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  1. Rhian Wilkinson scores and Diana Mathson assists in 20th round of Norway's Toppserien league. After conceding an early goal to Klepp, the LSK Kvinner team scoed five goals to move 6 points ahead at the top of the leaague standings. They need one more point in the two games remaining (Sandviken and Amazon Grimstadt) t0 take the league championship.
  2. SINCLAIR THE SCAPEGOAT It may be the Fall season and Canada’s symbol may be a dead leaf, but don’t expect us to meekly accept FIFA’s judgements. Christine Sinclair has been banned for any four CSA games and has been fined $3 500. Craig Forrest calls the punishment “a slap on the wrist,” while the CSA says it will pick up the fine. However the critical matter is that FIFA maintains that its disciplinary committee has examined charges of "unsporting behaviour" against Sinclair alone. Meanwhile we await the details of the judgement which the CSA has requested. Sinclair let the referee know that she had erred in calling the rarely (if ever) 6 second goalkeeper rule, and after the match she said that the Canadian team felt cheated. The comments and post-match interviews may have involved unsportsmanlike behaviour, but it is important to view the the context of the game to understand what happened and why. Pederson should not have been refereeing this match. She was out of her depth. If you like, FIFA was unsportsmanlike in giving her a game in which she struggled. She has continued to struggle back home in Norway in the Toppserein league where she recently gave a controversial red card for "phantom contact." She does not understand how a referee should apply the spirit of football law, as opposed to adhering to the strict letter of the law. The six second rule is a law of the game, but it should not have been used in this semi-final Olympics match.. FIFA may even have a conflict of interest in hearing the case. A FIFA referees’ panel appointed Pedersen to the match. Has FIFA investigated to see if there were expectations for this game of which the referee was made aware? The United States was meant to win the game - they have not lost to Canada for 6 years. American fans had bought most of the Wembley final seats, hotels were booked, transportation arranged. Even the crass "Greatness has been Achieved" T shirts had been made. Perhaps nothing explicit was said, but expectations are another matter. Why has Christine Sinclair been singled out for unsportsmanlike behaviour? Where are Erin McLeod and Melissa Tancredi who said similar things? Where is Wambaugh, perhaps the instigator of the whole affair, as she heckled and pressured the referee. Surely this is referee abuse of the worst kind, and surely it counts as unsportsmanlike behaviour. Why is FIFA not dealing with it? Why did the referee not deal with it at the time? Why has Sinclair been made a scapegoat? She scored a brilliant hat trick in what has been called the “greatest game ever played in women's football.” Are the fine and the (light) suspension a means to expiate the sins of all those who played in the game? Why was she allowed no representation at the FIFA hearing? For once, mild-mannered Canada is standing up to be counted…
  3. Mehusela is aptly named - not a colon check try this link http://www.radio-canada.ca/audio-video/pop.shtml#urlMedia=http://www.radio-canada.ca/Medianet/2011/ExclusifWebVideo/en_route_fifa_4_juin_m.asx&epr=true
  4. CBC French coverage at http://www.radio-canada.ca/audio-video/pop.shtml#urlMedia=http://www.radio-canada.ca/Medianet/2011/ExclusifWebVideo/en_route_fifa_4_juin_m.asx&epr=true
  5. From what I have read, I don't think that the women have "put gender equality on the table." They have put gender equity on the table: they want to be treated fairly and equitably. The CS's SFAF document is meant to explain how the organization is meeting the challenges posed to the CSA from gender equity and athlete centredness. Where are the documents? Why can't we see them? If the Men's team receives appearance fees, then so should the women's teams. If the men's team has complete sets of fresh kit for matches and tournaments, then so should the women and not have to cover up holes in socks with sharpie pens. If the men's team gets to play home games in the course of a year, then so should the women. Similarly, at the Board level, women shoudl have fair representation. A single lone woman Provincial representative on the old Board was a statement of its own. Marketing (especially through IMG) should not working solely on marketing the men's team. Why aren't they marketing the women's team too? If the women receive more dedicated funding for their program from the COC, OTP and FIFA because of their success, then the men should have the same opportuntities to earn these sums - they do. Duane wants to argue that he does not think it "is possible from a funding perspective to argue that they [the women] are being treated unfairly." There has been a chorus of voices to dispute the figures he is using. But, what about the non-funding treatment? Only a few of the women have professional contracts, so the rest receive their AAP and live with their parents if they are lucky, or else below the poverty line. The men may not al be well -paid stars with their Clubs, but they receive enough to pursue their soccer dreams and make a living. Why then do they receive appearance fees and not the women?
  6. Does anyone have a link or remote idea about where we can watch the games this Friday? Except for Rhian Wilkinson's website http://www.rhianwilkinsonsoccer.com the team might as well be on the moon...
  7. Live forum at http://www.rojadirecta.org/goto/www.kozreloadtv.info/ Score is 1- 0 to Canada (Sinclair)
  8. Does anyone have details of streaming or coverage of this match?
  9. CoachRich - from what I remember the players received nothing from the CSA for reaching or playing at the Olympics. It was a real bone of contention as the players even had to buy their own Olympic rings. The players used to receive a share of prize money or bonus for performance from events like the Peace Queen Cup, but I don't think there is any agreement in place at present. I remember player upset about a year ago, that their proposals were not even being considered by the CEO or th CSA Board. I just don't wnat to see all the good things and present euphoria crash on to the reefs of player/coach/CSA/Board discontent. Perhaps I shpuld change my web name to Cassandra...
  10. Vic - Whether the team uses a residency camp or not, coach Morace is quoted as saying that she hopes the squad can be together in the WNT program as much as possible in the next year. As you suggest, many interspersed camps, internationals, tours and tournaments may work better than a residency, but how can the WNT players have balanced lives and a professional approach when they are trying to live on the AAP alone? There is no prize money or even an appearnace fee in evidence with the CSA. Some of the players appear to have no income at all, others are free agents trying to re-sign in the WPSL where coaches know their availability will be limited. Others may want to return to semi-professional careers in Europe, but know they may be summoned home for camps and who pays the travel? Competition over coplacency for sure, but how about competition over the ability to live and earn some money? The players need as Coach Rich suggests a CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) Let's see how committed to the team the CSA may be once the euphoria wears off and the players ask for money to live on, let alone play, an intense schedule and program of matches to the FIFA WC.
  11. Great victory and good to see the CSA President at the event. However, all this has been in vain unless the Women's Team and coach Morace can build on the success. Does the CSA have the funds to put the coach's plans in place building up to the FIFA World Cup? Will she use a residency camp? Will the players receive a National Team contract? If a camp and schedule of preparatory games are planned, what happens to the free agents from WPSL, those with a WPSL contract still, and those players from Europe who were persuaded to leave their clubs to join the National Team program in the build-up to this CONCACAF event? Will the CSA negotiate contracts with these players on the squad so that they can live on more than AAP grants over the next couple of years? Or, do we send everyone back to finding soccer jobs, part-time jobs, and disperese the team and expect them to come running when a camp or tour is called? Do we have more innovative solutions - a Canadian Women's professional league? Well done CSA for this result and support of the Women's program. Well done the Board. Well done Peter Montopoli. Please don't spoil it all......
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