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  1. quote:Originally posted by Tuscan

    I thought only the official matches had value attached to them? Aren't the Int'l Friendlies open to national teams playing any team they want (i.e. club team, so not necessarily another nation)?

    Any friendly between two national teams counts for the rankings. Of course, teams are free to play against clubs. Bulgaria played against Shakhtar Donetsk, after their friendly against Bolivia was canceled. However, most of the time national teams will play against other national teams.

  2. quote:Originally posted by Tuscan

    2010 FIFA Match Dates</u>

    January: None

    February: None

    March: Wednesday 3rd - Int'l Friendly

    April: None

    May: None

    June: WC

    July: WC

    August: Wednesday 11th - Int'l Friendly

    September: Friday 3rd & Tuesday 7th - Official Match <-- our home dates

    October: Friday 8th & Tuesday 12th - Official Match

    November: Wednesday 17th - Int'l Friendly

    December: None

    [*] Int'l Friendlies do not count for ranking points


    Yes, they do count.

  3. quote:Originally posted by theaub

    Being in the top 6 at least ensures that we're not with Mexico/Honduras or USA/Costa Rica or something like that.

    Not 100%. Costa Rica/Honduras could have an off year at some point with some bad results and have a bad ranking. For instance, if CONCACAF had chosen the November 2007 ranking for seeding (with Canada 4th) instead of the May 2007 ranking (Canada in 11th), this is how the first group stage would have looked like:

    Group 1: USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Cuba

    Group 2: Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, Guatemala

    Group 3: Honduras, Jamaica, El Salvador, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

    Costa Rica were 7th in CONCACAF at that time.

    You need to be 3rd to avoid a Mexico-USA/Honduras-Costa Rica.

  4. quote:Originally posted by Tuscan

    So we've dropped down to 57 from 53, which doesn't really change anything. I think before it'll make a difference we need to rank higher than Costa Rica, who are 10 spots ahead of us at 47. If we can take 4th in CONCACAF away from them, we'll be regarded as a top seed and should avoid another group of death situation.

    You need to be 3rd in order to be top seed.

  5. quote:Originally posted by Free kick

    Yes those are FIFA dates. But they are also dates on the World Cup Qualifying schedule. Given that most regions have a normal qualifying process ( one that doesn't eliminate you in the first four to six week ), Most everyone will be involved in WCQ. Good luck trying to find an opponent on those days.

    Teams available on Sep 5:











    Korea DPR






    Congo DR




    And on Sep 9:



    Côte d'Ivoire




    Korea Republic


    Burkina Faso












  6. quote:Originally posted by rdroze

    I haven't tried doing an accurate estimate of the full rankings, since that depends on the results of all teams in the world, and Edgar over at www.football-rankings.info already does some of this better than I would.

    Thanks :)

    quote:Originally posted by BrianW

    In order for a friendly to actually improve our ranking we would need to beat a team ranked in the top 10 in the world. Just goes to show the power of the Gold Cup multiplier in the rankings.

    Not quite true.

    You need to play and win against:

    a) an UEFA team ranked higher than 27th


    B) a CONMEBOL team ranked higher than 25th


    c) a CONCACAF/AFC/CAF/OFC team ranked higher than 12th

    Looking at the July 2009 ranking, these countries fit the description:


















    Czech Republic






  7. quote:Originally posted by Lurker

    CONCACAF Gold Cup Qualifying Rules/Process (by Lurker):

    1) Every team that wants to be in the Gold Cup has to qualify (This would include Mexico, USA and Canada).

    2) Divide them into 6 groups of however many teams (groups would probably range from 4-5 and not be of equal size but who cares).

    3) The selection of the groups will be done by lots (Top 6 in FIFA Rankings, can't be in the same group, 7-12 can't be, etc.).

    4) The top FIFA ranked team in each group hosts a round robin tournament over a week or two period.

    5) The top 2 teams from each group qualify for Gold Cup.

    6*) In the event of ties, that can't be broken by head-to-head or goal differential, Holgier Osieck will be asked to flip a coin via a conference call from his residence as special CONCACAF representative.

    Doing this every off Gold Cup year in June would probably be the best time.

    I think this is flawless, I don't see how it wouldn't work.

    Note: I've drawn simpler plans and had them fail so help me out if I'm missing something.

    How will you seed non-FIFA CONCACAF members such as Guadeloupe and Martinique?

