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  1. The more the CSA walks the talks, the more convinced they become in their own beliefs. A "win" based on reaching an objective of "# crosses" in a game doesn't equate to a soccer win; didn't yield a single goal. There won't be any answers in the data afterwards either; the data will simply confirm the result, " possession time + #crosses = loss. Canada needs a tournament strategy first; a player development strategy second, finding the right personnel to look after the whole program third - once there is a program to manage. Simply monitoring the eligible U20 players already identified is a waist of time and resources. Without a broad based player identification program from coast to coast, the cupboard will be bare come tournament time, Camps have limited competition, and what will our soccer $ amount too - accommodations, meals, travel, and wages. Open tryouts is a consistent and respectful way to efficiently and cost effectively harvest the fruits of the Canadian Soccer Community. Any coach can build their credibility and any player will have a direct pathway to the NT. It's simply. Let's stop waiting to win!
  2. An open system, unfettered pathway to the National Team ...... Why not? https://girlscansocceradventures.wordpress.com/ The two tiered model in existence today, Provincial - National, is flat out broken. It's waist full of precious financial resources, serves personal agendas, an blocks real soccer progress for Canada. The next reform issue at the National Level, now that the board is changing, will be the shaping of responsibilities for Provincial Bodies. The current structure is out of date. Open Tryouts is the first step. Real national player development progress can follow. When Provincial Bodies are using financial resources off house league registrations to protect their jobs at the expense of private investment into grass roots player development; the model has reached its useful life. Providing Provincial bodies with an exclusive territorial seat at the table of player development has only lead to fence building and bullying with in the local soccer communities. It's a big problem in Canada. It is the single biggest reason the National program is failing. Where exactly will the WNT WC profits be invested in the Canadian game? Does anybody know? There is no role with in the CSA to spot private soccer development opportunities in Canada. BC, Ontario and Quebec all have seasoned private development communities up and running with 10 years + of experience. Thousands of elite athletes focused on soccer as their first sport receiving development instruction from certified, accredited licensed coaches. Not a nickel of WC $ will flow toward this pool of players. Unfettered access to the National Teams "around the provinces" will yield new shining stars......
  3. That's the point! Canadian NT identification has been poor; progressively worse over time. NT rankings back this fact. Herdman himself has stated the same on the Women's side. The program doesn't work! Hardly unwieldy, for a nation to pull off 3 World Cup championships in 10 years, a mere schedule of combines on a regional and periodic basis is hardly a challenge. The real issue is politics! The provincial bodies would blow a gasket. Take Ontario, as we speak, the OSA is battling SAAC (19 private academies) in the trenches for membership to their OPDL league. Their trump card is "the official pathway" to the NT". Even though they have scrapped the Excel program, still OPDL is the only avenue. It's sad really that politics keeps taking the sport down dark hallways to no where. Co-op potions among development efforts will yield the better player. Co-existence is the right path forward. Unfettered access to the NT coaches on behalf of the player is what will fill the Canadian Rosters with bright new talented future stars. If the old guard can't, won't compete....... Well what does that say about these self interest, self important, people? At least stick your head up an admit your role in this sparkling soccer program called Canada Soccer. It took 40 years to tank Blatter....... How long will it take to get open tryouts for the National team?
  4. Our "development" system is broken. Full Stop! It's true the CSA and other provincial bodies are "attempting" to build one. However, their track record is abissmal and until they can flush the politics out of the system, the new and better "development" system won't be productive for the national teams for quite some time to come. A country our size will always present a challenge to see top prospects. In England Premiership teams have in excess of 200 scouts on the ground each showering geographies the size of Kitchener. There isn't the infrastructure anywhere in Canada to even come close to doing a decent comparable job. Take Chapman for the WNT. She has played her youth soccer right under the OSA noses and excelled in the NCCA. She never received an invite to the National Team program. She contacted Herdman via telephone and email over the course of two years and on 15 separate occasions and never received a response. When she landed her professional contract she was given a call up. If there were open try outs as a rule within the National Development Program, full transparency would exist and the players who are motivated would find a way to attend. Why not? I've seen many of the existing faces with in the NT program for quite some time. Ashley L was on the provincial squad back when she was years of age. There are few to none new faces. A series of open try outs, combines, would bring new players forward systematically every year at many ages. The simply solutions are sometimes the best. I just don't get why our NT won't implement open tryout. They can't afford the scouting infrastructure, by their own admission have empty shelves and have an aging / retiring team.
