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    ThiKu reacted to xcalibre in National Allegiance   
    The older I get, the less mad I get about these defections.  Imagine it's 2007 and you're a young player like de Guzman, Hoilett, Begovic etc - Dale Mitchell presides over a 0-point, 0-goal U20 World Cup (at home!!) and is then promoted to the senior job, as everyone expected.  It would be unthinkable in almost any other nation, or at least any with any serious ambition (or the funding to achieve that ambition).
    As a youngster with potential, would you really trust that kind of governance to help you make the most of your international career?  Would you even trust them to have the best interests of the national team at heart?  Meanwhile, you have the option of playing in a World Cup for the likes of Holland or Bosnia, and getting a dream move on the back of those performances (eg. ********** to Man Utd).
    I'd like to be more outraged, but the sheer incompetence of the CSA over the past decade makes it hard.
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    ThiKu reacted to ThatDaveCh in National Allegiance   
    ^In the same light as the post above, I'll share my thoughts.

    So my parents immigrated from Poland 22 years ago. I, however, was born in Edmonton. My first language was Polish. I attend a Polish church every week, and am active in Edmonton's Polish community.

    But, if having to choose, I'd choose Canada.

    Why? Because as much as I "feel" Polish, I'm not. I know that. My language ability isn't that of a native, I'm not actively engaged in the culture WITHIN Poland, I don't study there or work there. My tie to Poland is that my bloodlines run deep in that country. I'm a Polish-Canadian, not a Canadian-Pole. The difference is slight, but my heart lies with my own. My own being the Tim Hortons drinking, winter enduring, poutine loving, Maple Leaf waving, cultural mosaic of people that I live and interact with every day. As much as I'd like to wear the white eagle over my heart, the pride I'd have would not be the same as any native Pole. Heck, I feel much more pride wearing my FC Edmonton kit than I do anything else. Edmonton, and all of Canada is where I call home, the maple leaf is a reflection of my true living identity, and the CSA logo would bring me more pride than any emblem ever could.

    Enough of my sappy Canadian feelings. Onto the question at hand.

    I don't think it should be all too difficult of a decision for the CSA. If you are in our program, if you've developing with our tax payers money, you will wear Canadian red. Simple. If you don't agree, or if the parents don't agree, then they can move to their countries of heritage and try there. We have proud Canadians representing in leagues world-wide, but we know that they dream of representation. Yet (I have to) Marco, who is born here, plays under the Whitecaps, is praised as being an up and coming Canadian player, decides to give Chile a try "just because he can." It's unfair, I see it as disrespectful, and frankly I don't want to see it on our pitch that those who wear our kit aren't proud to do so. 
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    ThiKu reacted to tmcmurph in National Allegiance   
    I think just say goodbye and never call him up again and don't return his calls. He is the poster boy for this "Canada is my plan B" attitude. Get it done and over with now before we start the WCQ 2018/22 cycles. Let everyone get the message. 
    This is so bizarre because he mostly had his soccer skills developed IN CANADA. Unlike the others who, in some people's minds, had mitigating circumstances this kid has none. 
    Publicly tell him "Go to the Chile camp and you are out of the program for good" and then stick to it. Never let him back in. If an example needs to be made then this is the one to do it with. 
    I used to be in the "beggars can't be choosers" and "take anyone" camp but it has turned into such a joke that it's time the CSA put their foot down (studs up, two footed, flying scissors style). No Keegan I'm not blaming the CSA or anyone except the player who is the one responsible for this choice. It is 100% his. 
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    ThiKu reacted to maccaliam in Marco Bustos to Chile U-20   
    Has Finley represented the American youth teams? Has Finley taken us government funding while taking the spot of another American on their youth teams and academy teams?
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    ThiKu reacted to Lord Bob in Whitecaps to Start USL-Pro Affiliate in New West   
    Saying the Residency program and PDL affiliation, which predate the MLS Whitecaps by several years, are "all really thanks to MLS" is a considerable exaggeration.
    I want results. I don't want theory. I don't want the team using the Residency as a shield to hide the fact that they've stopped producing first-team Canadian players. I want results.
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    ThiKu reacted to tmcmurph in Whitecaps to Start USL-Pro Affiliate in New West   
    Separation of club and country is required as they have 2 totally different and only sometimes overlapping areas of interest. Expecting a club to take action against a young player when it is not a club issue is not realistic. This is not a club issue. It is a national team issue and that is the domain of the CSA. Let's see what they do. If they choose to do nothing then why do you think the club should?
    The press release cited only a Welsh coach's comments that were positive about Bustos going. That was it. As a club you want your young players getting all the experience they can get. That is how they develop for your club.
    Read what Bustos himself has said about being so excited to get the invite. He made his mind up to go when he got the invite. He is 100% responsible for it. Everything else is after the fact.
    I am not apologizing for the Whitecaps. I am defending them and their record of supporting soccer in Canada at all levels. It speaks volumes about their commitment to develop the youth. The choices made by those youth are 100% the responsability of the youth and their parents. Period.
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    ThiKu reacted to Lord Bob in Whitecaps to Start USL-Pro Affiliate in New West   
    The Whitecaps did let and, their press release makes it appear, encourage Bustos to play for Chile. So criticize the individual all you want but the Whitecaps were enablers. God, the apologism for the Whitecaps makes me queasy and I cheer for them.
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