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    canucklefan reacted to Bison44 in Olympic Qualifying U24 Tournament - Guadalajara Mexico - March 18 to 30 2021   
    A disapointment like every other cycle, tourney and age group we have been involved in for ummmmm, as long as I can remember?  On paper is damn near worthless talk, until we actually start routinely beating the also rans (everyone not USA or Mexico) we should not be talking about catching up to Mexico.  
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    canucklefan reacted to El Hombre in Camp Poutine 2021 @ IMG in Florida Jan 9 -24   
    I don't buy it.  I'm with @HochelagaFC on this.  I don't care what you think of them personally, if four coaches have a problem with you, their collective opinion carries more weight than one coach with Barcelona B.  Also, Barca didn't see all that much in Ballou either as they let him go after 18 months.  That was after a total of 2 appearances with Albacete.
    In Spain he was a small fish in a big pond.  I get the feeling that he believes he's a big fish in a small pond in North America but hasn't really done anything on the field to prove that.
    His reputation on here far outweighs his on-field accomplishments to date.
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    canucklefan reacted to lenny in Cyle Larin   
    I wonder how many of these people arguing, "but Cavallini cuz his goals for Canada," were arguing for anyone but Ricketts not too long ago?
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    canucklefan reacted to dyslexic nam in Cyle Larin   
    Anyone who doesn’t think Larin should  be in our starting 11 right now is nuts. 
    That is all.  
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    canucklefan reacted to Aird25 in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    He’s a very different player than Davies though. I don’t think we want Davies swinging in crosses from out wide. His strengths lie elsewhere 
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    canucklefan reacted to Bertuzzi44 in It's Time .... Is Canada Going To Do It?   
    Canada has consistently underperformed for the last 20 years. Didn't we have "the best midfield in CONCACAF" in like 2007 or something?
    Honestly, I feel on-field talent hasn't been Canada's issue. Especially considering the region. The issues are playing games, team chemistry, home support, etc. And as of today I still see these as issues and am not confident the CSA and Herdman (who I see as one and the same) will lead Canada to glory. Maybe, but I am not confident.
    At some point Canada's on-field talent might just be so overwhelming that we start winning games and qualifying for World Cups. Hopefully that isn't what the CSA/Herdman are just waiting for.
    We don't play any fucking games.
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    canucklefan reacted to One American in It's Time .... Is Canada Going To Do It?   
    Costa Rica: Down. In decline since the WC. Hasn't won a game in more than a year. 
    Panama: Down. Golden Generation is over. Not as down as you might expect. But definitely down. 
    Honduras: Recent results: Lost to Nicaragua. Home draw to Guatemala. (Or is it the other way around?)
    El Salvador: A mirage. 
    Jamaica: Decent across the board. Gold Cup success. But Bailey aside, not much in the way of standout players (for now).
    The point: The traditional CONCACAF Best of the Rest are in a bad patch. Meanwhile, measuring transfer values, Canada is overwhelmingly #3 - Canada's Best XI is 2 1/2 times the value of Jamaica's Best XI and nearly double for the rest of the players (based on calculations by some dude on BigSoccer adding up Transfermarkt values).  
    So Canada has no excuse to not make the World Cup. None. Zero. Canada needs to start acting like a favorite. 
    It should happen. 
    Will it? 
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    canucklefan reacted to An Observer in Ayo Akinola   
    Of this list, I think most will be over the hill by the time 2026 is here (assuming we don't need to qualify).  I would only really have Larin, Laryea, Kaye, Piette and possibly James and Henry as they are CBs.  Hoilett will be too old.  He may be too old for 2022.  Osorio will be passed it so hopefully we don't need to rely on him then (not all players can do a Hutch). If we are relying on Teibert or Akindele at that age, we are in trouble as frankly they hopefully wont be on the 2022 side.  Cavallini possibly but again, I hope we have better options then than having him be one at 34.
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    canucklefan reacted to Ansem in Scott Arfield   
    I'm drooling at this formation Box 4-2-2-2 for WCQ
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    canucklefan reacted to Olympique_de_Marseille in The Road to Qatar.   
    The Qatar WC decision was made 10 years ago today  .
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    canucklefan reacted to N1ckbr0wn in Liam Fraser   
    Oh no that’s far from the issue. There is many of differing opinions on this board and I’ve never had a problem with those said opinions. What I do have a problem with however, is what was mentioned above, and in the past. It’s your condescending and elitist attitude painted over the majority of your posts. That, is my issue. I’ve had a lot of mature debates with many of posters on here and have never had an issue with any of them so what gives with you?
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    canucklefan reacted to Bdog in Liam Fraser   
    I won’t post my full opinion on Vanney’s time here but from a Canadian perspective this could be great news. A new coach will mean guys who did get more playing time like Osorio and Laryea will need to fight to keep their spot but I don’t think we have to worry about those two.