  5. The women’s game suffers still from the quality of refereeing, WC, NCAA, other leagues. The standard of refereeing is below that of the men’s game. Fouls are not called, yellows are rare, and reds are nearly non-existent in the women’s game. Coaches of women's teams select players who are athletic and powerful as their first priority; still. Player skill and technique are the first priority for Coaches of men's teams. Women players will foul more when increasing their intensity. Men players’ skill will shine more when increasing their intensity. Women players tackle from behind with no regard for player safety as a norm to their game; generally goes without a foul. Men players will tackle from behind with intent to injury; generally is a yellow or a red. Women constantly close their eyes and thrust their heads into dangerous places leaving themselves open to injury and injuring others. Men do not; at least not often. Pressure tactics work almost all the time in the women's game. Pressure tactics are used less often and applied more strategically in the men’s game. Egos are about the same between women and men players. Competitiveness amongst players is equal.
  6. Definition of boring.........the act of or process of making or enlarging a hole....the hole is made......
  7. Neither Leon’s nor Filigno's record in recent NWSL play is of any distinction. However they at least have a record, something that Tancredi's doesn't have over the same period. If Herdman is now that singular voice for soccer in Canada, he needs to pay attention to the soccer public and at least try and field a competitive team. · It's not acceptable to bring a roster to the WC or the Olympics that consists of players he cannot or will not be playing. · If you can't sit a player because of match performance and replace them with another, then what are you really shooting for? · Team selection is a reflection of the coaches bundle of skills, experience and assessment of what it will take to win; team membership shouldn't be a players right. From a fan's perspective, we want to see the best players and believe in our nation; it goes without saying that the athlete works hard at their sport and possesses unique abilities that separates them from others who work as hard or harder. The tournament win IS the goal, inspiration and next generation participation is a bi-product; not a WIN. Intellectual soccer sense, skill and athleticism are the core ingredients to soccer talent. There are many soccer specific programs in operation across Canada today, outside of the “national team official pipeline” that are building soccer talent on both the men’s and women’s side of the game. Both C. Larin (MLS 1st round pick 2015) and A. Chapman (LB-WNT) are youth products of Club/Academy Soccer, programs not officially apart of the “National Team” pipeline. Herdman appears more interested in the publicity that his position affords him than the results of what his program delivers. When I see open tryouts for the National Woman's Team on a programmatic, and consistent basis, conducted across Canada as part of the "national pipeline program", I'll know Herdman is starting to put his shoulder to the boulders that are exerting the dead weight on the national soccer program in this country. We don't have a professional league on our soil and likely won't for some time to come. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! It's broke; isn't it?
  8. The difference between winning and loosing can come down to 5 seconds. Cdn is getting much better in team defence. Sesselman performed very well in CB, held Wamback to nothing on net. KB is still showing her youth but is very athletic and competitive. KB needs all the games she can get in before the WC in order to build her game experience and reduce her penalty risk factor. Left and Right backs need more technical skills. Athleticism and speed won't be enough. Cdn attacking game is constantly given away from these two positions. Linkage between our D and the Middle hasn't progressed. The US is very strong in this part of the game. Morgan Brian movement, 1st touch, speed of play, overall technical capabilities killed most of CDN offensive efforts and started a lot of the US counters. Until Herdman finds a solution for CDN, the long ball will persist and our mid field play will appear missing. It wasn't to long ago US woman's soccer was forecasting a shortage in midfield players at the national level. Finding great ones is difficult. They make everyone around them look like super stars. Canada has lots of options up front. Great to see Belanger, Leon and Folingo in the game. Out of 2 chances, if only 1 hit the back of the net this game would have been brilliant. Team defence is much improved.
