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  1. Tosaint Ricketts scored a goal today in Politehnica Timisoara's Romanian Cup 2:0 win against Steaua Bucharest and gave an assist for the second goal of the match.


    He played 70 minutes before being substituted.

    The team is now qualified for the quarterfinal of the Romanian Cup, despite playing in Liga 2 after being relegated last year due to financial reasons.

    Steaua are the current holders of the trophy - so it's a pretty big win for Poli and Ricketts.

    An interview in Romanian:


  2. Yes & no they dont because march 2011 seedings were used for concacaf wcq draw (cuba was 6th in conc. at time & got. bye unlike canada). all others except conmebol will use july 2011 rankings for seedings..

    For details per confederation, go to http://www.football-rankings.info/. ..

    This guy is so thorough he even corrects fifa computer.. see his july 2011 list before fifa issues theirs.

    Hey, thanks for not calling me a geek! :)

  3. Assuming they use the May 2011 rankings, zero. We are currently looking at being in 8th in May, far behind 6th-place Cuba, but both El Salvador and Grenada are very close behind. We are probably going to be somewhere between 8th and 10th.

    Actually you're more like 7th - so close.

    2014 World Cup seeding for CONCACAF teams (1 April 2011).

  4. Its not about only Canada. Its also about sides like Jamaica, El salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Haiti, Surinam and Honduras (what I call the middle class of the region). Look what happened in 2004, all of these sides got pitted in two groups whereas T&T got mex, St. Vincent, and St.Kitts. As a result of the easy path, T&T got to play 10 more valuable games in the hex. Think of what that means for player experience and how it hinders in the long term those sides that I mentioned by not playing those extra games. Most of those sides were better than T&T.

    Hmm... About T&T - those 10 valuable games didn't actually help them in the end. They failed to qualify for the Gold Cup. What's their strength these days?

    I like the new format. More games to move around smaller stadiums in Canada. 10,000 seats for a minnow team would be perfect. I hope they continue doing the full draw like 2010 qualifying draw. Everything was mapped out before the first kick. No surprises except using May 2007 rankings to help T&T.


    I am more worried about playing minnow nations than Guatamala. Over confidence can lead to quick downfalls and waiting four more years.

    The MedioTempo seems to imply the March 2011 ranking will be used to seed the teams.

    I think we'll see something like this:

    Pot 1: USA, Mexico, Honduras

    Pot 2: Jamaica, Costa Rica, Cuba

    Pot 3: Panama, Canada, El Salvador, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti

    Pot 4: Antigua and Barbuda, Guyana, Suriname, St. Kitts and Nevis, Guatemala, Dominica

    Pot 5: Puerto Rico, Barbados, Curacao, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Cayman Islands, Nicaragua

    Pot 6: Bermuda + 5 First Round winners

    Pot 7: Belize, Dominican Republic, British Virgin Islands, St. Lucia, Turks and Caicos Islands

    Pot 8: Bahamas, Aruba, US Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Montserrat

    Mapping everything out like 4 years ago:

    Each semifinal group will contain one team from Pot 1, one team from Pot 2 and two Second Round group winners.

    The easiest group (based on Elo ratings would be):

    Canada, Dominica, Cayman Islands, Bahamas

    Hardest group:

    Canada, Guatemala, Barbados, Bermuda

    Third round (semifinal)

    Easiest group: Honduras, Cuba, Canada, Grenada

    Hardest group: Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, Panama

  5. The way Blazer laid out the qualifying schedule in the article I posted above is a clear indication that CONCACAF wanted to get away from playing qualifying matches on midweek friendly dates. These dates are a logistical pain in the @ss and with more and more players being based overseas I'm sure there was pressure from the federations to make this change. This along with the fact the intercontinental playoff will now be played over two windows as opposed to one window would explain his claim there is not enough dates.

