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  1. Totaly agree with you there Richard , Ithink that the differance with PRI , they really want to win. They've beatten Cruz Azul at home last year.
  2. Mtl needs to step up a little , and get better players than the USL type like AAboubou ,Sakuda ,Braz , I can go on and on. Maybe take PRI more like an example, they're not very good but they do the job done. PRI simply just don't colapse everytime like the Impact recently.
  3. Yes that's what I figured out . But I was wondering if the Don is not keeping the Impact as remplacement team ,in case Phily or Portland doesn't make it soon enough . One guy from Portland said that they have funding problems for the stadium or something like that. That is probanly why he didn't announce it at the All Star game .
  4. Thank's to friend in BIGSOCCER blog ,The Don Garber in person did an interview on FORBES.Com and announced that Montreal should have the 19th spot into the MLS by 2011 . You guy's can check out ,Click on the clip of the interview, he talked about it after the break. http://wvhooligan.com/2009/07/31/the-don-speaks-to-forbes/ It 's not an offially announcement,but it's better than last year bull**** ,when he said that MTL pulled out of the expansion race .
  5. YES and no , Look at all the good players they are able to signed with that money .Specially Gerba , that we didn't get in MTL !
  6. Can't beleive it, TFC has almost half Canada MNT and can't beat a USL team in TOronto. Hope you guy's do better in PR.
  7. Was not impressed yesterday by Aboubou during the match against bordeaux, Braz did better than him . Can anyone tell what was written on the poster at the UM KOPP against Bordeaux about Grande being a victim ? But couldn't read the rest ? Victim of what or whom ?
  8. Does someone know where the TFC vs PR game is being aired , is it sportsnet ?
  9. I've never seen a ugliest field with no crowd,than the game in Autin. USL must be desperate
  10. The game was boring,the crowd did the action at big o . Can't say the same for the game in Austin, everything suck over there,to make things worst I saw Sakuda playing for Austin. So even with a boring game between Bordeaux and a second league team, the show was better than an USL game. I never tought I would be saying this, but please Joey show MLS the money, and sign real players. Then i'll gladly pay more to see that show!
  11. Im a bit pissed because Gerba is playing with TFC, but at least he'll be playing with fellow canadians ,and maybe the team will get more creative.
  12. Beside the honduras goalie Escobar , I have no respect to the rest of Honduras team . Not only they're not so good, they're freaking cry babies. I totaly agree with Lurker. I hope that the canadian team will remember that Honduras has no respect for Canada and did not deserve that win, so next time they will play with more passion.
  13. This Chavez should be on the Hondurian diving team instead!
  14. That game is a set up , the ref 2 guy from honduras before calling a pk , it's well planed not to suspect
  15. It's pay back time guy's , last time gerba missed a goal and i think it was Staltery who ran into a side banner ! It was very insulting to attend that game in Montreal,I felt like i was in Honduras . Even though it was a close game they were insulting Canada.
  16. This guy Sakuda suck since day one, he didn't seem to know for wich team he was playing, wonder who recruited him.
  17. I don't think USL will die because all the major (soccer market) cities are moving to MLS, because there would a good rivalry between Hamilton ,Ottawa, Rochester and New York maybe Charlston . PRI won't have to go Vancouver Anymore and I think there is a new Florida club next year. so if they concentrate in the east for while it might help the league. If Ottawa get a USL team ,I will go support them ,a couple of games.
  18. I meant that they don't let him play (Surprenant)
  19. I don't understand why they make Surprenant play ,and why kicked Ribiero out. It can't get worst than that. Sakuda was weak again last night!
  20. By the way they have been playing lately , I think they will need at least 10 new players, because the team we have right now is mostly at USL level. We had the proof against Portland ,who have a few MLS players.
  21. I hope that the Impact take a serious look on Haiti players and find 1 or 2 good player, because the defense is bad without Pesoli ,Pissolito and Joqueviel. And hope that Bordeaux won't get their hands on Joqueviel.
  22. The final remains to be seen, if TFC makes it to the quarter finals it will prove their legitimaty and I would support them ,specialy if they beat honduras teams and mexicans.
  23. If I was USL I would try to concentrate on the east first, like Hamilton, Ottawa and why not Halifax or St-John NFL even Quebec city. Because the next big teams will be NY and PRI.Better regroup for travelling Then I would open franchise in the Prairies and USA mid-west. I think it's logical?
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