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  1. Australia/New Zealand's best capacity is not disputed. The infrastructure of developed nations cannot be compared with that of third world countries. My reflection above is about how difficult is for emerging nations to have the opportunity to host a women's world cup.
  2. Each time it seems that the women's world cups will be more elitist. Only organized by select groups of developed countries. I feel very sorry for Colombia, A country of wonderful people and passionate about soccer. Fifa sent a report saying that Colombia is not able to correct some medical emergencies and that would require evacuating a patient to another country : what a big lie: Colombia has excellent private clinics capable of solving any incident . They also questioned its safety, which bothers me because in the travel agency that I work, Colombia is sold very well to European, Japanese and European tourists of high standard . In fact, it is the destination that has the most sales that we have. About infrastructure logically we cannot compare it with Australia or Japan. But in this case Colombia has enough stadiums, and the only one that should have a big improve was the stadium of Cartagena. In short it will be a fight of David against Goliath.
  3. @archer21 The journalist David Samudio was not specific about how to lead teams ranked 17-35 in home/away matches until qualifying 10 of them to the second round. He even mentioned 41 teams (including non-FIFA members). I guess it was a mistake on his part, because the non-fifa members do not participate. If he said Panama would need to play 18 matches to get a ticket to Qatar 2022 is because the Octagonal is home/away. Panama. Second round: 2 matches. Third round 2 matches. Octagonal 14 matches= total 18. The same situation with Canada. Too many matches.... However I cannot deny how exciting it will be if this proposal is accepted, 9 home games in Canada ! pick the venues 😉
  4. No Problem @CanadianSoccerFan According to this proposal, the format would be as follows: First Round: Home/away matches between 17-35 ranked teams, until completing 10 teams. (total 19 teams) Second Round: Home/Away matches between 10 winners of First round vs 7-16 Concacaf ranked teams (total 20 teams) Third Round: 10 winners of second round join 1-6 Concacaf ranked teams in Home/Away matches (total 16 teams) Final Round: Octagonal (total 8 teams) The 8 winners of Third Round play in a round robin in which the first 3 will qualify for the world cup and the fourth place will play the intercontinental play off. According to this journalist, it would be an octagonal, since he indicated that Panama would need to play 18 games to qualify for the World Cup. And it would begin from January 2021 until June 2022 approximately .... But its approval or not will be in the next days.
  5. What you write has a lot of logic. Two rounds of direct elimination: 35 to 16, 16 to 8, and the 8 finalists in two groups of 4. At least 10 matches would be played to go to the World Cup: a decent number of games
  6. News about CONCACAF WCQ It seems that the new rumor is that FIFA rejected the Concacaf WCQ of 3 groups of 4, considering that six games are too few to qualify for the World Cup. The world entity wants the top 6 to be involved in previous rounds and there is talk of an octagonal. According to several journalistic sources, the final decision will be at the beginning of July. Sources: RPC Panama and TV Max http://elsiglo.com.pa/deportes/cambios-eliminatorias-concacaf-rumbo-catar-2022/24158466 https://www.tvmax-9.com/somoslasele/Bomba-FIFA-rechazado-eliminatorias-CONCACAF_0_5602689705.html
  7. Due to the lack of FIFA dates, the only certainty we have is that there will be no Hex. Attached I send you several links from Latin American sport newspapers writing about types of formats (in Spanish). Most describe the 3 groups of 4 countries. I have even read up to 2 groups of 4. I live in Panama and here the quarantine has been one of the strictest in the region, we have many cases of Covid-19 and our health ministry asked FIFA for another extension for the U20 Women's World. The country does not guarantee the minimum health measures for the next month of January 2021 and they requested to postpone it for August 2021. This is the situation of a single member of Concacaf, there are still 34 members with their own problems. So I don't think there will be a WCQ this year, much less a hex. How will the new format be? for now we can only speculate: https://www.diez.hn/centroamerica/1383147-498/formato-concacaf-eliminatoria-qatar-2022-seleccion-guatemala https://www.diez.hn/blogs/1383731-500/blog-mauricio-kawas-un-eventual-cambio-de-formato-eliminatorias-concacaf https://www.tvmax-9.com/somoslasele/Dirigente-mexicano-eliminatoria-Concacaf-inminente_0_5584691574.html https://www.nacion.com/puro-deporte/seleccion-nacional/concacaf-podria-cambiar-formato-de-la-eliminatoria/6H4INY433FD7RAWOK2UAYBSGTE/story/ https://us.as.com/us/2020/04/20/futbol/1587338875_074813.html
  8. One of them is in the bigsoccer forum under the name of Ofori. And he already despairs with the repetitiveness of his comments...
