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  1. Unlike others who mentioned it as a highlight, I thought the Garret Kusch tackle was uncalled for. Yes the fan shouldn't be there, but that is the job of stadium security, not the team staff. Also, he blind sided the smaller fan at almost full speed and could have injured him. And then he is gesturing to the fans about his accomplishment, taking attention away from the play. Not what I want from team staff, makes me wonder team staff supervision?
  2. Random thoughts. JDG deserves more credit than he gets. He's good, not great, but you can't blame him for wanting to bring his brother. He's been a pretty loyal soldier in the program. He interviews badly, but at least he is trying to interview and played hard. Same for McKenna, had a bad game, bad interview, but he's been pretty solid for a long time. A bunch of clean sheets previously. Mckenna and Hainault had real rough games, obviously. However, what I saw was absolutely no left back defensive support all night! Unexplainable. It was like 3 defenders and you need help back there against offensive talent like that.
  3. I thought he tried to get rid of it while he was in the air. not sure the rule on that. if you have possession but your feet aren't yet on the ground is it a penalty?
  4. I thought DeRo was to blame on the goal, turtled instead of taking one for the team. Could have blocked that if he doesn't jump out of the way. Our finishing isn't great, but it isn't just that, we had alot of half chances really. So it is more than finish, it is the whole buildup that isn't happening. The USA had more grade A scoring chances in one half against Guadeloupe than we had in the whole tournament.
  5. Hume play him but never on the wing again. Friend i like alot, but i can't get over the lack of speed there which limits scoring options. Similar game to the u20 striker who was stifled the whole tournament. Can't remember his name.
  6. that injury to radzinski should never happen. he was checked hard but he didn't hit the board very hard. do they not approve the safety of these boards. Are they using nails pointing up or what?
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