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  1. Hi canadian fans , I know you love your NT and wish the best for them . The canadian FA said they would play Jamaica a return game, now would be the best time (Gold Cup prep). Does anyone close to the Canadian FA knows if they are planning to fulfill their promise ? and guys central florida is warm between 11 am - 3 pm in the 60s . juss teasing .
  2. http://www.nationnews.com/articles/view/warner-dares-baje-to-dream/
  3. agree , Concacaf can hold their own versus AFC/OFC Teams but South american teams have a huge advantage because of their High Altitude stadiums in cities of Colombia , Equador , and Bolivia concacaf teams would have a hard time beating them , FIFA usually let Concacaf host the 1st leg then play away . Any result can happen in the 1st leg but playing away would be difficult , lets hope FIFA rotates the Intercontinental playoff for 2014 like what they did in '06 & '10 .
  4. concacaf is not a fair confederation and wants to manipulate everything , did you guys saw how kasey keller (american) choses the groups in durban south africa in 2007? how many times in the pass 10 years have mexico ,honduras ,jamaica and canada ended up in the same group at youth levels to senior ? it would be best when FIFA do the Draw this time around at a city in Brazil no one from concacaf do the draw (placing teams into groups) , and it's always possible to be done by computers . I am sick & tired of the americans dominance in Concacaf , they hosted all the Gold Cups since 199
  5. I think the Americas should have the only Intercontinental playoff for 2014 era , Oceania should be annex to the final round of Asia .
  6. it is possible , FIFA are the ones who set the fixtures for 2013 . I have seen wikipedia change their Qualification article on Intercontinental playoff 3 times . The ist was Concacaf/Conmebol , 2nd Concacaf/UEFA and now they scrap that article .
  7. I dont think this going to happen , all 5 conmebol teams advance to R16 in this year's World Cup , thats good for them . 2 out of 3 Concacaf teams advance to the R16 good for us too , hopefull the current procedure remain where both confed.. have an Intercontinental playoff of the Americas in 2013 .
  8. I think Burrell is right on this one ,from a variety of hints we know a 12 team final Round is likely to be ratify by FIFA in December . #1 the new 12 teams Format takes time and thats one of the main reason why FIFA going to held the Draw in summer next year . Also , the honduran guy is not higher than Burrell in Concacaf Burrell is the 2nd most powerful man in Concacaf behind Warner . and let me repeat myself , Warner said . 'A double hex' in a statement at the lass Concacaf meeting . I dont think Concacaf would give an Honduran radio station the official press release I think ed
  9. this Article by the JamaicaObserver and fifa announcement that preliminary draw will be summer of 2011 should end all speculations . Concacaf Final Round of 12 teams is likely to be ratify by fifa in December 2010 ... http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/sport/Burrell-rues-absence-of-Boyz-in-South-Africa-2010_7670716 Posted June 6 from JaObserver ... He also pointed to a new qualifying format for CONCACAF which is presently before FIFA for approval. The format will be fashioned off that of South America's CONMEBOL where all the teams play each other in home-and-way fixtures. "Th
  10. If they are going to form a Octagon final Round what they should do is keep the current format and take the two best 3rd place finishers similar to Gold Cup . What we want is more teams in the final Round .
  11. We know certain facts ,Concacaf will indeed use a 12 teams Final Round in World Cup Qualifying 2014 as talk about by Jack Warner when he uses the phrase ' A Double Hex' , We know FIFA are likely to ratify it in December 2010 . We know the top 12 seeds which based on upcoming fixture can advance to the final 12 , by zonal ranking (Using FIFa Ranking April - May 2010) # 1 USA 2 Mexico 3 Honduras 4 Costa Rica 5 Canada 6 EL Salvador 7 Panama 8 Jamaica 9 Trinidad & Tobago 10 Haiti 11 Guatemala and 12 Grenada . With those facts in mind we can assume Qualifying will start 3 months earlier i
  12. The 2 caribbean teams did not used there 'A' teams and it was a young costa rican team that played Argentina . As for the 5 nil today , I think playing venezuelia after is good strategically considering if Canada gets the world cup qualifying playoff in the future they will be prepared but stephen hart have lots of work to do with the CMNT .
  13. Argentina V Costa Rica 3-2 (negative 1 Difference) V Jamaica 2-1 (negative 1 Difference) V Haiti 4-0 (negative 4 Difference) V Canada ?? good luck canucks !
  14. there is a possibility the next Gold Cup (2011) wont held in USA .
  15. CSA could replace Northen Ireland with Colombia or China .
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