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  1. Just finished listening to the podcast on Soccer Talk about the Canadian team at the World Cup '86. Was absolutely fantastic hearing all the old stories from the players. Not sure if anyone else has had the chance to hear it. You can listen to on their episode page - http://www.am650radio.com/Episodes.aspx?PID=3891 It's the August 23 show.
  2. Saw this earlier today... http://www.teamradio.ca/soccer/paul-stalteri-set-to-decide-on-footballing-future/
  3. Just read this article about Josh Simpson and his leg break. http://www.teamradio.ca/soccer/josh-simpson-talks-recovery-from-horrific-injury/ Looking forward to the interview on Sunday. Sounds like it might be pretty emotional. Hope he returns soon, but sounds like it might be until the fall or so. Could have really used him in Honduras with this Canada team. He always had tons of heart and talent. Wishing him the best.
  4. According to Tyler Green and Mike Martinago on Full Time on TEAM 1040 in Vancouver, Colin Miller has been named the interim head coach of the CanMNT. Mark Rogers will be his assistant and Paul Dolan will still be the goalie coach. I think Dolan was on the show and said it. Here's the story: http://teamradio.ca/soccer/colin-miller-take-interim-helm-on-canadian-mens-national-team/#more-20343
  5. Just saw a couple tweets from Tyler Green from Team 1040 in Vancouver saying he's has Tam Nsaliwa on his show tonight and potential return to the national team. Can he still play for Canada? or no? Or can he again? https://twitter.com/#!/tylergreen1040/status/196654008344125441 https://twitter.com/#!/tylergreen1040/status/196654252649750528
  6. I'm a big Whitecaps fan and have to admit I am thoroughly impressed with what I am seeing from the media in terms of coverage of the Vancouver Whitecaps this season. TEAM 1040/1410 is doing an impressive job with all their coverage. The Province and Sun are doing a good job. Sportsnet has been doing games, but I'm not a fan of their choice of commentators just yet. Overall though, I've been really blown away. Happy to see all of it. What do you guys think? Does Toronto have anything like it? More or Less?
  7. Maybe they'll do the Voyageurs Cup... that way they can have double headers with Vancouver playing Edmonton in the late game and Toronto v Montreal in the early game. Or if they are weekday games. Split them up regionally like they do with HNIC games. That would keep them involved.
  8. This will likely be announced shortly as I think the two team (Toronto and Vancouver are just finalizing their local packages) but TSN will be the national carrier of Major League Soccer in Canada this year and likely the next 4 years. GolTV is a good bet to carry part or all of the TFC games locally in T.O. which ofcourse get seen all across the country if you subscribe to the channel. CTV Vancouver is a good bet to pick up the local TV rights for the Whitecaps. Bell is going to be the owner of CTV Globemedia, which includes TSN and also happens to appear across the shirts of
  9. I wonder exactly what he'll say. I know that Hoilett was non-committal, but I wonder if de Guzman will do the same given that he has not really been included in the any recent plans for the Dutch national team. Not even a whisper. I'm going to stay on the positive side and hope he says yes. Also curious if they will ask him about his recent comments about Toronto FC.
  10. Hopefully they catch up with him again after the Greece match and ask him which guys he's spoken to.
  11. I think it's good that Will has re-signed with RSL. He provides options to the National team on a more local level (Domestic league) and it's also nice to see he's a Canadian playing in the league but not on a Canadian team. Success in the future will breed from TFC, Vancouver and Montreal, but overall, they need to have players elsewhere in this league too.
  12. That would be an interesting move to say the least. Not sure what else he has to give and how good he'd be on the field. I imagine with all the media he does and all the youtube videos of him, he would be a marketing asset. The TV and Radio stations would love him as a guest. He may take over!! LOL
  13. Apparently he didn't want to tell Mike and Tyler who he was going to select 1st overall. Too bad, but I guess it's not like a guy like (sorry for the hockey reference) Sydney Crosby is running around a soccer field in this draft and everyone knows he's the number 1 choice.
  14. Do not be fooled, he is not going to commit to TFC anytime soon. It's a place for the end of the career IMHO. I doubt he'll commit to TFC before 32 years of age. That ofcourse unless they throw huge money at him, offer him the chance to play with his brother and his brother talks about how awesome it will be (which I doubt)
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