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  1. With all the money BMO field's make, why isn't real grass ?
  2. Thx for the Info orletafc, didn't know about channelsurfing.net
  3. As for the staff thingy that the retard had, I heard from a guy next to me, that the security didn't want to let him in with that thing. Apparently he manage to get it in !
  4. That would be great to have these players in Montreal, We should try to get our homeboy Gerba back though instead of Brown as a striker . Mauro Biello will probably be still playing ! LOL
  5. Sebrango should change for a Midfielder position instead, he would be good feeding Brown and Byer. He should be good at this position while we wait for Patrice Bernier. What do you guy's think ?
  6. This year playoffs will be kind of boring without the Sounders . But can't wait for next season's playoff though, What will happen to the league and so forth. Also the last season for Vancouver and Portland 2 big pillars for the USL. Maybe we'll gain some new ones with NY and maybe Ottawa ? Who Know's what will happen for Canadian Soccer ? We are witnessing lot's of progression for soccer addict !
  7. It would be something like a CSL first div. ? Or a USL-2 div ? But would it be economically viable, look at CFL they both have the same market.
  8. Well if Ottawa ever gets to play against MTL, I'm sure to be in Ottawa !
  9. So is Vancouver White Caps, they'll transfer their USL team to Victoria ! But still, I'm wondering if TOA didn't decide to make a move for a MLS second division instead ? Wouldn't it be more logical that way ?
  10. The next game will be the cheesiest battle ever !
  11. There is lot of news and moves in USL-1 today !Whoah I can only Imagine if Sapouto obtained a MLS franchise for MTL, then move is USL team either in (Trois-Riviere ?)or someplace else in Quebec that would be more logical, maybe like Quebec City. Then that Ottawa gets his USL team,Thats the news I saw today, and also an other team in Canada. That would so great for Canadian soccer ! Move over CSA , the provinces will take care of their own players and development. Because all these pro level teams will need alot of players .
  12. yes that would be a good idea to have promotion /relegation system in north America.It 's the only way to compete with MLS. I would start with only one to begin until the league get stronger.
  13. Very good report Bio-man , Saputo should hire a few Carolina guy's if we ever get the expansion. It would help to have more constant players . For now all I can say is... Go Impact Go ! and Carolina eat ****
  14. Alberto ,I think that won't be easy against Carolina, specialty the way Impact have been playing this year. I still recall the 2008 impact team edition. They had so much confidence until that game against Santos. By the way Benitez the star striker of Santos Laguna is now playing for Birmingham in EPL. Spiral, MLS might give the expansion to Ottawa instead . Just kidding !But i'm still wondering if Garber is not really doing a Basilie with Joey Saputo. I think Montreal would really be ready for MLS in 2012, way better than Philly for 2010.
  15. Well I wish Ottawa the best of luck , it would be nice to have a 4th soccer team in Canada. I think it's the most viable venue for Ottawa to stick with CFL for awhile until you get a good fan base. It's my own opinion!
  16. Yes totally pissed off too with SRC , they were showing all their buddies in Toronto and adds for almost half an hour. I fell they're laughing at soccer supporters ! Nonetheless this was a good game for individual efforts, from Joqueviel, Sebrango and (square feet)Byers.
  17. That's why garber was not really in hurry to accept Montreal in the MlS league, since he already knew that saputo was stuck if he staid in USL. It's brilliant if MLS buys out USL with the money of their own franchises, hope that USL might turn out to be a real North American 2nd devision after MLS took all the good marcket teams out of USL. Still wondering who will number 20 ? And if all USL team will accept to be MLS 2nd div ?
  18. Yes thanx,I know it's under contruction, but Phily have like 8 or 9 months left before the opening and they only have a general manager and a Logo.
  19. Yes but for a while Garb...er was so thrilled by Ottawa , specially it's 50 Mil that melnyck promised.
  20. That is odd tough ,Portland and Philly don't have a decent field yet, and they're in ?
  21. All that is missing for TFC is Grande, and they'll have a wrestling tag team !
  22. Good game for Placentino ,Brown and can almost say for Braz. But we defnetly need a player like Sanchez who was sending missiles.He must feel alone in Minesota.
  23. Besides you don't even know what you're talking about , you're mistaken Guatemala and Nicaragua. Informed yourself before trashing a team.
  24. Yeah but we trashed CD Olympia in HOnduras and Santos in Mtl, nil against Atlante and cd Olypia at home ,not bad for a second rate team, with it's first experience.
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