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  1. I guess everyone was wrong on how many tickets were actually sold. I thought it wasn't that great so far and i think i am kind of right. http://www.montrealimpact.com/News/News.aspx?language=EN&ArticleID=1766&Focus=0 Only 5k and i wonder how many youth clubs and free tickets these are? Not sure it is bettter than TFC, Van, Por, Phi, Sea etc.
  2. Not even 3 months later and NDS is already making the calls for the MLS. Juts goes to show that JESSE MARSCH will be another puppet in a long list of NDS puppets! Today was another page in the NDS book, when Ribeiro was released without even a shot at the training camp. A guy from MTL who would cost the club absolutely nothing if he trained for a couple of weeks, but yet the club invites all kinds of players from abroad. Just to show how stupid NDS really is. He could have let Ribeiro train for a few weeks and then annouce that he wasn't the type of payer that the staff wanted and no one would
  3. Why wouldn't they be talking about how well things are going? When Vancouver started their sale of tickets, they would constantly post how many have gone. This was to show the people that their was a big interest for the MLS Club. Portland and Philly did the same, here in montreal there hasn't been one thing about sales and how it is proceeding. I am a little skeptical that it's going well, but i wasn't stating a fact in my quote, i asking if anyone heard anything different. Seeing the attendances this year, i don't feel very positive. There hasn't been 1 full saputo stadium this year,
  4. Anybody know how many season tickets have been sold so far for next year? I heard they're not going good at all and they have started targetinng the youth clubs again... So much for real soccer environment! i guess everyone knows what is really going on behind the scenes.
  5. Joey was swearing at the Ultras in front of all the fans(expensive seats)! Using very bad language. He is an idiot and his family knows it, that is why his dad gave the Saputo company to his younger brother. Everyone in the italian community knows this. I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happens in a couple of years with the impact. Especially, because Lino JR. will be more involved as of next year in the MLS. When there is more money on the line, the dad isn't stupid. Until now it was easy, because he didn't really care about the couple of millions invested every year for the impact. B
  6. Although a lot of people including myself, think that NDS is incompetent, he is actually very smart. He knows better than to put a coach with a backbone by his side. I mean come on, Jordan is the MLS guy. Are we kidding each other? Jordan is just as bad as NDS, but with less experiance. The reason being, so NDS can tell Jordan how to walk, run , and talk and Jordan will do it. He wants guys like Jordan, Biello and company around him(yes men), so he can feed his small person complex. He wants guys like Pinizotto next to him. Guys he can manipulate. I am sure that Rennie was one of the head cand
  7. Yes he made a big fool of himself... That was one of the worst interviews that should have been spot on. He also made quite a few language errors when speaking. Maybe all he was thinking about was to get to the topic of defending his ***** NDS!!! sometimes love is blinding!!! hahaha
  8. Holy Jesus! NDS just keeps on digging his whole bigger, week after week. Next time it will be him in the stands to comfront the ultras and not his wife. He blames everyone else before looking at himself. Players, Fans, League, Journalists and probably back in the day his teammates. That is why all the ex-impact players all hate him. Rizzi, Doliscat, Limo, Diotte, Needham, Gazzola(coach), Lilly, Barker, Kolic, and the list goes on... I would add Biello on that list as well, but he has to deal with PINA(NDS' sister), so he better stay cool....hahahahah
  9. Anyways, if it is not Preki it is Collin Clarke. Martin rennie pulled out. Plus, NDS has to find a coach who will do what he says. He will never hire a european coach. I am thinking that because MDS and Rennie are such good friends, MDS gave Rennie all the info he needed. It will be really tough to find a good coach when NDS wants to control everything. Gerba last year was a phenom, this year he is the worst player. NDS is so stupid, that he changes his mind on players, like i change my underwear.
  10. I am not sure which club. But i am good friends with Tony Marinaro from the Team990(radio), and he said it was basically a done deal. Ribeiro, another guy that i know well, said that the impact reraised and asked for 1 million euro. The turkish club basically told them that they were crazy...
  11. This is all good. But the new coach will be Preki... and we all know the relationship between Gerba and Preki. So i am not really surprised that they are looking to get rid of him. This biggest problem is that the impact refused a 500k euro bid this past winter for Gerba from a topflight Turkish club. For F***sakes, when should an NASL club ever refuse this type of offer...Never! The impact is so clueless that they think they are Real Madrid or something. The obvious decision would have been, sell him and pocket the $$$ and run the organization for what it is(Develop and Sell). Like AJAX
  12. Luckily she was in Canada doing this. Can you imagine this going on somewhere other than North America? This family did the same when Grande was Released back in the day. There were people in the expensive seats with posters and shirts supporting Grande and Biello's wife was telling some people to take down their posters. I happen to be sitting close to guy who turned and told her to shut up and have a seat...This club is run like a mickey mouse organization. I wonder how come journalists never question NDS or Joey about the post game incidents(or this incident) that have been happening m
  13. :mad: @marcthesparcMarc Tougas Bon, d'après mes sources, ce serait sûr «à 98%» que la dame qui a engueulé les ultras au dernier match local était Mme De Santis. Basically, NDS' wife went into the stand last game and asked the ultras to stop contesting her poor husband!!! hahahahahaha. He has his wife doing his dirty work!!!! What a joke this whole family is...
  14. Is Greg Sutton a new montreal Goaltender? Rumors say that he has been traded to Montreal. Anyone heard of this news?
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