    If you look at the FIFA match calendar below there is a shortage of four official match dates. From September 2011 through November 2013 there are a total of 20 official match dates over 10 windows. The last two windows have been taken up by the intercontinental playoff which Blazer was complaining about on twitter. That leaves only 16 official match dates over 8 windows. Playing 20 matches (three group stages plus crossover playoff) with only 16 official match dates would likely mean resorting to using friendly dates once again. Either that or playing additional games in June on non FIFA dates. This is what Asia does.

    It should be noted that for some bizarre reason FIFA has not scheduled any official match dates for June 2012. This is weird because there were official matches in June in 2004 and 2008 and being the club off-season it's the ideal time to play games. This was when we played Belize and St. VAG.


    You're looking at an old calendar. Here's the new one:

    FIFA Calendar (June 2010)

  6. Yes, that could be the case, without the extra spot 4 extra dates are needed (Concacaf head-to-head playoff for 3rd, then head-to-head confed playoff for 3.5 spot).

    4, but you actually need 6.

    It seems the intercontinental play-offs will be played in October and November 2013, so that leaves the two September 2013 dates for the 3rd place playoff.

    However, there are plenty match dates available, I don't see the need to change the qualifying system.

  7. It's difficult to put this into perspective (part of the reason I started the thread because I wanted to hear what everyone else thought).

    If you take a look at our semi-final run in the 2007 Gold Cup we gained about 197 points:


    Considering Trinidad and Tobago wont be in it we could possibly pass them with a similar performance. However, I fully expect them to add a few winnable games to their schedule over the next fews months to get the boost they need. I don't think we have a hope of passing Panama who will also be in the Gold Cup (earning 3.0x times the regular FIFA points).

    Jack runs the show, July rankings are obviously better for Trinidad, so our draw fate may already be sealed...

    I'll try to run a simulation as soon as the Gold Cup groups are out - with minimum and maximum possible points.

    The values displayed in the table are computed assuming every team loses its all matches between now and July 27th. (Of course, that's not possible). Those are basically the minimum possible values for each team.

  8. However, why the CSA hasnt caught on to the importance of planning friendlies that will boost our ranking before WCQ is beyond me.

    You have to realise Canada isn't quite a special team - so many FAs will pass on this opportunity. Basically the CSA have to take what's being offered. The CSA have contacted a bunch of European and African teams but none were interested. Now, they're focusing on CONCACAF/CONMEBOL teams with Grenada and Cuba at the top of the list.

    It's easier for teams like Honduras and Costa Rica to play the FIFA Ranking game, but for Canada it's quite difficult.

  9. I think i remember reading that rumour too (re-seeding), but i'm not even sure FIFA even does it. I don't recall them ever doing that before for any Confederation qualifiers that are multi-staged (CAF, AFC). Usually the draw plots out the route for every matchup all the way from the first round to the last (ie. establish which group winners/qualifiers are drawn in advance into next stage against other qualifiers). If there is re-seeding then there will need to be another draw in Zurich, and if they do it for us they'll likely introduce it for everyone else. But anyways, let's say there is another draw so we can re-seed, who's to say that the rankings won't be the same or similar when it comes time to draw again? Other teams that advance from the first round will have picked up points from their qualifying results as well.

    FIFA did it for CAF.

    See Wikipedia.

  10. 12/06/2010

    NEW YORK - CONCACAF President Jack Warner announced Monday that changes have been made for the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup draw to take place next June in Zurich. The draw will now utilize the November 2010 FIFA rankings as opposed to the previously announced May 2011 FIFA rankings.

    "We wanted to make things fairer for all involved," said Warner. "when you wait until May you have no idea where you will end up (in the draw) and we did not want that."

    The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be the 20th edition of the FIFA World Cup and is to take place in June and July of 2014 in Brazil.


    Hehe... I have to say I quickly clicked the link then browsed CONCACAF's website for a couple of minutes to be sure it was a joke :D

    Cuba and Jamaica set to rocket through the rankings.

    FIFA Ranking: December 2010 final preview.

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