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  1. I will be there in Regina! Glad to see the last minute post. Don't judge me on the Mo-Bro cheezy moustache.
  2. I would like to but commitments preclude that. Thanks for the offer though. Another time certainly.
  3. What a treat this game was to watch. I think I can count the number of times in the last five years that TFC played as coherently as they did last night on one hand. They had focus, passions, attacking verve, and made few mistakes. They used their space well too, playing balls into positions that players should be if they are reading each other well ... so often in this season this was not the case. Additionally they were tenacious on the ball when they were not in possession ... love to see all of these things come together in an important game.
  4. Hey ... three people is more than I usually watch these games with, so it was much appreciated to watch the last game with a couple of actual fans. Alas, I also have family commitments ... hopefully when we make the 1/4 finals I can make it out again (he says with confidence).
  5. Probably can't make it this time ... it was a good time the other night despite the loss.
  6. Okay ... I will be at Brewsters South but I'm not sure about any of my team ... haven't got any takers yet.
  7. How much room is there available at Brewsters south in Regina that you haven't already filled? I might try to get some of my mens league team to join in (assuming our kids' soccer gets rained out tomorrow).
  8. The feeling one gets from this game as compared to the Seattle game is interesting. The Seattle game left me wondering whether or not Winter really had the club moving in the right direction regardless of the rebuilding nature of the season. This game was completely different especially in the intensity level. I guess I could chalk that inconsistency up to a team trying to find its way, but it would certainly be nice if this win could inject some confidence into the club and they could start putting together some consistent efforts. It's hard to watch a game like the one against Seattle.
  9. Yes I agree ... it's a much easier decision to make in the Hassli case. However, I had the same reaction just prior to the second yellow while watching both games ('Uh oh ... what's the ref going to do now?' while cringing and crossing my fingers). Chalk it up to my being nervous whenever there is a decision to be made.
  10. I have to admit that I was disappointed in both the card and Tchani (and Hassli earlier in the month). When you are on a yellow, it's pretty boneheaded to tempt fate. However, it seems that even MLS doesn't agree with the second yellow being given: http://www.tsn.ca/soccer/story/?id=363582
  11. Thanks for the welcome ... been lurking for quite a while, mostly for interesting discussion on TFC. Not much news (or discussion) to be had around Regina. Will probably continue to lurk more than contribute. Haven't been to any games of note except for Bayern v Eintracht Frankfurt at Allianze two years ago ... too far to drive to Nats games. Perhaps when the Whitecaps come on board I can convince a couple of willing guys to go to Vancouver to catch a game or two. Inter Regina and Regina Beavers goes nicely together ... both suitably offside. It is the city that rhymes with fun after all.
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