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  1. Are there any cities or towns that can count as being in both the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley regions?? I could see New West, Kelowna, Kamloops, Fraser Valley in L1BC.
  2. Outside of Pacific FC, how many BC teams would be truly viable for the CPL??? And where??
  3. https://www.mountroyalsoccer.com/2020/4/28/21240086/2020-season-looking-ever-less-likely-to-resume This coming from a doctor from FIFA!
  4. Saw this article: https://aftn.ca/dare-to-dream-canadian-premier-league-pro-rel-single-entity-and-a-canadian-football-pyramid/ someone's dream but names potential D2 locations.
  5. They do NOT want to lose the gate, BUT they will not likely get a lot of fans at the game, as it will be too risky and fans would be afraid to catch the virus. I support the Impact but do not feel comfortable about going to the games this summer. (unless the Quebec government gives the all clear for fans to go back and/or a vaccine is developed) If they play behind closed doors I could watch it on TV.
  6. After looking at : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_the_100_largest_municipalities_in_Canada_by_population the areas with 400-500k population left (without a CPL team) are: Surrey, BC Mississauga, Ont Brampton, Ont Laval, Qc Kitchener and London, Ont (if you count the metropolitan population, not just the city population) And after that with: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_census_metropolitan_areas_and_agglomerations_in_Canada MAYBE Niagara Region, Ont Durham Region, Ont IF any other team is set up in the Maritimes it would have to represent the whole province. Just a thought.
  7. What about just doing Division 2 and maybe even D3 WITHIN the CPL if goes beyond 16 teams? https://www.theroar.com.au/2020/02/17/a-radical-proposal-for-a-revised-a-league/ Just a thought.
  8. OK, BUT will the CanPL team be a Vancouver team or a Fraser Valley team?? And what city will draw from both Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley region, Surrey, Langley or Burnaby??
  9. What about this when and if the CPL gets to 24 teams: https://www.theroar.com.au/2020/02/17/a-radical-proposal-for-a-revised-a-league/ and what would be the other 8 teams to get up to 24 teams (outside of the ones you mentioned)??
  10. for the west you can add : Saskatchewan and Fraser Valley for the east you can add : Grand River(KW) and Quebec City East West 6 teams each. Something like the CEBL wants to do.
  11. Then what about Lyon de Quebec, colors blue and buff yellow, lion in the crest??
  12. Also Rollins has mentioned that Werder Bremen is interested in getting involved in wanting to set up a CPL team. I could see London or Kitchener team.
  13. Where would this Fraser Valley team play in Surrey or Langley. (Suggested name just a thought Valley FC) What is this group working on a D2?? Who (which areas) in BC would be in this D2?
  14. I agree with you for the most part until 2025. Not so sure about forming a D2 Canadian Championship because I do NOT think there will be many other teams that can withstand coast to coast travel after the 16 teams you initially posted. What other teams can really make up this D2??
  15. If any Canadian Division 2 is set up it will likely be this : https://www.ftbl.com.au/news/arnie-we-need-a-second-division-529723 a reserves division mostly U23 having the same type of discussion in Australia re: D2 soccer Interesting read.
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