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  1. thanks for your support! i believe kick off is 2pm? so be there for 1.45pm to secure your seat. the last game went well, small turn out due to it being 4pm on a weekday, but everyone who came had a good time and i made sure it was on every tv in the place.
  2. We are showing the game at Elwoods bar, West Broadway & Balaclava, next saturday. There will be food and drink specials, and i might even put up some decorations, if anyone has some scarves or flags they can donate for the afternoon?
  3. we had a small number..... still gonna show the quarterfinal, hope people can come!
  4. well YNWA and i had a good time! see you all next time!
  5. east van voyageurs v west van voyageurs? we should organise a little tournament! have a southsiders team as well! lol
  6. i go to all the games in burnaby and i live in west van, its not a big deal to get there, so surely the other direction is equally as simple? i'm not gonna diss anybody, its entirely up to you where you go to watch the game, but picking holes in something because its on west broadway rather than east broadway seems a little fickle, when the vast majority of bars aren't interested in showing the games with any real commitment. we are in the process of building a sort of trophy cabinet i believe, if the voyageurs were interested in having some kind of display in there, i could chat with danny (the boss), about it. as i say, go watch the game where you want to watch it, but if people wanna come down to elwoods, you are all very welcome. ps. we had problems the one time because i tried to organise opening the place early for a morning game at very short notice, we did get up and running but it wasn't perfect, there will be no future issues like that as the games are on at normal times!
  7. the 99 b line runs every 10 minutes down broadway from commercial skytrain station, i used to live on fraser, so ive done the trip many times. its a twenty minute bus ride from commercial to elwoods. unfortunately i can't move the bar more central, but i can try to make evrything else as convenient as possible, lol
  8. Elwoods Bar, West Broadway, is showing the game on Friday, it will be on the big screen, hopefully we can get a few of us down there and create a bit of atmos! The cross street is Balaclava.
  9. i work in the kitchen at elwoods, we've done southsider get togethers for the champions league final and the montreal game so far, my manager is keen to get a football crowd in for games as often as possible, so come on down and we'll try and build this up!
  10. hi guys, for fridays game, you are very welcome to come watch it at elwoods bar, broadway and balaclava. i know we have the right channels cos i watched it here today. ps. i'm a southsider, new to this board tho, so hi to anyone i haven't met on the southsider boards!
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