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  1. Very well written , specially your article ! FĂ©lictation !
  2. No ,Garber announced with union saga ,it will be in a few weeks .
  3. What is Regis (think big) Labeaume ,Quebec City Mayor waiting for? Take that TRA franchise and move it to Quebec City, altought it's a bit short notice. Maybe it would of help TRA, if the annoucement was made a bit earlier ?
  4. They said (Charleston) they have been playin together for only three days before that game. Sorry TO didn't want to rubbin in
  5. me too !!! sorry there is at least two montrealer
  6. I also heard that Mr.Saputo is the LEGEA distibutor in North america !
  7. I'm very happy about that news ! that makes 4 pro teams in Canada ! Now anybody know's what will happen with Vancouver second club for next year in NASL ? Or is it a false rumour ?
  8. Personally I find that it look's alot like LA Galaxie logo !
  9. I'm very happy to see Roberto Brown back in MTL! Everybody has to remember he's tho one who scored against Chili fot Panama ! he he he !
  10. Dwight Barnett was with the Impact in 2008, never made to the season !
  11. ^ We all know who's mistake it was , he's taken F1 2 steps back , but his bank account must be way up !
  12. It is odd that they didn't pick any players from Toronto ! I'm also surprise Le Toux was not protected in Seattle, he's been playing for them for a while now !
  13. I heard the same rumour about Beckham from a friend of the Saputo family. Do they really need his money or is PR ?
  14. Like the MLS cup !Wich would be more logical,since everybody knows it will happen. [)]
  15. It would be really stupid ,if other Canadian cities would go with USL 1 ,if there is a new league
  16. I think that Joey and the Gang did their homework for Don Garber school! Well that u-turn announcement is made just before the MLS CUP ! I'm sure that many USSF guy's will be at Quest field this sunday, so is Joey Saputo ! Many things to discuss with MLS and USSF.
  17. CSL HAS CRITICAL ROLE TO PLAY........ 'by Canadians for Canadians' news release I don't know if any of you saw this , but this article is on the CSL news web site !
  18. Actualy isn't it the real probleme for soccer in Canada, overlaping ? Every body is pulling his way, that leaves a weak CSA Like PDL and Super Y is controled USL right ? CSL is control by ,seriously I don't know ? If TOA or anybody who had sense in this country to form a real natioal D2 and all the provincials soccer associations (D3)would get togheter and elect a real chairman. A team of executives from all over the country who knows international soccer and ready to pay for them ! I know i'm simply dreaming !
  19. Does anyone think that it would be a step back if the Impact and Whitecaps form tha new league ?
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