, USA and Mexico will follow its example when they are hosts in 2026 ..... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/dec/08/qatar-get-guest-spot-in-european-world-cup-qualifying-group-for-friendlies
  6. Just a false alarm! There was a rumor in the public opinion that they would close the country due to the increase in the number of cases. Today everyone was waiting for a press conference dictated by the Ministry of Health, where they were informed that they would fine people who violate security measures such as not wearing masks, or having private parties with a large number of people, etc. But not a Lockdown. Fepafut is still looking for rivals to play with in January, Canada's option is still on the table and Caribbean rivals are also being sought (apparently Puerto Rico).
  7. Dear friends, the possibility of playing here vs Canada in January still stands, this time a well-known local sports journalist Ricardo Icaza referred it today in a tweet. According to him, Panama would use players from the local league to test them before the qualifiers and it would be two games ... I wonder what players Canada would bring.
  8. There has been no news about this friendly match here in Panama. Any new news I will keep you informed
  9. In the hypothetical case that Arcahaie wins, the match vs. Forge would be played at the Olimpico stadium in Santo Domingo, just as it was going to be played vs. Verdes de Belize, since the Silvor Cator stadium in Port-au-Prince does not meet the requirements demanded by Concacaf. The Dominican Republic opened international tourism for weeks ago and they do not require a Covid-Negative result to enter the country, they only do random tests to a miniscule number of passengers.
  10. It has been raining all day in Panama City, due to the influence of Hurricane ETA. And more rains are expected during the night. The Rommel stadium had very bad conditions on its grass, imagine how it will look tonight. It will be a tough match, where physical condition will prevail more than technique.
  11. Although in Austria there is confinement, the parameters for the realization of these games were accepted.
  12. I don't know why I had a "deja vu" like when Canada withdrew from the 2001 Copa America Colombia, for security reasons. And meanwhile, many Central American and Caribbean nations remain active with friendlies planned in November, some of them to be played in Europe.
  13. Despite the poor condition of Rommel Fernandez's grass, it was decided to play there. Only minor improvements will be made to the stands, the facade and air conditioning. By the way, the game will be behind closed doors, until now the public has not been authorized . On the other hand, yesterday Tauro FC drew against Alianza 2-2 in its second match of the Panamanian league tournament. https://www.tvmax-9.com/somoslasele/Tauro-FC-Concacaf-Rommel-Fernandez_0_5703179721.html https://www.tvn-2.com/deportes/Tauro-Alianza-igualan-Artes-Oficios_0_5704679575.html
  14. Air connections between Guyana / Suriname and South America are minimal or non-existent. A few years ago the Venezuelan state airline Conviasa flew from Caracas to Georgetown .... I suppose that is another compelling reason for the Guianas to play in Concacaf: they are more connected with Port of Spain and Miami than with other points in South America. I believe that if Suriname and Guyana were to raise their football level, it would not be unreasonable for them to be part of Conmebol in the future. Regarding the cultural aspect, I was born in Caracas and we always regard Guyana as t
  15. The same one who failed with Canada's youth womens teams? this is a terrible throwback.
  16. Panama has already confirmed its match vs. USA to be played in November in England. Still pending confirmation of the Game Canada vs Panama in December/January here in PTY
  17. The Panamanian league just started yesterday. with a 1-1 draw between Tauro and Arabe Unido. The teams just warm up engines. Only 4 Tauro players were in the friendlies between Panama and Costa Rica on October 10 and 13. There are several reports that indicate that they will close the Rommel Fernandez stadium to make improvements, especially to the grass. The game is likely to be at the Maracana stadium here in Panama City http://elsiglo.com.pa/deportes/rommel-fernandez-cerrado-falta-mantenimiento/24166505
  18. Look how "random" will be the draw of the 2021 Gold Cup on September 28: Pot 1 is pre-seeded: Mexico in A, USA in B . Qatar is in Pot 4 in group D to avoid the Manitos and the yankees. If the USA and Mexico win all their matches, they will be seen in the final. https://www.goldcup.org/en/article/concacaf-announces-details-for-first-ever-gold-cup-draw
  19. Some news of the 2021 Gold Cup: there will be VAR and the matches of the last group phase will be played simultaneously: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/sports/new-moves-aim-to-add-suspense-unpredictability-to-gold-cup-montagliani-guest-qatar-will-add-flavour-to-expanded-tournament-platform-adds-concacaf-boss_202614?profile=1511
  20. The matches between Guyana and Trinidad Tobago have always been closed, and even more with the Trinis in decline
  21. Right in the window of January 2022 that Canada could take advantage of the weather, it will be his turn to play 2 matches away.
  22. Next Wednesday's draw will not only be for round 1 and 2, but also the positions in which the 8 teams will play in the octagonal and therefore will determine the match schedule. Considering the match schedule positions 5 and 6 seem to be the best
  23. The draw has been rescheduled for August 19 http://www.rpctv.com/marearoja/FIFA-reprograma-Eliminatorias-Concacaf-agosto_0_1381661821.html
  24. Haiti, a possible rival of Canada in the second round of WCQ, is negotiating two friendly matches for the month of September
  25. By the way, that canceled goal of Atiba at min 83 was it offside or not?
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