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  1. Which media markets are being merged or considered for merger?? Just curious
  2. The other advantage with Moncton is that there is a VIA train station and there is train service between Moncton and Halifax. What does St-John have outside of Maritime Bus
  3. Shouldn't this concept be considered by other teams and areas who want to test the waters before joining the CanPL??? I could see this happening in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Quebec City, where Select teams could be formed to play against high level teams and at the same time gauge fan interest, local talent etc. But where else could this be done?? This topic is now open for debate and discussion.
  4. I'll know it is official when it is actually announced. In a couple of days?? We will see.
  5. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/questions-frustration-remain-wake-cwhls-decision-fold/ How can we make sure that the CPL will not suffer the same fate?? Especially when the MediaPro deal ends in 10 years. Will there be measures to ensure that the CPL will be sustainable financially???
  6. what are the "factors"???? (I assume one is travel expenses)
  7. But the question becomes how to make sure that a Newfoundland team will be sustainable. From what I have observed with hockey teams Newfoundland seems to be a graveyard for pro sports teams (from the folding of the Fog Devils and IceCaps) what can be done to make this different???
  8. Would it be a good idea for the Quebec soccer Federation to mention to one of the ownership groups (Montreal Laval)to consider Quebec City instead????
  9. You can say that it COULD be defined as a d2 BUT these teams will still be under the CPL banner, just 2 groups Group A and Group B, or Leaders and Legends, Beast and Least, whatever.
  10. Yesterday, I showed this to a soccer coach in my hometown on the south Shore of Montreal (name and town withheld by request) and he said that VERY FEW of these cities outside of D1 will have the budgets to travel coast to coast. I agree that the D1 should have 14 teams BUT I still favor splitting them up into 2 groups of 7 with pro rel between them (but not the D2 or D3) modelled after the Currie Cup : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Currie_Cup OR you could model the D2 and D3 after this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B.League Just a thought.
  11. That would likely be the ONLY way to have Moncton in the CPL if it is branded as an "Acadie-Brunswick" team. Moncton does have several advantages in that it has an existing stadium and would fill in a geographic gap between Halifax and Quebec City. As well you would have a rivalry between Moncton and Halifax(Atlantic Derby) and Moncton and Quebec City(Francophone Derby). BUT the question remains is "Is there enough talent in NB or will Halifax take most of the Atlantic talent in the coming years" and would not Halifax be seen as Atlantic Canada's team (as you see the CFL team in Halifax is named the ATLANTIC Schooners, not the Halifax Explosion, etc)
  12. I was just talking yesterday with a coach in my hometown on the South Shore of Montreal (name and town withheld by request) and he said that the optimal size for the CPL should be 14 to 16 teams. I suggested there then should be 2 groups of 8 (group A and Group B) with pro/rel between the groups, (ie within the CPL, but NOT between CPL and PLSQ, L1O, etc) and he thought that was a great idea. As well the other concern is how many CPL teams can a region or province support? Talking with this coach again he felt that Quebec could support 2 CPL teams in the province (Quebec City and possible Montreal Laval). At an Impact Academy game I went to in Nov. 2018 I saw some people from Nova Scotia (who had sons playing on the team) and when I asked how many CPL teams Atlantic Canada could support, they felt that only 1 team would be viable to represent the whole region. Not really 2(Halifax and Moncton)
  13. Do you see Quebec City getting a CPL team?? (as you mentioned Laval but not Quebec City)
  14. I was thinking about that initially, BUT I prefer to use the regional conference idea for the Voyageurs Cup - after all it works for other Canadian sports national championships like the Vanier Cup, Memorial Cup Allan cup, etc. What I was thinking there is use the Vanier Cup as a model for the Voyageurs Cup staring with regional champs, then East West Champs then the Voyageurs Cup between the East and West Champs. I guess we're going to have to agree to disagree on the CPL format.
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