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  1. Chorrillo FC won the Under 19 division 3-1 over Shattuck of Minnesota. The Panama goalkeeper was ejected after maybe 35 minutues of the game for pulling down an opponent outside the box but 10 man Corrillo put on a smashing performance and won rather easily in the end. The effortless change of bringing in their second goalkeeper was very reassuring to them. In front of maybe 200-300 spectators (at the most I would think), Chorrillo FC put on a cliniic and left the American team looking very ordinary and deflated. Shattuck scored a consolation goal a few minutes from the end but Corrillo FC wer
  2. Yes that's what I did and I agree with you, it's tough to rewrite a whole message verbatim so I really passed on Friday's games information in detail. When I did the additional messages today, I copied my message just in case it happened again. It did happen twice more but I just pasted my comments again. Thanks. By the way, I updated todays scores on page 3 of this thread. Erin Mills lost 7-0 in the end and Chorrillo won 3-0 with a late goal adding to the two earlier ones scored. Also I added Under 17 semi-final result, Monterrey (Mexico) 2, Dallas Texans 0. Not much local interest in tom
  3. Semi-final results I have from this morning (Saturday). Under 17. Tigres (of Monterrey, Mexico) 7, Erin Mills 0. HT 5-0. Erin Mills coach ejected in first half. Under 17. Monterrey (Mexico) 2, Dallas Texans 0 Under 19. Chorrillas FC (of Panama City, Panama) 3, Solar U18 Academy (of Dallas, Texas) 0. Under 19. Shattuck St Mary's (of Fairibauklt, Minnesota, USA) 1, LAFC Black (of Pasadena, California) 0 These are the scores I could get and were almost at full time. From a distance, I could see that the eventual winners were as shown above. Chorrillas FC put on a sparkling per
  4. There is no doubt it is Bent with this team although Neely is listed as the coach in the official programme. I had just completed a long review of yesterday's games but somehow I lost it when tried to post it on the site. Don't have time right now to do it all over again but will get something done later. Erin Mills in the semi-final of the U17 beating 10 man Brujas team from Costa Rica on PK's. Cruzeiro of Brazil beat Tottenham 3-1. and Monterry beat Mexico 91-92 national squad 3-1 to both qualify for the final of the Super. Yes, Toronto lost 1-0 to Panana team Chorrillo but Toronto had
  5. That's right. Whitecaps would get the invite because they had a good run last year. That's the criterea for the Dallas Cup people. Prove yourself and you are in. Next year, maybe they will not get the invite because of poor results this time around but who really knows. I think this so called qualifying is a lot of nonsense. Just there to make the Dallas Cup look better than it is really. It's getting tired and needs to go to sleep and start something new. Same old. Same old. All about making money. Countless teams from Mexico, most of them good. Massive numbers of teams from the good old USA.
  6. Bent isn't coaching this team. This is a young team making lots of mistakes but quite skilled. In retrospect, I think they are in the right division - they would not fare well at all in the super cup section in my view. Still, everything to play for tomorrow and maybe we'll see a parade on Yonge Street in April (only kidding) from this bunch of talented soccer players as there is no other MLSE team capable of winning anything judging by their performances in the NHL and NBA all year. Maybe the big team TFC can do better.
  7. Toronto tied Malibu 1-1 to win their 4 team group and will play Chorillo FC of Panana City, Panama tomorrow at 11 am local time at Pizza Hut Park field #6. Chorrillo had the only wild card. In the Toronto game, the Toronto kids missed many glorious chances to win easily. Probably had 70% of the ball but the opposing goal seemed to be like a basketball net although it was clearly an ocean. Toronto goalie ejected late for pulling down an opponent running in to the goal in one of the rare runs by Malibu. Minute later a Malibu player sent off for an awful tackle on a Toronto player. Coach Neely mu
  8. Caps first team wasn't in Dallas. I thought I made that quite clear as this is the subject at hand. It was their academy (of course!!) and yes, they were beaten very comfortably and easily. That's what I said - anyway why am I defending myself to you. Fact is we had a Caps fans insulting TFC on this site for no reason. TFC academy boys are pretty much the best young players around Southern Ontario and they should be in the Super Cup - that's my knowledgeable opinion. Besides, I don't see any other MLS academy teams in Dallas except for Dallas FC and they were in the Under 19 (not Super) sectio
  9. I didn't say Sao Paulo wasn't any good, i said it was the third stringers who played. First team......first stringers Reserve team.... second stringers Third team (Juniors)...third stringers. No doubt the team in Dallas was bolstered by a player or two from the second team (or third stringers) and for sure all very talented by normal standards with a player or two or three standouts.
  10. I guess the answer to my question is that the Whitecaps Academy has never won the Dallas Cup, therefore it is best to keep your comments about TFC a bit more respectful until your Whitecaps actually win the event - which likely will never happen. Frankly, the Whitecaps got badly beaten and outclassed by Sao Paolo's third string team last year - as did TFC by Manchester City so really best to accept your entry in the Dallas Cup this year is generally earned but there is a lot of work ahead to compete with the big boys (and I don't mean third and fourth string academies on vacation in Texas). Ju
  11. TFC academy is good enough to play in the so called super cup division in my opinion. Playing in the other much lower calibre division is a complete waste of time unless, of course, trophy hunting is the name of the game in this case. Just wondering, though, just how many Dallas Cups has the Vancouver team won?
  12. Thanks for the additional information re "qualifying" to play in the Dallas Cup Under 20 "Super" division. I agree with what you are telling me about the MLS academy Under 17 tournament but having North American MLS teams' academy sides qualify to play in an American event at it's highest division does surprise me. Looking at the team names accepted for the event in the Super makes me wonder just how many qualified. It is an invitation tournament and this is why you see so many Mexican teams (lots of hispanics fans in Dallas), the other USA teams of which one maybe had to qualify from the loca
  13. Very surprised to see Toronto Fc in the second division of the Dallas Cup this year. Vancouver Whitecaps are playing in the Super Cup so why not Toronto FC? The tournament increased the Super Group teams from 12-16 so this waters down the talent in the second division. Can't understand why Toronto would not enter the top division. Isn't that what an academy is all about - playing at the highest possible levels? Maybe Toronto want to win a trophy for MLSE because Toronto should be able to field a strong team in a second tier division. Toronto is wasting their time going to Dallas in my opinion.
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