  9. This 👆🏻 or Wanderers Grounds vs Antigua . Location should certainly be determined according to the opponent. BMO or BC Place for USA, Honduras or CR. Send Mexico to Winnipeg or Edmonton (if I good recall the manitos have never won at the Commonwealth.) and fewer Mexican fans than in Toronto/Montreal.
  10. I have my doubts. Imagine this tricky group: Costa Rica, Honduras, Canada and Haiti.
  11. Several sources in Latin America already talk about this format https://www.90min.com/es/posts/asi-sera-el-nuevo-formato-de-clasificacion-al-mundial-de-qatar-2022-para-la-concacaf-01e8a87j48hy Guatemala does not have it so difficult: I think they will win easily the low tier and with some luck win the playoffs......lucky number 13
  12. I have a slight suspicion that if they only used one venue, it would be the Bradenton Florida Soccer Complex
  13. Exactly. Too many matches. The idea is to reduce the numbers of games. Check this interesting article about Concacaf potencial formats: https://canpl.ca/article/concacaf-world-cup-qualifying-potential-condensed-formats-to-consider
  14. Yesterday, all the sports sites in the Hispanic area of Concacaf highlighted that it is virtually certain that El Salvador would be in the final hex after the cancellation of the friendly dates in June. Even the Spanish journalist closely linked to the Concacaf Mister Chip (Alexis Martin-Tamayo) referred to it. In fact, this journalist usually anticipates the official statements of Concacaf, because he works indirectly for this Conferderación, advertising his tournaments. In Panama there is a saying that says: when the river sounds, stones bring. Let's not be surprised that all of this is well cooked. The best thing that could happen is that more FIFA dates will be suspended and thus a total format change would have to be made. I attach some links, sorry they are in Spanish but they refer the same https://www.tvn-2.com/deportes/Panama-oficialmente-Hexagonal-CONCACAF_0_5547195251.html https://us.marca.com/claro/futbol/seleccion-usa/2020/04/03/5e86bf8f22601da71a8b459f.html https://us.as.com/us/2020/04/03/futbol/1585865160_195411.html https://www.lateja.cr/deportes/hexagonal-de-concacaf-rumbo-a-catar-2020-esta/H7Z3HM7CD5D7POEBQKW2V24PH4/story/
  15. If the Covid19 problem becomes longer than expected and FIFA does not want to change the dates for Qatar 2022, the Concacaf qualifiers would have to be done in a tournament " a la Gold Gold" or as the Concacaf Women's World Cup qualification. Or implement home-away direct elimination matches to complete 6 countries in the final round and play the Hex in one venue, as happened with the Concacaf qualifiers of 1974 (Haiti), 1978 (Mexico) and 1982 (Honduras).
  16. The fairest thing would be to put Canada - El Salvador to play for a spot in the hex. Because of the Covid-19 situation, the friendly matches are cancelled and FIFA ranking is stagnant. The CSA could take advantage of this situation and request it to CONCACAF.
  17. According to this source this friendly is almost confirmed. Still looking for more information : El Salvador vs Belize next March 31 https://twitter.com/ElSalvadorBrFC/status/1232389909350146048?s=20
  18. No matter if they finish first or second in the group, they will still have to play vs the US.....😩
  19. The conference will be today in Langford. This may indicate that the friendly match takes place at Westhills Stadium. It was time to use the CPI stadiums. Hopefully they are 2 or 3 friendly matches
  20. They decided to place Mexico separed from the USA for being the ones who played the final of the 2018 tournament. Bad Luck for Canada that was fourth behind Haiti. And with only two places available the thing does not look good for Canada. Will Canada have the ability to defeat the USA in the SF? It is the great mystery...
  21. I wonder what the name of the club will be. Real Ottawa (Royal Ottawa), Athletic Ottawa, Deportivo Ottawa? With all due respect to the Ex Fury fans, that "Fury"name was just terrible
  22. The mysterious and enigmatic CSA, sometimes I think it was more closed than the National Football Association of North Korea. Sorry for the pessimism, but Canada has immense potential and the CSA seem not to appreciate it.
  23. Draw next January 9/ 2020 Mexico and Honduras are seeded. Canada in Pot 2 with USA. Pot 3 Costa Rica and El Salvador. Pot 4 Haiti and Dominican Republic .https://www.elsiglocoahuila.mx/coahuila/noticia/331367.definen-fecha-para-sorteo-del-preolimpico-de-futbol.html
  24. The problem with the second round with home-away matches in QF, SF and final is that the minimum margin of error can leave out Canada ( remember Canada vs Guatemala in the road to Italy 1990) , this added to how irregular Hermann has been as a coach seems to be a risky route As long as it is not known against which conference the intercontinental play off will be played, the second route does not look very appealing.
  25. Qualifying to Tokyo 2020 is no longer so clear Brazil 4-0 Canada
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