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  1. I only know they are looking at playing against a Caribbean opponent in 2011.
  2. As far as I know, they're looking for only one friendly. Bulgaria and Montenegro were also contacted but they haven't replied yet.
  3. You're 6th right now in the May 2011 FIFA ranking - the one that will be used to seed the teams.
  4. I'd say you need to find a compromise between the need to play friendly games (for practice, team chemistry etc) and improving your ranking. It's a bad idea to play lots of games. Look at this table: Games in the last 48 months - Team - November rank 76 Mexico 28 72 Oman 96 69 USA 24 68 Bahrain 87 67 Japan 30 67 Honduras 57 66 South Africa 50 66 Iran 66 66 Saudi Arabia 69 66 El Salvador 116 65 Qatar 112 64 Trin
  5. On the other hand, the CSA knows nothing about it
  6. Since it's speculation... Guatemala say they are considering playing against Canada in October. They claim they will play Honduras on Oct 12 in Washington DC. http://www.prensalibre.com/deportes/futbol_nacional/Seleccion-enfrentaria-Honduras-octubre-Washington_0_337766354.html However, Indonesia claim they will host Honduras on the same date (Oct 12). As you probably know Honduras will play against New Zealand (away) on Oct 9 and a second friendly in Asia makes sense. http://www.bolaindo.com/?page=berita⊂=detail&id=12318 On the other hand, how expensive is for the
  7. Argentina's fee for a friendly match is 1.000.000 Euros. However, since Cardenas is handling it he will pay the fee then he will be looking to get a huge stadium with lots of fans in order to get a profit (even after paying Argentina). I'd think twice before accepting to play against Argentina. It serves no purpose now.
  8. CSA are looking at European/African teams for November. If that fails, they'll get a CONCACAF opponent.
  9. I'd say it's a pretty trustworthy source. I was right in March about the September opponents (from the same source). See here. However, I don't know where the match will be played (Europe/Canada).
  10. 1. Yes, it is. If CONCACAF will again use the FIFA ranking to seed the teams in the WCQ draw - the game against Ukraine is crucial - and so are the remaining friendlies before the draw. That also depends on the ranking CONCACAF choose - pre-Gold Cup or post-Gold Cup. 2. The CSA are considering the possibility of a Nov 17 friendly.
  11. It seems there will be a draw after each round, according to Ben Spencer.
  12. From The Star: Now there’s talk of the CONCACAF region changing its 2014 World Cup qualification format, to an eight-team final from a six-team hexagon, ostensibly to help smaller nations by exposing them to better competition. Hart wants to know more. “What I’m looking at is how they’re going to determine the groups,” he said, leaning forward out of his chair some. “The last time around, they used a nine-month-old ranking, and it changed the entire draw for us.”
  13. I'd like to see: Costa Rica in November. Jamaica in February Two of Panama/El Salvador/Trinidad and Tobago in March.
  14. Actually, in my opinion UEFA should keep their allocation for 2014. Allocating World Cup slots: Is there a better way?
  15. The same idea - having the OFC winner join AFC's final round was actually accepted by FIFA in 2006, but (I think) AFC changed it to a play-off. See this: http://www.fifa.com/aboutfifa/federation/releases/newsid=108198.html The preliminary competition for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ will be played in the confederations as follows: - Oceania: in three phases, as for 2006. The first phase will be combined with the South Pacific Games 2007 and the OFC Nations Cup 2008, and the winning team will enter a group in Asia's final round.
  16. Fenafuth's president says there will be two groups of four in the final round. See more in CONCACAF qualifying system news.
  17. An octagonal seems more likely, according to Honduran media.
  18. The Peruvian media are asking why will their NT play Canada with no manager. El Comercio
  19. CSA must be reading this forum They chose their opponents from my list
  20. Iran are also negotiating with Japan for September 4th: http://www.tehrantimes.com/index_View.asp?code=218540
  21. Stephen Hart told me he'd rather stay away from single FIFA match dates (like August 11th), because players arrive only one day before the match and it never really works from the NT.
  22. I'd go with two of Gabon/Peru/Honduras/Costa Rica.
  23. http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/sports/Boyz-off-to-flyer JAMAICA’S Reggae Boyz will kick off their 2014 World Cup campaign with a friendly international against Canada at the National Stadium on Sunday, January 31. Burrell, also a member of the Jack Warner-led CONCACAF Executive Committee, explained that the deal with the Canadians has a reciprocal element where the Boyz are due to travel to Canada for a return match in 2010 or 2011, whichever is more convenient for both associations.
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