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    canucklefan reacted to VinceA in Herdman new head coach   
    My issue has been how he has often set up the team to fail and then played it off like it was a good thing. Davies at LB had been horrible for Canada, and he refused to accept that in post game pressers. We lost to Mexico when he played that ridiculous formation that included Larin at wing. He took what worked amazingly well against the US and ruined it by putting Davies at LB and we got demolished 4-1.
    He has time to prove me wrong but so far he's 1-3 in big matches for Canada and he doesn't seem to be a reflective kind of guy.
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    canucklefan reacted to SpecialK in Herdman new head coach   
    I’m hoping he abandons his job like he did to the women’s program because he found a better job. Oh wait no other nation wants his dumb ted talk, car salesman, hobbit ass. 
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    canucklefan reacted to narduch in The Road to Qatar.   
    I can't wait for the draw on August 14. This way I can follow the Covid news in the 4 countries we will face, with the same level of interest people were following the Fifa rankings earlier in the year
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    canucklefan reacted to deschamp86 in Tyler Pasher   
    If CPL gets pumped up, it will make his job easier. I highly doubt there are any USL players that are going to be difference makers when it comes time for World Cup Qualifying
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    canucklefan reacted to Kent in Richmond "Richie" Laryea   
    That’s how we roll here. 1 game is enough to say either “this player shouldn’t be called anymore, we have to bring on the kids” if someone plays poorly or is benched, or “he will be a guaranteed starter for us through the 2026 World Cup” if a player plays well.
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    canucklefan reacted to Obinna in General Discussion on CMNT   
    I consider myself a TFC fan, but sadly I find myself agreeing with much of this sentiment. 
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    canucklefan reacted to LeoH037 in Ayo Akinola   
    It is not TFC's job to develop players. If a young Canadian prospect earns the minutes, the great. Otherwise, if they aren't on the field, then they aren't ready.
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    canucklefan reacted to BrennanFan in Ayo Akinola   
    "Clearly".  LOL.  It's one decent game.  Let's see him string together some good performances and then maybe he can be compared to those players. 
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    canucklefan reacted to toontownman in Ayo Akinola   
    Cue massive back tracking and calls to cap now 😆
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    canucklefan reacted to dyslexic nam in Ferdi Kadioglu   
    No offence, but it’s not like you were revealing something most of us didn’t already know.  
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    canucklefan reacted to Colliedor in General Discussion on CMNT   
    I can't get behind the 3 men defence. We all agree that the  CB position  is our biggest weakness by far. So starting an extra one makes no sense to me personally.
    I think people pick this so they can place Davies as a WB, but if that means hampering your starting 11 a little bit, it isn't worth it. Think people forgot Davies is more than capable of playing as a winger/forward....
    He is at his best on counter attacks. When Canada plays against tougher oppositions and are expected to have much less of the ball, Davies up front could be devastating for the other team on counters alone.
    I do agree that David should be playing behind the striker. That's why I still think a 4-2-3-1 formation could be best, or possibly a diamond mid.
    Diamond formation might be slightly preferred because of the depth and quality we have in midfield compared to other positions.  Where as the 4-2-3-1 position will have a right wing position that's imo isn't to settled yet. I personally don't consider Hoillett a must starter.
    The current "box" formation we play with isn't baaad, but it does have more glaring weaknesses.
    Now having said that, enjoy my half finished preferred line up.
    Laryea             TBD            TBD          TBD
             Osorio                              Kaye (or at LB)
               Cavallini                   Davies
    Reason why I left the CB's position open are for a couple reasons.
    1) Holding out to see what Ricardo Ferreira's status is. If he gets fitness and form, could be a big deal for us.
    2) Would like to see more of Waterman's performances.
    3) Position is so freaking bad no one should be considered a guarantee. It's the position that's going to require the most experimentation's. If that even includes trying out Atiba or Fraser in that position, so be it.
    What's making me keep a closer eye on Ferreira and Waterman is their ability on the ball. They're better passers than the rest of our CB's. Defensively, I could care less, no one is out performing someone else by a big margin to convince me they should get a start purely for their defensive work. If they're close to the same skill level defensively (which is already not great) I would much rather pick the guy that can finally help us build from the back properly instead of constant hoofing the ball down or brain fart giveaways under pressure. It's one of the reason why I would still consider Vitoria to be looked at despite his lack of playing time. His passing is extremely useful.
    LB position, again, still undecided due to some of the players keeping a close eye on. It is a position that could maybe allow Kaye in there because again, he does have better passing movement and experience playing there, and does allow someone like Arfield in the starting lineup.
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    canucklefan reacted to BrennanFan in Scott Kennedy   
    I strongly disagree with every single point made above. 
    Every single young CB in the the CPL would give their left nut to trade places with Kennedy right now. 
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    canucklefan reacted to VinceA in Noah Abatneh   
    2004 born player from Toronto.
    Joined Lazio today.
    http://futurelegendstv.ca/noah-abatneh/ Has a page here but it looks like it's 4 years old.
    Don't know if he's played for Canada at any level or been in any camps.
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    canucklefan reacted to VinceA in The next Canadian superstar   
    Threads like this don't do anyone any favours.
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    canucklefan reacted to El Hombre in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    The highlights are available to see.
