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  1. I just saw good news, that the financial minister is ready to consider Joey Saputo proposal ! Interesting, but still I think that the mayor should also invest in the Olympic stadium are.Maybe in partnership with private interprise to open bars restaurants and Patios.
  2. Forget the Habs and hockey, rejoyce everyone soccer is back. 3-0 for Montreal you are probably right ! go Impact go!
  3. We have to keep up the momentum, specialy in Montreal. Since it's going well in To. and Bc. I still have to convince my French and Italian friends to come see an Impact game.That's the problem right now,North American soccer doesn't get it's chance. Europeans Soccer is the best ,but if we don't support our team ,our league and our national soccer team we'll never see something close to that level of play ! We need to put pressure on C.S.A to wake-up a bit ,and the sports media to realized that their is more than Hockey to our world. We should write to the sport minister and the city ma
  4. I agree with you guys it's probably a tactic by garber to get what he wants, so he's treatening to move DCU. Besides who really think that they'll move a renown American team to Canada.
  5. I personnaly think OM(Marseille) or PSG(Paris)would be a better attraction even if I like Benzema alot.Simply because of the North African community established in Montreal, I think ?
  6. Ca serais encore mieux d'avoir des matchs contre des équipes internationnals a Montréa que de voir des équipes comme Dallas et Kansas city et de payer le gros prix! Avec des evenements comme ca on pourraient remplir le stade Olympique!
  7. There is a possibility of having the Olympique de Lyon in Montreal this summer , and maybe against a british team ! It's very good not only the USA can host an international team!
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