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  1. My plans are in flux. So I’ll have to see. I’ll definitely make a game in Winnipeg at least once this year though.
  2. I don’t have a Valour shirt. But I do have a Valour scarf. ?‍♂️
  3. That was more exciting than the Super Bowl.
  4. Without Googling: Bosnia and Herzegovina St Kitts and Nevis Antigua and Barbuda St Vincent and the Grenadines Trinidad and Tobago Cripes, what’s the sixth? Turks and Caicos is not a country. Aha! Sao Tome and Principe!!!
  5. Just FYI they’ve only been working on ticket sales to members for a week or two. They actually contacted all the members prior to holidays to explain they wouldn’t be at it until January. I received a phone call last week as I am member 553 and had a conversation with the ticket rep. They’ve been going through their membership list. Those that they make immediate contact with, they are working on sales to. Those they are not making immediate contact with they plan to follow up with later. Simply put, those are the 400 or so out of 1200 or so who answered the phone when they called. I wasn’t go
  6. And as @DontPanic posted above, apologies also for the massive off topic post. ?
  7. Let me add just a couple of things. I’m trying to choose my words well here as I find the particularity a bit hard to explain. 1) The people who I’m referring to who are not coming here, were here but have left, or have greatly reduced their interest and contribution are all on other social media sites and often multiple other sites. The ones I know personally number literally in the dozens and others that I’m aware of but don’t really know double or triple that number (that wasn’t the part where I needed to choose my words carefully btw ?). 2) There is a subtle but important differ
  8. Agree with most of this but disagree with two things: 1) Many of the CanPL ‘influencers’ are great people who are not actively crapping on the game here (I realize you didn’t mean them necessarily). 2) In terms of building relationships, what you’ve done face to face with people across Canada speaks for yourself ... you’ve been very successful in that regard and I don’t think that should be discounted.
  9. One thing I should say ... I really appreciate that question. It’s important to discuss these kinds of topics and this gives people the opportunity.
  10. Oh boy ... that’s a great question and I think I have a very long-winded and perhaps ultimately disappointing answer for you. But let me preface what I’m about to say with this - For me, building relationships is a very important thing. And having had enjoyed soccer (Canadian or otherwise) since the 80s essentially on my own, when I stumbled upon the Voyageurs and started to travel to attend games live, it was huge for me as I finally found people to share this passion with. Since then, I’ve made friends in virtually every city in Canada, travelled to watch games all across the coun
  11. None of that shows where there is a problem in my line of argument at all.
  12. You’re talking too much sense. I’m sure there’s some off-base theory you can come up with that REALLY explains the situation. ??
  13. Or much more likely, they don’t anticipate every one of their season ticket holders to make the trip.
  14. Glad to hear that. I didn’t know what the broadcast setup would be like in Victoria or Halifax, but considering it was months ago others were talking about their broadcast situations I wasn’t too concerned. Much different situation in Victoria compared to Winnipeg though but happy to know they’re on it.
  15. Yes I actually assumed that that was what you meant. But I think the full broadcast platform is part of that puzzle as well ... good camera angles, enough cameras, decent picture quality, and worthwhile commentary.
  16. In terms of quality of production, Winnipeg and Hamilton have their CFL level broadcasting setup built in. York Lions stadium has a setup from the Pan Am games I was told by Preben Ganzhorn. Spruce Meadows as well I was told by Ian Allison that they are fully setup but only needed the specs from CanPL HQ (number of cameras, positions, etc ... this was months ago), and FCE has already been doing broadcasts during their NASL time and have their own HD production truck. So in terms of production quality, those facilities are an excellent start. But I would agree that the standard of play ma
  17. Of course, I’m not going to tell you any of that as once again you’ve shown that telling you anything is purposeless.
  18. Several of the rosters are completely filled out and all of the rosters have more than 11 players signed. They just haven’t announced them yet. Much else is decided too that you are going on and on about. It just hasn’t been released to the public yet. But if you can’t come up with these as possibilities yourself rather than assuming the opposite, then I doubt my information will make much impact.
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