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  1. You know virtually nothing about Calgary’s sales and marketing so your interpretations are built on sand. You’re not going to admit this of course. But it’s important for others to read it.
  2. Asserted, stated, suggested, interpreted, inferred ... whatever. It’s not a red flag. At all. It’s a red flag to you because you go around day after day desperately searching for red flags. And I can state that it’s not a red flag based on the superior knowledge I have of the situation. And if that’s what you take from my above comments, then that’s sad but not unexpected.
  3. This entire line of reasoning, one that you've been hammering on about for years, is debatable. In fact, based on what I've been told by those who might actually be willing to start USL teams including all of the current and former PDL teams, multiple people from higher end academies and clubs across Canada, and several folks involved in L1O and other high performance leagues, CanPL is a far preferable to USL. In short, your arguments are sitting on sand. But of course you've convinced yourself that you're right. It's sad, honestly. Let me point something out to you. It's a pattern that
  4. Well it wasn't a good idea to post the above reaction to my statement so you either don't actually know the difference between a good idea and a bad idea or you're really consistent at following through with bad ideas. I will try one more time to see if this can sink in. I doubt it will, but I'm persistent. It doesn't matter if it's a good idea or a bad idea to start CanPL. It does matter if it's necessary and it absolutely is. And because it's necessary, bad idea or not, it's worth supporting. Of course, good solid critique is actually valuable in this process. But you don't offer
  5. The old CSL was in trouble from the very first game. They were severely undercapitalized and doomed to fail. The Winnipeg Fury was cited earlier or in this thread or another as having some success. I have a good friend who was on their board. They were shipping money out the door throughout their entire existence. The Safeway promotions were an unmitigated disaster as they papered the house and undercut the value of their own tickets. I’ll take his analysis (considering he’s also an economist) over yours. There is a lot to learn from the CSL’s failures but little to compare between their
  6. That’s because this is all part of the delusion of the “Everything would be perfect if they’d just listen to me” crowd. Nothing is ever the right approach because it didn’t come directly from my mouth.
  7. Cavalry have still not made their way through the people they did not connect with the first time round. I know people in the 300 and 400s that have not gotten a repeat contact attempt. I’m in the 500s and have not received mine yet. But now since the ticket sales have opened up to the public, it won’t be possible anymore to determine the membership conversion rate unless Cavalry decide to release that info. The latest I had heard (right before they opened up season ticket sales) they were well over 2 tickets/member contacted.
  8. I interviewed Stanese not that long ago and he is recovering from a fractured metatarsal in his foot, an injury that he unknowingly carried for more than a year. If I recall correctly he just got his walking boot off a couple weeks ago. So not sure if he’s going to be match for by CanPL kickoff. I also got the impression he was doing reasonably well for himself in Germany and was unlikely to come home now but maybe in the future.
  9. Simply put ... there was a reasonable expectation that CanPL was going to have to buy airtime on TSN or another platform. Yesterday. Today, that’s changed slightly.
  10. That’s odd. I was told by a Valour ticket rep that the ticket swap system was league wide. ?
  11. If what I’ve been told is true, all clubs are doing this and at least some of it will be handled through the Centre Circle app.
  12. I’m in complete agreement that this decision is an exceptionally poor one. But considering the league and teams have said almost nothing publicly about it, I suspect they’re going to move on to more pressing concerns. In fact Tommy Wheeldon’s recent interview suggested that that was their attitude, publicly at least, so I think I’ll simply move on as well. However, those of you who wrote an emailed letters, from what I read they were very sensible and well-said. Hopefully they have an impact.
  13. Not trying to disparage Terry Fox in any way by that quip btw.
  14. Maybe they should award the Fox Hat.
  15. Considering the discussion of what communities might be Div 2 is essentially restricted to this board (yes, yes I’m aware they’ve discussed pro/rel so not necessary to ‘non-rebut’ that way) I will suggest that the idea that Oakville is thinking of or prepping to enter this fictional Div 2 or that it is likely that they will is rather off. If they are working toward CanPL, it will be the way all the other teams have done it.
  16. If I get my ducks in a row I’ll be coaching from Pearson to Hamilton on Friday night. Afraid I can’t make the convoy. I might suggest to people on the ground there to have a Friday night pub picked out, unless there is some other CanPL event going on. Hmm ... might tweet at CanPL and see what they say. Not sure how much you’ve traveled to Toronto, but I’ve found Google Maps to be virtually flawless when I’ve been transiting around the area ... really, really handy and very straightforward. And I’ve been to Toronto perhaps ten times or so and never needed a vehicle. I’ve found it ve
  17. I don’t think single game tickets are available yet so I think he is only creating a list at this moment. There is also a GO bus from Union to Hamilton that I used in October and was inexpensive and simple ... took an hour I think.
  18. Two things: 1) There have been a lot of absolutes thrown around in this thread recently, and that’s simply just poor contribution to the discussion. All of one group or another doesn’t want a winner/want more Canadians played. All of one group or another doesn’t care/not care about TFC. If you’re saying so you’re essentially hanging out a giant neon sign saying ‘I don’t really know what I’m talking about.’ This goes doubly for people who continually express to know ‘what people want’ as if they’ve studied it from a sociological or cultural perspective. Often this is no more than you proje
  19. It seems very simple to me ... all of this information is incomplete. So before offering a take, ask a question or two of those who might be able to answer and increase the available information for you to make that take. But some folks don’t seem aware of this monumental idea. (Not you of course, Ed ... I’m just generally frustrated with what to me seems like an entirely logical and incredibly simple idea, but one that is acted upon far too infrequently)
  20. I haven’t actually made my choice, and may not actually make one. And Valour actually makes the most sense. I’m in Winnipeg for work very often and am closest to it (570ish kms vs 750ish kms to Calgary). Besides, having purchased one item from each of three teams, I’m not sure that clarifies anything. ?
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