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  1. I have been leaning in that direction for a while and this seems to be the most commonsense solution. Using the CFL model for the CPL and using the CHL(junior hockey) model for 4 semipro leagues.
  2. I think that is why Alex Bunbury wants to place his team in Laval to avoid direct competition with the Impact. If there was a "CPL East" I could see teams in Ottawa, Montreal/Laval, Quebec City, New Brunswick(Moncton or Saint-John), HFX wanderers, and Newfoundland. Could there be any other communities that could support CPL teams in the East???
  3. OK but where in Montreal can they be placed and will they draw well. Montreal does not have a good record for supporting 2nd teams (look at junior hockey).
  4. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/there-must-be-28-teams-before-a-league-relegation-says-pfa-chief I know that Clanachan has stated there are 18 interested regions that want to join the CPL so maybe 14 team D1 and 14 team D2. Just a thought.
  5. I was at that game this afternoon and the atmosphere was electric and the Ultras Montreal cheered the Carabins on. The REM line is to have a stop at Edouard Montpetit and the CEPSM at 1500 seats MAY work for a CPL team and with the REM train maybe bring in spectators from the West Island and the northern parts of Montreal around the Blue Line. BUT I know the Bunbury team will end up in Laval. And Clanahan has stated that Quebec could have 3 teams in the CPL : Greater Montreal, Quebec City and ?????????(Sherbrooke??)
  6. The other part that interested me was "multiple locations in la belle province at the forefront of expansion speculation" But outside of Montreal Laval and Quebec City, what other locations in Quebec could be viable for a CPL team?? Sherbrooke? University town, Pierre Marchand could see a team from there in PLSQ, doubtful for CPL Longueuil? (Rive Sud) Possible too close to Impact de Montreal, need a stadium. seaway Park close by to Longueuil Metro Station near CEGEP Champlain but St_lambert residents prefer the park be a quiet area. Parc Illinois in Brossard not close to public transit and is a "mosquito haven" Gatineau? provide a rivalry with Ottawa but is there an ownership group? Montreal Island? need to be far away from Impact who play in the east end
  7. https://www.eightysixforever.com/2010/11/17/1817524/ten-targets-for-a-canadian-second-division I remember this article from 9 years ago and it was mentioned that in the Part One :Minor League Soccer section that TFC IMFC and VWFC could have put their reserve teams into a Canadian league but rebranded them and turned them into affiliates that would have their own names, colors, fan bases where MLS would loan their players. In that context, VWFC would put their team in Langley or Surrey and called it Valley FC, IMFC would have their team in Quebec City, and Toronto could have had their team in Lamport or Varsity Stadium York FC. In the case of IMFC and VWFC it would better NOT to have the 2 or B team in the same city as it would draw very few fans, as has what has happened every time a junior hockey team has been set up in Montreal or Vancouver or Laval. just a thought.
  8. What if you could merge all the various Toronto ethnic teams (Toronto Croatia, Serbian White Eagles, Ukraine United, etc) and form one Toronto team - Inter-Toronto - which could play at Varsity or York Lions Stadium?? At the same time you could abolish the unsanctioned CSL (plagued by a match fixing scandal) Just a thought.
  9. If the 31 weeks is used, what about the FIFA International breaks, would the CPL just ignore them (look how well that is working for MLS) League matches weekdays or weekends?? What about just like Iceland 12 team 22 game schedule??
  10. Wouldn't be that surprising. After all. the RCSL (Rugby Canada Super League) teams was called Valley Venom, The CEBL team is the Fraser Valley Bandits.
  11. https://the18.com/soccer-news/montreal-impact-attendance-saputo-stadium does not paint a rosy picture for the Impact.
  12. I've talked to a lot of people in the Impact fan club and they feel the CPL will get to 16 teams max. The only way I could see pro/rel work in a Canadian context is if there is a "split" with a top 8 bottom 8 Like in Scotland. Just a thought. FWIW there have been discussions in Australia for setting up a national second division - the Australian Championship
  13. I know we've talked in the past about having 24 teams, but what about just simply 12 teams for D1 and 12 teams for D2. (Instead of East/Central/West as discussed before). Just for curiosity where do you see 24 teams (and the population cutoff)??
  14. And what of IMFC TFC and VWFC, should they leave MLS as well to come to CPL. (over the long term)
  15. Just watched that video and it make sense to put the team at Centennial Stadium after all the other Kitchener sports teams (Rangers, Titans, and Panthers) are located there. Just a thought.
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