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  1. Santiago winters are generally pretty mild. http://www.wunderground.com/global/stations/85574.html Not quite replicating T&T weather but far from a chilly Canadian winter!
  2. Haven't seen any news posted anywhere but one of the senior squad members told me the team is headed to China this month to play against them twice.
  3. I believe most if not all of what the last cycle of 17s did pre-world cup was funded out of their own pockets, including the camp to France in September. Anyone see that changing this time around?
  4. I think it's a bit more straightforward than an anti-Canadian conspriacy (by an Irish coach no less). Atlanta has it's 5 international spots filled so someone had to go. The fact that it was the two Canadians that went is coincidnece and no more. Looking at the 5 other international players I don't think it's surprising that it was these two who went. The "develop their own" argument really doesn't wash either given that every team can have 5 international players.
  5. Vic, Robyn Gayle needs to be updated, FCI has folded so no more team unfortunately.
  6. It actually started a bit before that, though the excitement of the WC certainly did help keep the momentum going in the right direction. They are routinely starting to produce quality youth players who have real promise at the senior level. As noted in an article posted in a different thread, the problem was that the program basically was ignored for years so there are few players in the 22-30 age range that can help carry the senior team. Right now they rely on some older players and a bunch of young players. They do very well in blooding some of the top younger players to get them experience without over exposing them (White, Longo, Wilkinson to name a few). Definitely a country to keep your eye on.
  7. The success of the U-17 WC in NZ also meant they received some decent money from the NZ government as well as better allocation from the federation. Their U-17 team also plays in the national women's league as a way of giving them regular competition and having them play together on a regular, but relatively inexpensive basis. There is a pretty good continuity of coaches. The current U-20s HC was the assistant for a few years under John Herdman who is the senior team HC and was also the U-20s HC for the last WC. The current U-20 AC was the U-17 head coach at the last WC so those players have some continuity in that regard. Vic mentioned the Females in Football, it's actually Females in Football Week in NZ which is being put on in combination with the two friendlies the senior women are playing against Australia in Auckland. A look at some of what they're doing http://www.nzfootball.co.nz/index.php?id=181 One other thing is that NZ have used some of their promising youth players--Annalie Longo, Rosie White, Hannah Wall and most recently Hannah Wilkinson--in selected senior events to give them some experience at that level. The feeling is they have a solid foundation of younger players who will help them increase their competitiveness at major events so they want to provide them with as much experience as possible to positively affect their development.
  8. Tony DiCicco recently talked about the number of US players that are playing for other countries. His comment was that the US really hasn't lost an impact player YET, but sooner or later he feels it will happen. The Mexican U-20s had a couple US players. The list of Canadian players not given a chance could be pretty long. Just off the top of my head of youth players you have the likes of Nahiomy Ortiz and Sydney Horeau but as you said, that is better discussed in the other thread. No problem at all.
  9. Indeed, I was confusing the 2010/2011 standings with the 2009/2010 standings. Denmark should be included in that group as well. The Swiss certainly do have a fine program up and running, they are starting to produce some young players on a pretty regular basis. Ramona Bachmann should be interesting to watch this season in WPS. I know that the Irish are very excited by their crop of U-17s. Of course, they are also interested in discovering any US or Canadian players with Irish heritage to give a look at both the 17 and 19 levels. Bit of a touchy subject around here lately I know!
  10. Having attended and written a technical report on the last U-17 World Cup I can say that a broad base lack of technical ability and composure were not in evidence by a lot of the team. If anything, these areas were good, it was the teams that were tactically limited that had some problems. While there was good turnover in the Canadian roster for U-20 qualifying, most of the other teams included a pretty good number of U-17 players from the previous cycle so what we saw in the past few weeks was a progression of what was seen in the U-17 cycle. My guess would be that this crop of U-17s on the whole will be even better, particularly out of those countries who are really pouring resources into their women's programs--Japan and North Korea in Asia, Costa Rica and T&T (especially for this tournament as the hosts) in CONCACAF, Chile in SA, the Scandinavian countries, Netherlands, Germany, France in Europe, and New Zealand continues to devote more resources to its program in Oceania.
  11. Matheson could be heading to WPS...http://fancorner.womensprosoccer.com/profiles/blogs/oh-canada
  12. Stastny won't be playing, unfortunately. She tore her ACL in mid-October.
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