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  1. Well I guess this is likely the last time I post under this nickname. Will be changing it in a few days. 😑
  2. I live on the South Shore of Montreal, I was only asking for clarification re: Molson Stadium in relation to Mount Royal.
  3. CS Mont-Royal will work if the team uses CEPSUM, but I am not so sure if Percival Molson Stadium is near mountain.
  4. But Bois de Boulogne stadium is NOT near a metro line in Laval. For ANY Laval team to work in CPL it would have to be right off the Orange Line (just like Place Ball right off Station Montmorency). The two stadiums nearby is CEGEP Montmorency and College Letendre stadiums. Maybe if the team was called SL Rapides (SL = Stade lavallois also the name of a team in France). CEPSUM might be the better choice as it is a smaller but more intimate stadium 5000 to 6000 seat capacity, as well the REM train will have a stop at Edouard Montpetit, making it accessible for the north and south shores as well as Montreal central(blue line)and west (REM to the west Island) When you say this could trouble if Percival Molson stadium is chosen for Montreal CPL team, trouble for who?? (need clarification here)
  5. Sorry Real is already used by Salt Lake City.
  6. What about OL Rapides? If they can have OL Reign (NWSL) - just sayin.
  7. I would be very surprised if this is true, maybe a Bundesliga club should be looking at London and/or Kitchener Ontario as they have large German populations. Just a thought
  8. https://northerntribune.ca/fraser-valley-colin-miller/ Miller says CPL could be supported in Fraser Valley Abbotsford or Langley? Ownership group?
  9. news from down under re: their set up of a second division - proposed: https://www.theroar.com.au/2020/09/15/aafc-releases-plans-for-second-division-by-2022/ https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/ffa-chief-urges-collaboration-over-a-league-second-division-plans-20200915-p55vyk.html the AAFC as well as FFA are to decide on if this "Australian Championship" will be single table or conferences.
  10. I was also looking at this article : https://bleacherreport.com/articles/258898-structuring-cis-for-long-term-growth-step-1-expansion-for-stability 1. Canada could have 6 regional leagues : BC, Prairies, Western Ontario, Eastern Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic 2. Top 2 from each regional league advance to championship. BC, Prairies, Western Ontario form the Western Bracket and Eastern Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic for the Eastern Bracket. 3. 5 team single round robin match for each bracket 4. Top team from each bracket would meet in an East v. West final. Just a thought.
  11. Wow, that seems somewhat hypocritical for Filosa to pretend that a CPL Montreal team could work when he has been against it all along. The trouble in Montreal is that it has never supported second teams. ie below the Canadiens and Impact. Look at junior hockey, when the Montreal Rocket moved to PEI and the Montreal Junior folded, and Laval Titan moved to Acadie Bathurst. Even in soccer, FC Montreal only averaged 200 - 300 spectators. It would seem that Quebec City would work better for the CPL and if they wanted to get a stadium why not use Patro Charlesbourg??
  12. https://www.ftbl.com.au/news/npl-clubs-form-25-team-second-division-group-552425 Quote from article: Could there be a second-tier competition, with 10 or 12 teams that play 20-odd rounds home and away or do we look at a second-tier competition with conferences based in different states around the country that play half the season at state level and then end up playing at national level in a group stage, similar to how the Brazilian league operates,” Johnson recently told News Corp. “There’s two parts to the season that starts at state level, then a qualification process that goes into a national level of competition. “This is something we could look at because someone of our challenges in Australia are similar to Brazil – where you have competition that are strong at state level and you have a very big country geographically, so their solution was to use this sort of format.” Same for Canada. Just a thought.
  13. Why merge L1O and PLSQ? Wouldn't it be better to designate L1O as "Central" and PLSQ including future Atlantic Canada teams as "East"??
  14. Are there any cities or towns that can count as being in both the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley regions?? I could see New West, Kelowna, Kamloops, Fraser Valley in L1BC.
  15. Outside of Pacific FC, how many BC teams would be truly viable for the CPL??? And where??
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