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  1. So the consensus in the post game thread is that the team lacked creativity, vision and skill in the middle of the pitch. "If only we had Hutch back," people say, "then the goals would flow again." But it is never a good idea to base a system around a single player who has a certain skill set no other player on the team has. Hutch keeps the ball moving, rarely loses the ball, can run at a defender, sets the tempo of attack and plays pretty good defense as well. No other center-mid that Hart plays has that combination (de Guzman can show it at times, but he is better playing further back). So i
  2. Listen, these types of games happen. Australia, a team that is much better than the CMNT, lost today to a team ranked 103 by FIFA. St. Kitts is ranked 109 by comparison. Unless the team is just chalked full of talent, teams tend to play down to their opponents. The team got the point and can move on. I'd be willing to bet a large chunk of money that the team will look much, much better on Tuesday. And I'm I the only one who thought JBB had a decent game? He wasn't great but I thought it was better than Johnson.
  3. So assuming the 3 Canadian players rule is still in place next season, which players do you see/want filling those slots? Patrice Bernier-What's his contract situation? Can he get out of it by the start of the MLS season? Mozzi Gyorio- Really impressed me last season. Skillful young player, great passer and is dangerous at set-pieces Jonathan Beaulieu-Bourgault- Canadian international, apparently doing well for his team. One of the FC Edmonton standouts last season- You would assume Porter, Hamilton and Saiko would have some options this off-season.
  4. (Sigh) Whenever there's a new post, I still get slightly excited in hopes that some unnamed player will just be plucked from obscurity and land at Manchester United or something. "Sir Alex, how did ManU find this amazing young player?" Sir Alex (mumbling) "Well, a scout just happened to passing through Newfoundland when he spotted him playing in the Northeastern Newfoundland Amateur Soccer League. He's really good. We expect 25 goals from him this season." "Son, have you decided if you'd like to play for Canada yet?" "No"
  5. -Haber went the full 90 against Rangers. Despite the scoreline, the game seemed to be pretty close. Haber had a few shots, and got a mention in the report. "Saints were out of the traps quickly after the break and Haber could have levelled when he turned and unleashed a ferocious shot that fizzed just past the post." -Energie Cottbus and FC Augsburg kick off their cup matches at 1:30
  6. Anyone remember Igor Pisanjuk? Well he's back in Hungary, with a team playing in the Europa League today. Yes, he's caught on with giants Kecskemeti TE, who are slated to play the titans of FC Aktobe. Good luck to the guy anyway. http://www.mississauga.com/sports/article/1030841--eagle-goes-pro-in-hungary
  7. Well, the U-21 CSL team is doing well right now. Sad to say, but it looks unlikely that the Impact will be winning much this year, and any stop-gap players brought in will probably be out the door next year anyway. Why not give some time to younger players? I'm not saying throw the season down the drain, but you might as well see if any academy players can hang with the big boys.
  8. Well he's fast and creative when the ball's at his feet. In my book, that means he's probably best as a winger. People get too caught up with height, and try to push players where they don't belong. Same thing is going on with Brek Shea in the US. He's been phenomenal out wide this year, and people want to see him in every other position besides the one he's best at.
  9. FC Edmonton has been playing astonishing well lately, thanks in large part to it's core of young Canadians. But in world football today, young talent doesn't stay at home for very long. I'm not saying that Barca will be inquiring about anyone, but surely some MLS teams that are *ahem* struggling right now would be interested. Perhaps some clubs in the second or third tier leagues of Europe might be snooping around. So which players do you see moving on to bigger and better things? Which players should look to move on?
  10. Great news! Glad to see him start in such a competitive league. And not a moment too soon, we need some new blood at CM. De Guzman is on the wrong side of 30, as is Bernier. Dunfield and Johnson are good, hardworking players but have limited skill sets. Hopefully DiChiara, Saiko, Matt Lam and Oscar Cordon can get a call up this qualifying cycle.
  11. Here's an optimist's take on the game: Borjan looked good. And Hutchinson should be back next game.
  12. Grading Time! Canada's Game: C Decent effort overall, and there were certainly times when Canada was pushing the tempo and getting good chances. But the attacking moments were few too far and between. And that blame should be on the outside defenders and center mids. Lars: C+ He was pretty good for the most part, didn't allow too many rebounds, usually commanding in the air, etc. But, oh that first goal, that really cost the team. That was a shot that should have been saved. I don't know if that warrants a GK switch, but it should certainly be up for debate with the promising B
  13. As one of those supporters, it's not what I wanted. But I don't know why the team scheduled this game so close to the Gold Cup. With that starting XI for the US, it was always going to be a beat down.
  14. 4-0 to Spain. Call it an education. Shades of Argentina vs Canada, except that was in Argentina.
  15. Watching that highlight video, you can just see that Simpson is oozing with quality right now. He owned the first half. I'd say he is the most underrated player in CONCACAF right now. Hopefully that changes during the Gold Cup.
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