  8. quote:Originally posted by redhat

    Well it's an idea, but I'm not in favour of it. If Canada needs

    matches, it should schedule them and not wait for another body to

    set it up.

    Can you imagine if your MLS-based "B" team misses the Gold Cup?

    The damage to our program? T&T and Guatemala missed this year

    and I cannot fathom another disappointment for us.

    We need to play more matches, even if it means setting up our

    own tournament (eg. Canada Cup) at BMO, Saputo, or Stad Olympique.

    There's no way a friendly tournament will bring you the same amount of points as qualifying through CFU/UNCAF.

    You mentioned "FIFA-sanctioned". FIFA will still consider those matches as friendlies for ranking purposes.

    There's also the option of having a confederation wide qualifying process as suggested by footballfreak on BigSoccer.

    It would look like that:


    That's highly unlikely though.

  9. quote:Originally posted by footballfreak

    This may be a stupid idea, but is there any reason to believe the CSA could wave it's automatic Gold Cup spot and choose to go through qualifying in either the CFU or UNCAF?

    UNCAF might welcome Canada given the unequal groups of 4 and 3 they use. Just give them 6 qualifying spots instead of 5. It's played in January/February during the MLS off-season. A North-American based squad would surely benefit from the experience, rack up some FIFA points and qualify every time.

    Of course, it would probably sent most voyageurs into fits as we would have to deal with corrupt and incompetent Central American refs even more often. :P

    Edit: Oh, almost forgot the best part. Because it's not through the CFU, there's less of a chance of Cap'n Jack screwing with us.

    Qualifying through UNCAF or CFU is a very good idea. I think the CFU is better options because you'd have more games.

    In UNCAF you have a minimum of 3 games and you'd need to finish 3rd in your group (6 GC spots available for 8 teams).

    In CFU you'd have at least 4. 3 in the final group stage (if you reach that stage of course) and one for the 5th place play-off. There would be 5 places available for 8 teams. On top of that you'd have to qualify for the final group stage, so add 2-3 games to that.

    See the setup of the Caribbean Championship 2008.


    And looking at the Elo ratings in the Caribbean, I think it should be easy to get in the top 5.


    On the other hand, there's Jack Warner thing and perhaps it's easier to finish 6th in UNCAF (above Nicaragua and Belize) than 5th in CFU.

    Would CSA give up their automatic spot? I don't know.

  10. quote:Originally posted by Daniel

    DR Congo (95th) just won an international tournament!


    That's not a FIFA tournament - those matches are not considered "A" internationals.

    Canada will gain 18 points in the April ranking and will most likely jump 7 places.



  11. quote:Originally posted by Juby

    Really though it screws us over to miss games, I hate saying ideas cause nothings gonna happen but why can't BMO hold a 4 team tourney sometime in the year before every gold cup? like Canada, central american champs (maybe going back 2 years and 2nd and so on if 1st declines), caribbean champs (and same dealie as CenAmer) and an invitee. Honestly, every two years, there is probably a team in each region in the position to come up here and one anywhere invitee, if we could get it to count in any way for Fifa rankings we could get the teams for sure. If a team like Jamaica came up or a bigish invitee it would probably sell pretty damn well.

    In 2008, the best time to schedule this tournament would have been May 31st - June 4th. It would have been: Canada, Costa Rica, Haiti and an invitee. Available at the time: Argentina, Brazil, England etc.

    No matter what you do - you can't make it count for the FIFA ranking - except as friendly matches, of course.

  12. quote:Originally posted by squizz

    This was brought up in another thread by a poster named _Edgar_, but there are some "unrealistically high ranked teams" that Canada should aim to play against on that date to help boost our FIFA ranking, such as Senegal, Slovakia or Bolivia. Whether or not these would be feasible, or would put asses in seats, I don't know, but it's not a half bad idea.


    Thanks squizz! :)

    From those ten teams, only Burkina Faso, Senegal, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Guinea, Lithuania and Bolivia are still available. Bosnia might play against Uruguay on Feb 11.

    quote:Originally posted by jonovision

    If all we cared about was boosting our FIFA ranking, from what I understand of the formula, a good way to start would be to play and beat those teams in our 'neighbourhood' (+/- 10 positions).