  9. Yes.... Another structured, run hard, be physical, get back, sacrifice your body, hit the ball forward, game! The idea of "transition" - who has the ball, where do I go relative to the player with the ball, to best help my team - is not in evidence with this team. The Mexican's moved as a team, often. Players changed position around the ball carrier with varying amounts of speed producing options near to the ball carrier and farther away. Loss of the ball did not happen as a result of a hopeful 50/50 ball down field to open space. Blocked shots or poor targeting was the turn over more often than not. The NCAA is not the answer. Outside of the top 20 teams, the route one game is alive and well. There are a very few Canadians who play on the top 20 teams. I saw Virginia play Rutgers at home this year. 6:0 Virginia. A perfect display of futbol; not a Canadian to be seen on the Virginia side. The solution lies within the clubs and academies who actually deliver on development. There are a few in this country. It is not the Provincial programs that's for sure....... We are looking at those players now.
  10. You half to like Mallory's abilities..... unbelievable stats in the W-League in 2011. Hasn't yet featured on the WNT....in fact none of these goal scores have.....
  11. You can bet the american movie will pit the struggling, world against their ladies, success story drapped around the Canadian Women's experience at these Olympics...... Should I say "Argo".......... The only thing stopping them is that we won BRONZE............ We'd all be up a creek if we won GOLD........ Not!
  12. The women’s game in Canada requires more women involvement at the top level of the sport; solid athletic and Futbol experience and practical gender based thinking! Too little focus is placed on gender differences between male and females. The male vision of the sport is driven throughout the entire development system; the results have left female athletes vulnerable to injuries i.e. concussions, hips, and knees as they approach full field play where speed and strength dominate the current coaching mentality. On the flip side, females are more advanced at a younger age in their coordination development, ahead of their male counterparts. Aspects of skill and technique can be easily introduced very early on with female players within a common training group by advanced coaches which today, unfortunately women have little chance to be exposed to until their mid teenage years or later. However, all this aside, it will be the willingness of the associations to structure their development programs around coaching techniques; player development starts with the coach who must be front and centre of the delivery process. Today, very few coaches in Canada attend any coaching symposiums put on annually by FIFA or UEFA. I don’t believe the CSA sends anybody to these conferences either. This begs the question as to how will Canada improve in the international game? Hence the term “professionalism”…….. If you are content to eat McDonalds, regardless of the nutritional value, what is the point in opening a better food experience based on better ingredients? Until the CSA understands how to get out of the way of progress, I suspect we should be content to eat fast food when it comes to the Canadian version of soccer……but we can still dream about Futbol! http://www.eightysixforever.com/2012/8/27/3271935/post-mortem-canadian-women-eliminated-in-group-stage-at-u-20-world-cup
  13. The game that hurt was Norway. North Korea was always going to be a stretch for this team given NK's record in this tournament; past and present. Getting out of this group was never a sure thing. Where in match history, at this age, has Canada shown they are a lock to win over Norway? I have visited the NT center in Ontario numerous times over the past 5 years. Quite a few of the current U20 players have trained there under BR. In my view, these players executed flawlessly in today’s game with respect to the training they have received. Fitness might be an issue for some players, however chasing the game for ball possession taxes teams; hence the need to keep the ball - first touch, vision, movement off the ball, passing accuracy, transition, etc...... Without these basic skills amongst a team, it’s easy to accuse individuals of "ball watching". Putting our “best” together for longer periods of time isn’t a recipe for success! Better practices, better coaches will yield better results. LTPD is long overdue and won’t yield at the junior level for another 5 years if implemented correctly today.
  14. If statistics told the whole storey there would be no reason to watch a game. Los Angles is one game from winning a Stanley Cup with an eight place entry into the tournament. All the statistic pundits were commenting on the demise of NJ last night and had the cup presentation with family etc. rolling straight ahead before the puck was even dropped. Last night’s game was a spectacle of sport and a joy to watch! It’s worth noting that LA’s success is built on the strength of a new coach who went out and added players before the trading deadline to improve his team. The result is a much improved team that has gelled and are setting records in this tournament; in sports anything is possible! The WNT had an incredible run up to the last WWC but ended up settling for dead last in every category including goals scored. If these players are of “world calibre” then they must be able to stand shoulder to shoulder physically, mentally, technically, and tactically with their world-wide peers. If they are not in Herdman’s view, why are they kept around? Enough of the excuses…… Results speak for themselves! If Herdman decides to go into battle with a roster, for the most part, the same as the one Morace chose, then he is saying that “HE” possesses the “X” factor this team is missing. We’ll see!
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