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  1. One thing that's interesting in their official announcement is the fact they were bright enough to launch an "Academy International Residency Program" right off the bat. Very interesting to see for a US-based Div. II side.


    Tabarn... Will they ever understand what a soccer stadium should look like ? It looks way worse than PGE Park here.

    The stadium soccer set-up and seat manifest will contain approximately 10,000 seats, including the Tampa Tribune Deck and luxury suites.

    A 10k seater ??????? Wow, it's getting worse... As for the luxury suites, that's a good thing to have some but I highly doubt they'll be able to sell more than a few ones.

    Oh, and I see they signed Dwight Barnett... Well I guess that's all they can hope for.

    Dwight Barnett was with the Impact in 2008, never made to the season !

  2. Actualy isn't it the real probleme for soccer in Canada, overlaping ? Every body is pulling his way, that leaves a weak CSA

    Like PDL and Super Y is controled USL right ? CSL is control by ,seriously I don't know ?

    If TOA or anybody who had sense in this country to form a real natioal D2 and all the provincials soccer associations (D3)would get togheter and elect a real chairman. A team of executives from all over the country who knows international soccer and ready to pay for them !

    I know i'm simply dreaming !

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