    No, that's a really bad way to start. You need to play higher ranked teams, especially from UEFA/CONMEBOL/CAF. It's about effort/FIFA points ratio. ;)

  13. quote:Originally posted by Toronto Ruffrider

    Actually, according to the November 2007 rankings, the fourth team in our group would have been Guyana (or Suriname, since it upset Guyana in Round 2) and not Guatemala - the latter team was ranked 13th in that month. That change would have pretty much guaranteed that we would've finished no worse than 3rd in our group. Of course, we would have been in tough to get past Mexico and Costa Rica, what with how we played this summer and fall, but at least we would have been spared Jamaica.

    Getting into the top 3 would benefit us tremendously come draw time, but we have to be realistic about our chances of holding that kind of ranking for any length of time. If we can consistently stay in the top 6, then chances are we will end up in a semi-final group which isn't much tougher than the other two groups.

    Here's an excerpt from an e-mail sent to Mr. Maestracci

    How would the groups have looked like with the November 2007 ranking?

    The pots:

    Pot A (byes to 2nd round)




    Pot B (byes to 2nd round)




    Pot C (byes to 2nd round)

    Costa Rica


    St. Vincent and the Grenadines

    Trinidad and Tobago



    Pot D (byes to 2nd round)


    Pot E (1st round)



    El Salvador

    Dominican Republic


    Antigua and Barbuda

    St. Kitts and Nevis




    St. Lucia

    Pot F (1st round)

    British Virgin Islands

    Turks and Caicos Islands

    Netherlands Antilles


    Cayman Islands

    Puerto Rico




    US Virgin Islands


    The first round fixtures would have stayed the same, but here's how the second round fixtures would have looked like:

    USA - Barbados

    Trinidad and Tobago - St. Lucia

    Haiti - Bermuda

    Antigua and Barbuda - Cuba

    Belize - Mexico

    Costa Rica - Bahamas

    Canada - Puerto Rico

    Guatemala - Guyana

    Grenada - Honduras

    Suriname - Jamaica

    Panama - El Salvador

    St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Netherlands Antilles

    Based on actual results and ranking, this is how the first group stage would have looked like:

    Group 1: USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Cuba

    Group 2: Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, Guatemala

    Group 3: Honduras, Jamaica, El Salvador, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

    I'm not sure if that would have been easier for you...

    Anyway, why was Canada 11th in May 2007?

    Simply put - bad management. You had only 4 matches in the most recent 12 month period, all friendlies. Two wins and two defeats. FIFA's ranking algorithm punishes teams that play less than 5 matches per 12 month period. Basically, it adds a virtual defeat to your record. With a friendly win in February 2007 against a team of Jamaica's rating at that time, you would have been ranked 9th taking Haiti's place. Not bad, is it?

    End of excerpt.

    It's Guatemala (IMO) because they would have won against Guyana, while Surinam would have played (and lost) against Jamaica. Well, at least on paper... :D

  14. quote:Originally posted by Toronto Ruffrider

    It would certainly help. Our lack of matches against semi-decent opposition outside of the Gold Cup and WCQ doesn't help our standing in CONCACAF. The only way to avoid being drawn into another group of death is to get our regional ranking to stay consistently in the top 6; I don't think that can be accomplished without playing those types of friendlies.

    It would be better to be in the top 3 actually, because this means you'll avoid Mexico and the US.

    4th is not enough. If CONCACAF had chosen the November 2007 ranking for seeding (with Canada 4th) instead of the May 2007 ranking (Canada in 11th), this is how the first group stage would have looked like:

    Group 1: USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Cuba

    Group 2: Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, Guatemala

    Group 3: Honduras, Jamaica, El Salvador, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

    Only a slight improvement.

    You'll probably remain 90th in the next http://www.football-rankings.info/2008/12/fifa-ranking-january-2009-probable.html.

    It's not worth playing against CONCACAF teams (based on the FIFA ranking points you'd get for a win). You should look for opponents from UEFA, CONMEBOL or CAF.

  15. quote:Originally posted by Winnipeg Fury

    I love the Gold Cup and it's also a chance for Canada to gain some valuable FIFA points.

    If Canada is hosting part of the Gold Cup, that will be a major event for Canada (hopefully Ed's interview with PM will shed some light on this).

    I'm hoping Canada fields it's strongest squad and has a new coach.

    quote:Originally posted by bettermirror

    we will not have close an A squad. However, the GC should be taken seriously as it is our regional championship. Winning means an invite to the tourny against other regional winners - and this is worth fighting for.

    it, as mentioned, is also a massive point-getter in FIFA rankings, which we sorely need.

    Canada should have tried to get invited to the UNCAF Nations Cup.

    I did write to the CSA, but there was no interest.


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