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  1. Kevin, PDL (Premier Development League) teams in general do not draw large crowds, most teams are made up of 17-22 year old USA University based players that play to stay in shape before returning to school, the season is finished by August 10. The majority of people that watch these games are parents, friends, girlfriends and youth club kids from local youth teams in the area that are allocated free tickets. The trend is usually all hype for the first few games then the fan base disappears, who really wants to pay to watch University kids, maybe it will be different in Hamilton!
  2. The OSA could have made the decision by Feb. 25th, they just preferred to defer it until Sept. The proposed group had met all the requirements of the application process, once again a house league decision made by politicians, another case of "let's have a meeting to decide when to have the meeting"
  3. The owners are from Oakville and partnered with the W League team as they could not get approved to play out of Oakville. The past President of OSC, NB is the owner, and the coach will be the former TD of Oakville Soccer Club. They had a good young successful U21 team while at OSC (coached by NB) so look for most of this team to be the majority of their PDL team, most of the players are playing in the US on scholarships. The sanctioning was "quietly" approved "prior" to the moratorium being put in place.....ummmm. It will be a struggle for them to get a fan base from Hamilton, very ethnic ba
  4. you keep bringing him into your posting, not absolute, but close!
  5. The League does NOT include DiGironimo, stop associating him with the new proposed league he is not involved, end of discussion.
  6. DiGironimo will not be the commissioner of the new league Brantford have committed to the CSL for 2011
  7. Brantford Galaxy head coach is Serbian and the majority of their imported players, second batch that came over are Serbian, joining up with Kitchener Serbia makes no difference to the owner. The Brantford management team, one of which is Croatian and the other Serbian and these two are tied at the hip. The owner of Brantford is a Bosnian Croat and lives in Switzerland that's the word on the street
  8. Brantford can't "AFFORD" to be on the fence, they will remain with the CSL. KWU if the same owner as Brantford (someone posted this in an earlier thread) will be with the CSL. Can the same ownership own two teams in a pro-league? Erin Mills are with the CSL as they have advertised tryouts on their website for the CSL team.
  9. The local bid has been linked to the ownership group of the Brantford Galaxy franchise that won the playoff championship in its first year of operation in 2010. Even Kukic, who designed the team’s logo and created the temporary website, isn’t sure who is pulling the strings and signing the cheques. Sandalj was president of the KW Srbija team in the Kitchener and District Soccer League last season. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Can an owner of a pro team own more than one team in the same league, should be interestin
  10. –Club membership gains you the right to field a team in each CSL division/league, as well as voting rights in the CSL Association. **Don't be fooled by the selective wording being used in this statement, truth is non equity will not have the same rights as equity members, end of story.
  11. There will never be promotion and relegation in the CSL because of the equity ownership, if you look back at the final standings of the 2010 season, all the bottom 3 teams St. Catharines Wolves, London City and North York Astros would have been relegated, or at least the bottom 2, all 3 teams where not at D3 standard and the quality of their teams was terrible to say the least, and all 3 teams have struggled for the past 4-5 years. With additional teams coming into the league this now puts extra pressure on the franchises/teams I have just mentioned, and the owners of these franchises know
  12. News coming out of Kitchener, they have pulled out of the CSL and will revist the option in 2012, and the same news is coming out of Pickering they will also revisit the option in 2012
  13. good chance the colours will be red, blue, white, the club entering the CSL are Serbian (Kitchener Serbs) same owner
  14. will the CSL be appointing a new commissioner for 2011 what new teams have joined the CSL for 2011? as it has been somewhat quiet on the CSL website, one would think with new teams there would be a lot of promotion are all the teams returning from last year? has any team moved location? Has Brampton changed ownership again? What different direction is LC taking this season? do they have a reserve team? what is their target for the season, to make the play-offs or compete for the league
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