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  1. I really think Yallop would be a real asset for you guy's, he has everything you need ! experience with CMNT and MLS and already know a few players on TFC team !
  2. Yes exactly ,To ,Vancouver and MTL in MLS maybe by 2012 and the clubs they want in USL (Victoria and Quebec City ?) Edmonton and Ottawa ? I also heard that Hamilton will host with Toronto the 2015 Pan-Am games and have soccer stadium built and wants to join USL ! But everything remains to be seen !
  3. What will happen to that stadium after the Whitecaps move to BC Place ?
  4. Good one Steve ! You went a bit hard on the ownwer of Rochester, but its so true !
  5. With Edmonton and Ottawa like USL news mention ,that would mean 7 pro teams in Canada ? Somebody pinch me !
  6. By looking in USL1 news ,Vancouver seems to be going back in USL in 2010, but also the lost of Gage!
  7. Obinna you forgot Patrice Bernier who did quit well in gold cup !
  8. This is pure canadian humour by stabing our own group ourself (self derision)! But you should have use MTL and Vancouver Fans instead ! I rather liked the end of the letter !
  9. is he going to play for CMNT any time soon ? Anyone has an idea about that ?
  10. As I see it, TOA ,USSF and Don Garber are planning something viable to the MLS Development! So what is the only exit route for USL ? Get the support from CSA and Canada. In a way this could be good for Canada soccer development, but look who's taking care of it? CSA and USL ?Which mean Montpolli and Tim Holt! Is it really better?
  11. I was to going to say the same thing. If nobody want's him ,and if he's warned to relax on the field . Gbeke could be a good asset for MTL !
  12. Sorry I'm too drunk from Partying to read your bad comments, so I drink to whatever you write ! What ? Party again? Ok , sorry I have to go celebrate !
  13. Canuklefan ! Yes the Whitecaps also deserve to win,but why do you think they'll be champions ?
  14. Is there any southsiders coming to Montreal to assist the game ? I hope you guy's will stay for the party ,when the Impact win !lol 2-1 Impact Go Impact GO
  15. I'm sure that final will be remembered for a long time by many Canadians, again like CCL last year ,we are witnessing great canadian soccer history !
  16. Usualy that Ref only stick on giving yellow cards to the scoring players .Byers was sanctionned twice by her and Placentino once this year for demonstrating after the goal.
  17. This guy is so strong he could play with the BC lions at same time .
  18. Both team defense was horrible, and both team strikers were great . So that mean everything still possible for both teams . But I would really like it to celebrate an Impact win in Montreal. Enjoy the game next week !
  19. S'cuse me Robert , but I tought we were frogs. Make up your mind already .Dogs ,Frogs, pea soup what else ? Keep on going ,that is motivating us to beat you ! Saputo is Italian, like half the Impact organisation.
  20. Don't want to brag about it ,but Montreal just beaten the club that TFC couldn't ,with the the top players they have. Humm I think it's called overconfidence. Congrats to Vancouver! The game in Portland was one of the best USL game this year. Two Canadian team , hope CBC will do something about it .
  21. It's time for the Impact to settle the odds at PR, I like the Islanders but Montreal as the Momentum right now. Impact can and hope will win ,not because it's my team but because they're finally playing at their real level !
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