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  1. Just watched that video and it make sense to put the team at Centennial Stadium after all the other Kitchener sports teams (Rangers, Titans, and Panthers) are located there. Just a thought.
  2. Sherbrooke has indicated they are NOT looking at CPL : https://northerntribune.ca/le-mistral-de-sherbrooke-cpl/ As well for the proposed Australian Second Division, they will likely be looking for teams that will cover geographic areas with populations of 250 000 or more.
  3. So what you are implying here is that the CPL will only go to 16 teams. I talked to my "coach on the Montreal South Shore" (name and city withheld by request) and he said the CPL should just get to 16 teams and that is it. ie a closed league, I also suggested to him that there should be a Division A and Division B just like this article: https://www.theroar.com.au/2018/05/17/leagues-promotion-relegation-solution-needs-unique-australia/ Like Down Under, Canada is unique so we need a creative solution. FWIW the coach liked the idea of Division A and Division B. https://www.ffa.com.au/news/australian-football-working-towards-national-second-division-2021 Of interest also, Australia's plan for National Second Division. I have talked to other people re CPL and some think it could goto 24 teams maybe 12 in D1 and 12 in D2.
  4. ….this document from Down Under: https://www.ffa.com.au/sites/ffa/files/2019-06/16717_FOOTBALL_National%20Second%20Division_Low%20Res_Single%20Pages.pdf?_ga=2.155365426.841575353.1561054249-1436778458.1561054249 provides some inspiration and food for thought. Enjoy reading this white paper and this thread is now open for discussion and debate
  5. Just what the US needs, another national league when there is already NISA, USL, NPSL, UPSL, US Premiership, ASL. 😠Even more galling, to call it CPL 😫
  6. maybe this is one way to do pro-rel once CPL hits 16 teams: https://www.theroar.com.au/2018/05/17/leagues-promotion-relegation-solution-needs-unique-australia/ Or you might find this interesting as well: https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/there-must-be-28-teams-before-a-league-relegation-says-pfa-chief food for thought.
  7. Maybe Sudbury as a social club along these lines: http://torontorugby.ca/clubs/sudbury-stones-rfc/ Just a thought.
  8. https://www.ffa.com.au/sites/ffa/files/2019-05/Whole_of_Football_Plan.pdf goto page 84 and the composition of the A-League. One interesting area: Every major Australian center with a population over 500 000 has the market size to host and A-League club and no pro-rel between A-League and National Premier Leagues (Yet Paul Beirne wanted Canadian centers with populations of 200 000 to host CPL a club. Just a thought.
  9. With all that in mind, I decided to show the various markets and groups the CPL has been in contact with broken up into various "regions" Eastern Canada St-John's, NFLD HFX Wanderers New Brunswick (St-John or Moncton) Quebec City Sherbrooke Montreal/Laval Gatineau Ottawa Eastern Ontario Durham Region (Ajax, Oshawa, Pickering) York 9 Mississauga Brampton Oakville Toronto (Varsity or Lamport Stadium) Barrie Western Ontario Forge FC(Hamilton) Grand River(Kitchener-Waterloo) London Windsor Niagara Sudbury Western Canada Valour FC(Winnipeg) Regina Saskatoon Cavalry FC(Calgary) FC Edmonton Kelowna Lower Mainland BC(Surrey or Langley) Vancouver (Richmond, Flight FC) Pacific FC(Victoria) Let me know if I have missed any places.
  10. As long as some criteria is met. Saw this article... https://footballtoday.news/features/8-criteria-for-introducing-expansion-and-promotion which could not have said it any better. And I could add a ninth criteria: the ability to support coast to coast travel (travel costs) I am NOT sure re: Kelowna, Barrie, or even Sherbrooke if they can cover or withstand travel coasts in a coast to coast league.
  11. Re: Announcement from Alex this month To paraphrase the Cooper Brothers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deii6ucJQzQ I'll know it when I hear an official announcement (as it has been delayed several times) from Alex. Before anyone gets up in arms here, I WANT to see a CPL team in Quebec and I WANT them to succeed. Even Alex has admitted that Quebec could support 2 to 3 teams maximum in CPL.
  12. Which media markets are being merged or considered for merger?? Just curious
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