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  1. I believe the Mexican league takes a break at Christmas. It would be great to see a tournament with US, Canada and Mexico domestic teams at this time.
  2. Jason de Vos recently made an observation on the Men’s National Team that I think is now applicable to TFC. He was talking about what the CSA could do, that is under their control, to improve the team. Jason noted that they needed to remove the excuses. Things such as travel arrangements, training facilities and even coaching can be latched onto by players as excuses for not performing. You need to eliminate the excuses so that the players have no choice except to perform or take ownership for the lack of performance. This is not a slight on the players. It is human nature and happens in every work place. Management needs to recognize when it is happening and deal with it accordingly. In the case of TFC I believe that the Field Turf has become just such an excuse. Yes, Field Turf is a problem but it is not the reason why TFC is not living up to expectations. One of things I like about Chris Cummins is that upon becoming head coach one of the first things he did was to eliminate an excuse. John Carver reinforced in the player’s minds that MLS officiating was bad and hurting TFC. When Cummins took charge he shrugged this off noting it was the same for everyone and nothing to get overly worked up over. You no longer hear players, coaching staff or FO complaining about the officiating. It’s still a problem but it no longer appears to be an excuse. DERO is a leader on the team and his complaining on the turf has to affect the other players. I get the feeling that this TFC team isn’t going to get much better until the Field Turf issue had been dealt with. Unfortunately there is no quick fix solution and that doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season.
  3. With 13,000 on the waiting list for TFC a Toronto USL1 team seems like a no brainer.
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