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  1. I need a pair as well! Will skip TFC for this if I can get one.
  2. Arguably the strongest team in pot #2 ..
  3. I wish the CCL draw was predetermined based on seeding (I think they do this in Copa Libertadores) Like, #1 team plays vs. #16. That would give the index a lot more meaning. I Right now all that matters is staying above the #8 spot.
  4. Not really. Bookmakers gave them about a 44% chance of winning.
  5. Any parties in Dnipropetrovsk, The Ukraine?
  6. Understatement. I don't think I've ever seen him block a cross lol.
  7. FIFA is planning on cancelling this tournament and expanding the Club World Cup.
  8. Anybody else think that we should be playing a 3-4-3? We have a lot of exciting wingers and our fullback options are pretty weak.
  9. We better see some changes to these BS anti Canadian rules in the next edition now that Monty is in charge.
  10. Sounded like he best goal in Canadian history too .. too bad nobody saw it.
  11. Stream is **** for me too. Stuttering video/audio. This isn't on YouTube is it?
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