    USA Goal #1: Failed offside trap on a corner and his man was free behind him.  Part of what makes him risky on the backline is because he is a risky player by nature and he will expect Vitoria/Cornelius/Henry to play like Alaba and Boateng.  That's a tall ask.
    USA Goal #2: Long cross comes in from his man who has beaten him.  Sets up the goal.
    USA Goal #3: Set piece and the scorer was between him and Henry I believe.
    USA Goal #4: Cross comes in after a long ball over Davies, sets up the goal.
    Even the third Haiti goal is a ball played in behind him because he's starting to cheat forward.
    I love the kid, but he tries to do too much for Canada.  Take the reins off him and let him run.  He's good enough that he'll help out defensively as well.
    (goddamn, I hated revisiting those highlights)
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    canucklefan reacted to El Hombre in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    I think this is the key point.  For everyone looking for Davies at LB, which of the midfielders are you going to neuter in order to cover for him?  Even with Bayern's firepower, they still need to have someone cover for him on a regular basis and they choose Kimmich and Thiago.
    We don't have a Kimmich or Thiago that can transition from offense to defense and back again like they do.  Therefore, even if we do hold someone back it may not be enough.
    Davies is garnering raves for two things these days:
    1 - Crazy runs forward with a cross
    2 - Last ditch recoveries on defense.
    Which do you want to see more of in a Canada shirt?  He won't be able to do 1 from the LB position with Canada against good opposition, because he doesn't have the surrounding talent that he does with Bayern.  And, when he does, it will leave Canada much more exposed than it does with Bayern.
    This shouldn't be as much of an argument as it is.
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    canucklefan reacted to hodgkiss in Andre Hainault to Europe?   
    I love Canadian content but I never found Hainault as a dependable CB. He was slow and his marking was rarely on point. I remember watching him in the U-20 WC and opposition turned him inside out on a regular basis. I wish him all the best and I hope he lands in the CPL to finish out his career (on a team other than my York 9).
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    canucklefan reacted to TGAA_Star in Mark-Anthony Kaye   
    I sympathize and being a black man myself...damn it this brings a damn tear to my eye. The fact is, is that our people continue to suffer day in, day out. We are either being killed out there by whites or by police officers or we are infringed upon by them simply for being black. No more. We refuse to hide. We refuse to be ignored and we will not be ignored any longer.
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    canucklefan reacted to devioustrevor in Locations for Canada home games for WCQ   
    ********.  Vancouver people like to pretend that they always get otherworldly attendances compared to Toronto or Montreal, but the reality is that other than that one game against Mexico, Vancouver's attendances aren't very special.
    If Vancouver had've gotten 35-40K vs. French Guiana, then they'd have a point.
    50K people showed up for the game vs. Brazil in Edmonton, but nobody is suggesting every game be played in Edmonton.
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    canucklefan reacted to Bison44 in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    Bayern definately play to his strengths. Most of the time he is free to run wild, knowing his speed will let him recover, and his CB are at home watching the henhouse.  If we expect our Vitoria/Jackovic/Edgar/James/Henry et al to cover for him against decent opposition it will get ugly like against the USA.  A smart coach would realize duplicating these exploits for Canada with our personel just isnt going work.  Play him at LB, but restrain his offensive game, or play at wing with a def LB behind him and sit another winger that Herdman wants to get into the game.  I dont think you can have both...until the CB position improves, and maybe not even then.  
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    canucklefan reacted to kacbru in The Voyageurs Soccer Supporters Corp.   
    Who knows what you intended? And who cares? But your persistence in using and defending your use of the term shows an appalling lack of empathy. 
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    canucklefan reacted to nfitz in The Voyageurs Soccer Supporters Corp.   
    You sound like those that say the N-word is just a word, and they should be able to use it - deliberately ignoring the racist and offensive tone of their comments.

    Just stop - you are embarrassing yourself, by using the same language that actual racists use.
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    canucklefan reacted to SpursFlu in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    I'm pretty sure you cant score 1000 goals without being able to run faster with the ball than without. Numbers dont lie, 1000
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    canucklefan reacted to Mikmacdo in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    It's physical impossible to run faster with a ball than without. Source- my degree in kin. 
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    canucklefan reacted to RJB in The Road to Qatar.   
    That we are going to miss out on the Hex should come as no surprise. The surprise to me is that anyone thinks we deserve to be there. I think the format is really lame, but our results mean we don’t deserve a spot. Even with all the match days we were needing to schedule a batch of friendlies to try to pip El Salvador. 
    I know I’m in the minority here, but with the exception of the USA game at home in the Nations League, I have seen Absolutely nothing from this team to suggest we deserve to be in the Hex.  Remember Haiti?  Or USA away?  If we truly belong as a top team, then we’ll run the table against non-Hex teams, then we’ll beat the fourth place team.
    But it’s likely, we’ll struggle against teams like Panama, Guatemala, T&T.  Maybe it’s just old feelings, but I still lack confidence in us against those teams. 
    The format doesn’t really matter. If we’re in the Hex, we’re likely fighting for fourth anyway.  If we aren’t in the Hex then the way many of you on this board talk it should be a bloody cake-walk to get into the playoff. 
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