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  1. Because people want to see hockey. The ratings tell the story... everyone wants to watch hockey, soccer - not so much.
  2. Is that a hint Tuscan? hahaha I'm actually going to try and see if I can do some sort of preview piece this week but we're kinda short staffed and with other priorities I don't know if we'll be able to get to it. I should, however, have a camera down there for hilites.
  3. Wow... another Sporting fan... I'm glad I'm not alone! PS - Great job by the Accelerators tonight. February 28th - winner takes home the CMISL title... hope there's a good crowd in Saskatoon!
  4. Quick note for the Accelerators... what a difference good coaching can make. I really don't think it's a coincidence that they're fighting for top spot as soon as Bryce Chapman came on board.
  5. That's the nice part about having Champions League on TSN... they would have been able to put it on TSN2... but instead it's a mess with Sportsnet now.
  6. Here's the problem with the International Division... I'm a Portuguese-Canadian but even I would have a problem seeing "Portugal FC" as Canada's representative in the CONCACAF Champions League. And it's not just Portugal, obviously, it would be weird to see Toronto Croatia, Italia Shooters and Serbian White Eagles.
  7. If the CSL is a part of the CSA - does that mean the league champion is involved with the Voyageurs Cup? If so - that leaves 5 teams which makes things a bit difficult. So do we then allow the top two CSL teams to make it six teams and use the idea of the two groups of three? GROUP A: Toronto FC, Montréal Impact, CSL Runner Up GROUP B: Vancouver Whitecaps, FC Edmonton, CSL League Champion Or does the CSL get shut out and we stick with the Big Three and FC Edmonton?
  8. Which brings up my question from the FC Edmonton thread. With Mel Kowalchuk involved with FC Edmonton (NASL) will he have enough time to properly devote the time and effort to keep the CMISL afloat or is the writing on the wall for the fledgling league.
  9. I think you got the info bang on Tuscan. I'm a little surprised that there's no "playoff" in the CMISL but such is life I guess.
  10. I don't think it's unreasonable negativity. There's a history of failure when it comes to pro soccer in Edmonton. We all want this to succeed, but we're all being realistic too - given the past, it'll take a lot of hardwork and a new business plan to make this a success.
  11. Does this season of friendlies count as a season? If it does, I think the Over / Under should be set at 2 lol
  12. I hope you're right. I imagine it's quite the commitment to be involved in the start of a franchise like FC Edmonton - especially considering they'll want to avoid the failures from the past. Add in his involvement with the CMISL... that's one full plate! And yea bud, when you're ready to talk just email or call me.
  13. Sorry to double post... does anyone know if Mel's involvement with FC Edmonton will have any effect on the CMISL?
  14. I'd be in favour of a name that has nothing to do with "Drillers" or "Aviators" or anything like that. Every time I hear those names, I immediately get negative ideas - failed franchises and constant disappointment to soccer fans in and around the Edmonton area. If they're serious about this franchise (and it appears they are) I think they should carve out a new identity. Start fresh!
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