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  1. I support 100% , the Ultra's protestation toward the Impact organisation,and some players(specially Sakuda). The Organisation didn't show any respect toward the fans who paid for that game and show up,even if it rained. Damed I had to convince some friends to come to that game,now they lost all credibility. My friends won't never buy a ticketany more for a game now. Good selling stategy DE SAntis, at least we had a good show from TFC.
  2. That is the main reason why the Impact had to trade him. Very good player but when the other players won't do what he wants, he gets angry easily
  3. Me i'm thrilled about that news, River Plate is a lot bigger and renown than Santos . Of course it's a friendly but better than nothing. I'm 100 % positive that i'll be drinking a (few) large Carlsberg's watching this game with my friends from Chile.
  4. It's odd I don't see in Gerba's profile (CSA)anything mentioning that he was drafted by San José ,But I see a lot of Montreal Impact . I know for sure that last year before signing with MK Dons he had try outs with the Impact, but prefer playing in Europe. Too bad it didn't work out for him in England.
  5. Look Benek if you guys have a fight with the Montreal Ultras, why don't you guys put their flag or the impact flag upside down. But our national flag That personnally insult me,and I have nothing to do, with the Ultra . Do you know that the FIFA sanction PSG and Roma or Milan I think for this ****. And by the way Michel PLatini who is the president of the FIFA is also a frog!
  6. I don't care if it's one or the other ,all I want is a team that will beat all Honduras team and do well against mexican team, like the impact did. So that the NA soccer will be Impress again by the performance of Canada.Will also help the coverage of soccer in Canada,and maybe have more teams adding in either USL or MLS. I have to approve with kyam , TFC have all the assets to do well in CCL (this year).
  7. TSN are soooooooo lost ,that they prefer showing curling games instead of the most watch sport trough the world. Wake up TSN!
  8. that prety sums up what we need to do, but we also need mo'money to be able to pay this upgrade. That simply means more exibition games, CCL etc...
  9. Yes me too . Wonder why the Dons didn't keep him ? I think that he still wants, to test the european market. Too bad ! Gerba and Haineault (who plays for Houston) would help the team greatly.
  10. I personaly tink that they wanted Dos Santos as head coach from the start. Mainly because he did all his clases in Europe, and he has all his Uefa cards. I also heard that JL and NDS are bother in law and touhgt that both were Greek .But I might be wrong .
  11. All I can say is "De Ro, De Ro, De Ro" you guy's made a genious move by hirring DeRosario, if we compare Dero and Grande we have the answer. But we still have a game in Montreal!
  12. RDS means TSN ,and they both owned by ESPN, so we should ask ESPN, Maybe they will consider it if the impact are in MLS. But I think MLS has a deal FSC. so I don't think it will work? But i would like tough.
  13. Everything is possible to get in a bar and have fun in Montreal.[}]
  14. I was expecting Sportsnet to broadcast the game coast to coast, well again it shows that we are not there yet in Canada. As an Impact fan I have to admit that TFC as better chances this year to win the championship. So if you To. guy's win, at least make it to the semi of CCL ,for canadian soccer sake !
  15. Well I hope they're satisfied with that, it nearly took them two years to come up with this name and logo ! next year we will have the coach's name
  16. At least the weather wasn't so ****ty this year , but the opening was kind of cheap .The players could have done a round of honor around the field ! Also they added a freaking ugly corp. tent behind the other goal !That was my favorite spot ,next to the bar behind the net.
  17. It's going to be hard againts Toronto next wenesday !
  18. Yes exactly ,big mistakes from Braz and Pizzolito! And Gjertsen managed to miss a Pk ! The season is still young and it gave Miami some hope. Cant' wait to see Pesoli back on the field!
  19. Unless it comes with the same foldind chairs ^^
  20. I think that is a necessity for Canada to have its own professional soccer league, Like Eric said it's their not ours.I'm still wondering why the FIFA doesn't interferre into this , the mix of 2 countries in the same league? We still have a long way to go before it happen ,but at the rate it's going i think in 10 years we might see more and more interest from the population and the medias. Then we have more cities interested in having a club or 2!
  21. I would defenetly like that saputo stadium get bigger and better, Specially for the roof .I could not watch the game against CD Olympia since the rain was pouring on my head. It's a nice little stadium but could use some upgrades. As for season opening in Montreal I hope it's better this year ,last year it was pouring cats and dogs. As a matter of fact it was rainning all summer long, so a little bit of roofing would help to get a bigger crowd. I don't know if it's me but I better enjoy the game when I'm not soaking wet.
  22. Sorry I missed your post, so I tried the chat, maybe next time ?
  23. Can anyone tell me if they can use USL LIVE ? mine doesn't show anything even if i'm registered !does it work?
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