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  1. 12mins and Bush throws a ball to the wing that gets intercepted and ends up eventually in the back of net. Fml
  2. Won’t be expecting IMFC to get 3pts without Piatti. Lucky if we get 1 however I would be overjoyed should proven wrong.
  3. Impressed by Pozuelo. The second goal was majestic. Mic drop. TFC will be a menace this season. How fast Luke Wileman (TFC cheerleader) was quick to say “Sebastian who?”. That’s classy.
  4. Ooh curaçaooo that was a real hot ticket. I can see a lot of yanks coming to MTL from NE states for the US game.
  5. Maybe for the next advert poster/video they show Nacho dribbling around construction pylons and pot holes! ?
  6. Finally some extra exposure, and marketing of the product in Montreal. Keep it up Mr President Gilmore!
  7. ^ is “getting Teal’d” a new expression in The Voyageurs lexicon?
  8. Doesn’t do well either for the cohesion of the team. Oh so Oso is so good that no one should substitute him. When I saw his number in red on the board I was like “here we go” let’s see how he’ll react to this and sure enough... btw I know this happened in the past but does anyone recall what game and the manager at the time? edit. Disregard. I see Grizz answered the question.
  9. I’ll say Piette did hold the ball too long on one occasion and got Smothered. .
  10. The hilights show Milan playing the ball to Piette for some weird reason when there was pressure around. Sam gave a soft pass back and Milan attempted a cheeky play that failed.
  11. Yeah Milan always tries to do cheeky stuff which at times is fun to watch but at times you get heart attacks.
  12. That was a nice short corner. Never saw Benito organize something like that when he was at the helm. The short corner maestro of crap.
  13. I think this is a great move. It’s funny his style is what we are missing. Watching the Orlando game I said to myself our offense is somewhat static with no one making runs behind the defense for through balls like when Di Vaio and Jack Mac used to. Another weapon in the arsenal.
  14. I posted this on the Whitecaps board. Quite funny how this American company can make such a mistake(s).
  15. Looks like the Whitecaps made a deal getting some extra reinforcement to stabilize things... https://www.tvasports.ca/2019/03/18/samuel-piette-un-joueur-des-whitecaps ?
  16. I’m happy they at least made a splash getting Urruti, resigning Sagna and making some coin on Silva but they still have some work to do I find. Last winter was horrible. They totally shat the bed and had to sign C team quality to fill the roster. I really hope they got their stuff in order and trying to make some deals.
  17. I don’t feel he’s such a big loss. In fact I kind of expected more from him. When I went to see them play in Seattle I had the chance to meet him and speak with him. It was his first game. At the time (April) he didn’t look too enthused to be there, just the body language I was seeing looked like he was dissatisfied. Again this sentiment might have changed during the season but him leaving didn’t come as a surprise.
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