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  1. Shameful plug... but JDG2 joins us on Full-Time: Vancouver's Soccer Show on TEAM 1040 Radio in Vancouver tonight to talk about his brothers comments. We kick off at 10:30pm PT on TEAM 1040, online at http://www.teamradio.ca And for details on the podcast after the show is over, check out http://www.teamradio.ca/multimedia/podcasts/ Also scheduled is Stephen Hart.
  2. Listen live out of town at http://www.teamradio.ca You can listen via the podcast 2 way if you can't stay up that late... itunes: (copy and paste url in browser) itpc://feeds.feedburner.com/TEAMRadio-FullTime or http://feeds.feedburner.com/TEAMRadio-FullTime Hope that helps
  3. Canadian International Rob Friend joins Full-Time tonight at 9pm to talk about the promotion on Hertha Berlin and also about his view of the Gold Cup, where he could fit in, playing with Simeon Jackson and also the prospects of Friend ever playing in Major League Soccer. Details: http://www.teamradio.ca/news/full-time-the-soccer-show-preview/ Some other stuff tonight include Paul Dolan breaking down the Whitecaps match v Chicago
  4. You can access all the required info by clicking on the link - http://fulltimethesoccershow.blogspot.com/2011/01/full-time-podcast-january-16-2011.html Sorry for the big URL. He told me after the interview he gave up both his Canadian passport and Canadian citizenship as he couldn't have Canadian citizenship in order to gain Dutch citizenship. For him, it was a choice of one or the other and with him wanting to play his club football in Europe meant giving up Canadian citizenship. He also mentions wanting or hoping to get a call-up to the Dutch national side. So Stephen Hart would li
  5. According to our source at the Canadian Soccer Association, "a player needs a valid Canadian passport in order to represent Canada at the international level".
  6. Jonathan de Guzman told us he gave up his Canadian passport and citizenship in order to become a Dutch citizen. We'll have the entire interview up shortly it you wanted to hear it for youself.
  7. Hi Guys, In addition to JDG2... we'll also have the following: Plus Paul Dolan, Canadian National Men’s Goalkeeping Coach, will join Full-Time for his first visit of what will be a monthly series. We’ll also catch up with Whitecaps FC 1st round picks Omar Salgado and Michael Nanchoff and round off the show with Whitecaps FC head coach Teitur Thordarson and ‘Caps president Bob Lenarduzzi. Real Salt Lake midfielder and Canadian International Will Johnson will also stop by to discuss his new 4 year deal and what he would say to Canadians deciding whether or not to play for the Canadian
  8. Here's a full breakdown of the rumours, the twitter posts, the newspaper reports, etc. Just click the link. http://fulltimethesoccershow.blogspot.com/2011/01/robbie-savage-to-vancouver-whitecaps-fc.html
  9. Full-Time caught up with Canadian Mens National Team head coach Stephen Hart on the program on Sunday, January 9th. Hart covered a number of things, including the outlook for 2011, what kind of squad he’ll put together for next month’s friendly against Greece, and plenty about some (Hoilett, JDG2) players we could see in the near future. He’s also got some strong (and by “strong” we mean pretty negative) thoughts about Teal Bunbury playing for the United States. Details and where to listen
  10. The Montreal Impact announced on Wednesday that team captain Nevio Pizzolitto will be returning in 2011. Full-Time: Vancouver's Soccer Show host Tyler Green caught up with the Montreal captain this week and you can hear the interview by following the link for details: http://fulltimethesoccershow.blogspot.com/2011/01/audio-interview-with-montreal-impact.html
  11. Full-Time: The Soccer Show caught up with Kara Lang on Sunday night's show to chat about her retirement from soccer. Details on how you can hear the interview by going to the click on the link: http://fulltimethesoccershow.blogspot.com/2011/01/kara-lang-audio-interview-january-9th.html
  12. Hoilett told us he has spoken to Hart and Stephen Hart has confirmed that on prior interviews. The bigger question is how long before the Texting and talking turns to confirmed attendance for Canada (Hoilett is still not totally committed) and how long does Hart keep asking?
  13. Whitecaps FC Director of Soccer Operations Tom Soehn will join Full-Time: The Soccer Show on the TEAM 1040 in Vancouver on Sunday night at 9pm to discuss the upcoming MLS SuperDraft and the options for Vancouver and if we're lucky, who they plan on picking. Details on the show can be found at the link - http://fulltimethesoccershow.blogspot.com/2011/01/full-time-vancouvers-soccer-show.html
  14. Canadian Men's National Team head coach Stephen Hart will join Tyler Green and Mike Martignago on Full-Time: The Soccer Show on Sunday at 9pm PT on TEAM 1040 Radio in Vancouver. Details at the link: http://fulltimethesoccershow.blogspot.com/2011/01/full-time-vancouvers-soccer-show.html Last week Full-Time caught up with David Hoilett Jr. Junior was once again non-committal on whether he would play for Canada internationally. Details on that interview at the link: http://fulltimethesoccershow.blogspot.com/2011/01/january-2-2011-podcast.html
  15. He joined Full-Time: Vancouver's Soccer Show a few months ago and commented that he would love the opportunity to come back and play for his home club, Whitecaps FC, now that they will be joining the MLS. Says it's the perfect and fitting way to eventually end his career.
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