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  1. Great for him! I remember playing him as a 19 or 20 year old and his athleticism and confidence was through the roof!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. two questions: 1) is anyone interested in going up Saturday night after the game to make the best out of Montreal? 2) does anyone want to depart the next day so we can actually go out - though Tues night - in Montreal?
  3. Agree with nolando. I support Canadian soccer but to me, MLS' soccer style is bordering on a joke. I really wished De Guzman did not come back to Canada. We need more Canadians to move abroad and develop their skill set
  4. In detail, can you explain the difference in qualities of players (and what is emphasized) between the MLS and La Liga?
  5. How can you blame them? Growing up as a child, soccer was a huge part of my life – my uncles were obsessed with it (1970’s Brazil), I played several times a week, always watched it on television and I didn’t know Canada had a team. I assumed they did, but there is NO MEDIA attention. Its not “ignorance,” thats when you choose to ignore something. They are just unaware
  6. agree with the exception that I dont support the MLS
  7. After subbing in the past two games, Bunbury has scored four minutes into his first start with his dad apparently watching. Im following the script live as two players I follow are starting: Bunbury and Chhetri http://www.hillcrestroadblog.com/2010/04/live-commentary-for-open-cup-play-in.html "Bunbury received a ball on on the left, held off three defenders and chipped a ball over Ceus from the edge of the 18...more cross than shot, but he put it in a dangerous spot and beat the Colorado GK" - scores 4 minutes in
  8. This is not a good sign for Canadian soccer when he has to move right back for opportunities.
  9. Wow, just checked Milltowns' staff and its top notch! You have two guys with previous 'professional' experience in Dino and Lino - at the top. You have a very qualified coach in Rafael Carbajal (dont know what happened with the White Eagles though). And you have a well known trainer in Pacione. Great infrastructure!
  10. Yes, I know who Ryan Fante is, and im pretty sure I have played against him. How they all know each is other through the top Ontario amateur team G.S United in the Ontario Soccer Leagie whom Murphy and Jordan used to play for. Fante played for last year in 2009 Summer G.S is pretty much a factory and gets the top amateur players in Ontario. Against Peterborough, a team last year, Ryan had 6 goals, 5 before the 1st half! He is a very good finisher/ Beyond G.S, I believe he is a former guest player with Toronto FC (MLS) reserves and played just one game (wore #30) and came in at 60 min
  11. I disagree. A club's website is very symbolic of the type of organization it has. This isn't something I have just noticed, but something I have observed after years of experience. The reason being are that leaders recognize the importance of the professional look so they spend money and effort into it and keeping it updated. Heres Proof: CSL Website isnt updated very often, thus the league's professionalism could be vastly improved
  12. As stated by a poster before, it seems like the waiving of the franchise fees have brought a tremendous amount of interest to the league. However this can also bring financial instability if the league does not do a thorough job. One look at Hamilton Croatia's website shows how professional they are and I believe they will suceed.
  13. Great post! thanks alot. Nice picture of De Guzman vs Diego
  14. thanks for the article. Interisting read but the only concern I have is that if he is coaching over there, how are Canadians going to benefit over here?
  15. How much do you save if your an Education student? I am one As well, what accomodation do you guys recommend for students? Any place to stay at RMC besides hotels? And leafdolfan, I would be definatley down.
  16. looks really cool and its a reasonable price! thanks
  17. Well, Killian Erickson (signed with Toronto FC's first team at 16) probably could have gone as far if he did not mess up his chance with TFC (i.e differences with the coach)
  18. There are several different issues here and I could go on about each of them for hours, but instead, Im going to focus on one of the unique yet overlooked viewpoints which in my mind, is focusing on the big picture. BringBackTheBlizzard had a very articulate yet overlooked point when he stated This is very true. Were often seeing a black-and-white type argument when it comes to cultural association. Despite being born here, as a visible minority with a strong cultural background, I associate to my culture before identifying myself as hard-blooded Canadian. I would say Im very
  19. Wow, some of you are real Debbie Downers Im happy for Simeon Jackson and I think either he or David Hoilett aka Junior will win it next year if in current form. By the way, Jackson has been linked with Wolverhampton http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11719_5792573,00.html
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