    We might see Dunn and maybe Romeo get time that would have gone to Ciman or nephew, though if Gonzalez still sucks next year I can still see him playing since he’s a veteran, sadly. 
    Our midfield is wide open though, this could be Fraser’s chance to become a starter but there’s a lot of competition. I’m hoping the new coach has the balls to sit Bradley for once since we looked better without him this year. Gonna be interesting to see what happens with Priso and Okello. 
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    canucklefan reacted to Dominic94 in Liam Fraser   
    Listen I watched all 3 MLS cup finals and Toronto should have won all 3 and I’m a Sounders fan, Vanney didn’t get it done he’s not a winner.
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    canucklefan reacted to VinceA in Jonathan David   
    Everyone talks about this team like they're in the relegation zone. They're fighting for the title this season.
    Also fans have been ecstatic about Bamba and Ikone. This idea that its all doom and gloom is purely a Canadian perspective.
    I told a Lille fan that Bamba and Ikone were selfish players and they laughed. Bamba has the most assists this season for the club.
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    canucklefan reacted to Bertuzzi44 in Marco Bustos   
    Who's season was better: Bustos this year or Borges in 2019?
    And Borges transferred to the Belgian 2nd tier. I doubt Bustos could get many minutes in the Chilean Primera for Colo Colo or Catolica, etc.
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    canucklefan reacted to Stryker911 in Aribim Pepple   
    I hear that Barcelona is crap. They need all th 17 year olds they can get.
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    canucklefan reacted to Obinna in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    It seems like you are twisting his argument because you don't agree with it. 
    1. Davies is "one of the best in the world" at his position:  You cannot take that away by suggesting LB is not really his position, but even if you did wouldn't that prove his point? Best in the world at LB, even though he was playing "out of position"...
    2. Ansu making Bayern: You don't even comment on whether or not he would, so you are not so much twisting his point here, you are deflecting away from it.
    3. On Ansu not projecting to be the best striker in the world: He is not saying he does not deserve votes because of this. In fact, he is not even talking about how Fati projects into the future, you are.
    4. On Bayern trouncing Barca: His point is simple, Davies plays for a better team. This shouldn't be up for debate. Bayern just won the treble and Barca sit 11th in La Liga and lost to Bayern 8-1 a few months ago. This was not an attack on Fati whatsoever, nor was it putting blame on him for the loss. 
    Not personally trying to attacking you, I just really don't like when someone twists someone else's argument because they don't want to hear it/ can't accept it/ disagree with it. 
    For the record, I think he's a bit lucky to finish that high, but whatever. I don't particularly care because nobody remembers second or third, only first, and I think it is hard to argue with Halaand winning this. 
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    canucklefan reacted to Obinna in Cyle Larin   
    Since joining Besiktas in 2018, Larin has 10 goals in 24 Turkish Super Lig games, and 14 goals in 36 in all competitions. 
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    canucklefan reacted to The Real Marc in Dominik Yankov   
    Yeah I think that still beats playing El Salvador and St Vincent, and provides much more exposure to European scouts, but we can agree to disagree.
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    canucklefan reacted to BearcatSA in USA National Team Watch   
    I am more concerned about our own team's "grit."
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    canucklefan reacted to baulderdash77 in Cyle Larin   
    Larin has really been showing that clinical finish form he had in his early MLS years but at a higher level.
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    canucklefan reacted to Floortom in Jonathan David   
    Man, you guys need to stop blaming everyone else other than him. He’s not playing well and he’s not pulling his weight. Blame Ikone or Bamba all you want but if someone is going to see the bench soon it’s going to be David.
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    canucklefan reacted to El Hombre in Liam Fraser   
    Could the argument be made that Vanney has had the least amount of input with regards to who the money is spent on compared to the other coaches?  Genuine question.
    Things really seemed to change when Bezbatchenko came on board.  Before that, the culture of the team would change with every coach: Preki would bring in European wanderers from Latvia/Russia, Winter had a distinct Dutch flavour in the players brought in during his tenure, Nelsen opted more for the English types with his players.  Once Bezbatchenko joined, that's when things seemed to stabilize with bringing in high-priced talent like Defoe, Bradley, Giovinco, Altidore etc.
    Could be completely off-base but it seemed like the (major) personnel decisions were taken out of the coach's hands and dealt with more by the manager.  Perhaps at least part of the reason TFC has been more successful during the Vanney years could be due to raising the level of professionalism in the entire front office?
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    canucklefan reacted to El Hombre in November friendlies   
    I love this.
    SpursFlu lobs a grenade and then says "Come on everybody, just chill."
    I have to try that.
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    canucklefan reacted to RS in November friendlies   
    What the fuck are you even talking about? It's like you constantly try to outdo your last idiotic COVID take with an even worse one the next time out.
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